The Election Is Over… Thank God

Im sitting here watching the aftermath of Trump winning the election. Some are rioting, others celebrating – the media scrambling to find a new spin or story…. People telling me “They were with trump from the start” as if that’s a badge of honor… In this insanity I feel compelled to gather my own thoughts, though I said I wasnt going to write about the elections anymore. I’ll break that rule but just this once.

I am happy Hillary is gone – That woman was more wicked then Jezebel with the wicked witch in the wild wild west! And to her supporters, Frankly I have no sympathy. You were sheep lined up for the slaughter if she had won. I know because you just don’t seem to have been paying attention to much ado with anything – other then the fact a woman was running for president…. Its the height of superficiality – and frankly you should be grateful you were saved and didn’t even know how.

I’m still disappointed in Trump. Really Republicans could have done better, and perhaps I really should correct myself in the same paragraph. I’m not worried about Trump himself, nor do I dislike him himself- Im looking at the people he is surrounding himself with as advisors. My concern is he is a very malleable person with no set ideas on much ado with anything – just how likely is he to fall for anything by his council? Chris Christie is the perfect poster child of his team. Such an individual weasels his way into this presidency with the worst of bush era ideals like the TSA, and nation building BS countries… Pence (Trumps VP) oh sure hes conservative on domestic policy – Foriegn Policy however he is most certainly a Neocon Imperialist as well…. Trump has surrounded himself with the extreme dark forces of the republican party, yet I suspect he did so unintentionally….. And I really do mean unintentionally, just seeing how they got into his circle.. But anyway, I wont digress where I can go on and on about….

I am ultimately happy Trump won, despite his neocon team of so called ‘experts’. He is one to ignore his inner circle and look to the people’s opinions. He is also, believe it or not, one of the most anti nation building candidates. We will defeat ISIS and possibly bury the cold war hatchet with Russia in the process. Our interests abroad will fade as we focus more on our own interests. I will be interested in who he picks for supreme court. I have no idea what he will do with healthcare reforms, I know it had better not be single payer as he himself once said. I have no idea what he’ll do with immigration, and frankly its a non-issue to me anyway, but I think I follow his general direction and it seems fair and balanced. There are many unknowns, many possibilities and I can plainly see Trump has the potential of being an excellent president despite some or many of my reserves.

IF IT were Different…

I cant help at feeling remissed of what I might say if Hillary won…. and Indeed I thought for a long time she would. I was scared, I really was. The woman was sheer evil – if anything the whore of Babylon herself in the flesh…. Im still scared of the fact this election was as close as it was – watching people riot – most of whom, refuse to be educated on anything, not concerned or aware of just how evil Hillary actually is…. They will be here still in future elections im quite sure, nor is any of this insanity over with….

If Hillary had won the best I could say is my first choice Ted Cruz, would have had a golden  chance in 2020. The government would have been completely stagnant under her leadership as no one in the senate or congress would agree on much of anything from her. Perhaps it is likely, even a SCOTUS judge wouldn’t get through under her. Though despite this she would still have the authority to do a great deal of damage – I dont really think there would be a 2020 election where we could recover. ISIS would be ‘monitored’ and ‘negotiated’ with, meanwhile we would create tensions with Russia and perhaps even a full on war. Whilst with all this wonderful ‘negotiating’ with isis, we would have gotten another obamacare while importing and covering terrorists threats from syria’s health plan. “Nation building” Dear god, Ron Paul even called it, that was very much in the subtext of her campaign – particularly when she was talking about ‘Overthrowing Asad to stabilize the region’… I could not be anymore opposed to this woman on any issue politically speaking, Not even mentioning the fact she belongs in jail.

If things were different, this article would look very different indeed….

The Hand of God Saved America

I’m hearing this a lot from Trump supporters… yet I am reminded the Hand of God can also be judgement not just salvation. Often God judges nations by handing people over to their own desires – those saying this, I have often found guilty of Idolizing Trump. Perhaps in that, they are more dangerous to America then the people out there rioting right now. I am only comforted by the familiar feeling that I know comes to me from heaven – that I did, to the best of my ability, advocate the best possible candidate for this country. Knowing the issues, understanding how government works, taking all things into account and not following someone so blindly as the populace of a corrupt people. Though unsuccessful, neither was Jeremiah. This nation that I love so much, I realize is temporary and not exempt from the ruler of this world. My true home is in heaven and with that comes a degree of detachment from my surroundings. If it is the fate of this country to be destroyed, either by the insanity of the left or the fear mongering of the right- then so be it. as it becomes a nation I can not stand to be apart of. I can barely stomach the fact the constitution itself (our nations compass) seems irrelevant in all this commotion.


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