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Dear Elijah, This is how I met your mother… 

Let me start by saying, At the time of this writing you are 2 years old. I havnt even met you yet, but i just dropped your mother off so she can go to truck driving school. I am at a Werner drop yard down in Greensboro, NC talking to her on the phone as she makes her way back to your grandmother’s house in Hampton, VA…. But this letter is about how I met her and what we did when we first met. Someday you’ll read this, and hopefully you will love it. 

Where to begin… 

I suppose I should just start at the begining really. I was a rookie truck driver fresh out of training amd ready to go anywhere the road took me. That’s when my coolant began leaking at a truck stop in pensylvannia. It clearly needed repair, but my intuition told me to wait… and so I did. I received a load that sent me to Columbus Ohio, to which I thought I would get the truck fixed there… when I got there 2 things happened. First, the coolant wasn’t leaking at all anymore when I got to the mechanic. Second, I was given a very irregular load to South Boston, VA… it was a completely empty trailer, family dollar for some reason paid to have sealed and a BOL to be transferred some 800 miles away… to which never happens, and I Judy can’t help thinking it was a mix of paper work that brought me to meet her. … anyway… I get to South Boston, VA and spent the night at a truck stop. When I awoke the coolant was leaking all over the ground…. so I called dispatch to find a mechanic. They told me, the nearest place to get it fixed within 400 miles was a town called Greensboro, NC. So I stoped the load off and as fast as I could I drove down to the peterbuilt dealer. 

I got there on monday July 3rd at 11 am but the mechanic was closed for the 4th… they told me it needs a new radiator, and it will take time, the soonest they could get me out was Wensday afternoon…. BUT they had a hotel right next door with a pool and it was all on my company’s dime… so being stranded for repairs wasn’t so bad.  

Now that the Context is set… 

I met your mom on Facebook. She was in a dating group that I was in and she sent me a random friend request. This particular group had a lot of foreign girls in it, I thought she was from a whole different place… and yet what the heck.. I said hi to her anyway. 

According to your mother, she thought I was from Greensboro, NC. Since I tagged myself in some pictures of the hotel… She didn’t expect a truck driver from Buffalo, N.Y… between you and me, I suspect she just thought I was sexy. 

Anyway we got to talking that night, found we had alot of common interests and goals… then the conversation moved to us not doing anything for the fourth of July… She was working that night at a hospital. I was stuck in a hotel. Otherwise we just chit chatted really. The next day I messaged her again, we chit chated some more, next thing I know she was coming over to the hotel and i was buying IPA beer at a gas station so we can get drunk after she got out of work.

I didnt think she was actually coming over. At the same time I hated meeting her at a hotel… Then again I was wondering if this was a sleezy girl to be so willing to a guys hotel room with beer… despite all these reserves there was beer involved and as a gentleman I wasn’t going to make any moves on her. I intended, if she made any moves on me I would send her off asap and just go back to sleep. When she got there I had no idea what to expect and I kinda just thought it be better to take her to the hotels out door patio area. 

We drank and laughed all night long, I think untill there abouts 3 am. Your mom was a perfect lady and made a fine impression on me…. AND she certainly can handle her ale just fine….( I’ll tell you how to test a womans character later, if i hadnt already don’t let me forget. Beer is important)

She drove home completely drunk despite my offer to get her a seperate hotel room. (As a gentleman of course). According to her I found out later, she thought I ment stay in my room…. anyways…

 I woke up the next day with a hang over and a sunburn trudging into the mechanic shop to discover they were almost ready for me to take the truck. I checked out of the hotel, waited a bit while I texted her to make sure she got home ok and some chit chat… AND then I got my truck back!. It wasn’t long at all when I got a new load out in Virginia some place so I rolled out thinking I would never see this lovely lady again… yet it really didn’t bother me if I didn’t. She seemed like a cool person – nothing really stood out to me in particular. Maybe I will maybe not… 

After just 50 miles driving… I was leaking coolant again! So, I called dispatch, they cancelled my new load and i went back to Greensboro…. I texted your mom told her what happened. This time I was just going to sleep in the truck at a nearby rest area then go to the mechanic the next morning. Your mom had mentioned she wanted to paint her kitchen… I had nothing to do that day, so I offered to help her. 

She gave me her address, and when I looked at her street from satellite view on Google maps, I figured I could bobtail there…. though because of hours of service regulations I would have to park there over night. So I explained this to her, and if she doesn’t feel comfortable with me sleeping in her house I can sleep in the truck… She didn’t understand HOS, but she was cool either way. I got started painting her kitchen for her,  she left me alone in her house while she went to work….. While she was gone, I went too the grocery store and made her speghetti 😀 We chit chated more and more, and I ended up sleeping on her couch after a movie. 

I woke up again the next day, and made me and her some Matcha. I didn’t have to go to the mechanic right away, and by this point I liked your mom and wanted to hang out with her! 

When I left for the mechanic, the new leak was an easy fix. The guy literally just went under the truck and tightened 1 screw. The Problem was solved…. until i drove 100 miles away that is and the coolant was leaking once more…. 

This was when it hit me… there was something very special about her…

I had full confidence in this mechanic, despite this being the third time it broke with the same issue. They had very good reviews, i spoke with several owner operators there whom only go there…. the shop didn’t strike me as having poor integrity. I knew they were the type to take pride in their work and always make sure things were done right the first time…. but a voice in my head said, this isn’t about the truck, it’s about her. While I considered these things, i told the mechanic “I know you guys are good people, just do what you gotta do”…. He looked at me as if I insulted him somehow – he didn’t know what I knew whats going on behind the scenes of course…. Either way I just left it at that… 

Once again I called your mom. She laughed that the truck was broken again and invited me over once more. I stayed the night slept on the couch. Once more I made matcha in the morning then rolled out to the mechanic…. 

It was finally fixed

Little buddy, this is important, because this is how god works. This is when you know you are being lead to green pastures or perhaps being gifted a gift. Through all these break downs, followed by only a $50 paycheck for the week sure I could have gotten upset. But by hearing God’s voice and seeing the situation I was in, how all this played out… I knew full well at this point that your mother would become my wife…. and I wasn’t even in love with her yet, nor do I ascribe to “love at first sight”…. I just knew and all my instincts just adjusted to what I knew…. and it’s when I came to just knowing this, the truck worked perfectly fine again…..  Do not ignore these things in your own life. These are the little signs and signals you should always watch for and you will see how God sets the stage up for something wonderful to happen. Never be too distracted to listen carefully and you will hear him and see his hand at work for yourself in your own life. 🙂  

I Came back

From Greensboro, NC I rolled the truck all around only to schedual my hometime in Greensboro the very next week. I chated with your mom quite a bit while I was out, and I really liked her… So why not come back and have some fun with her I thought…

Your mom on the other hand, had another idea…. That is, instead of me taking her someplace fun, we do a paper bag floor in her laudry room…. Being a gentleman, I went along with this, and it turned out to be alot of fun anyway. We sat on the floor all night drinking beer ripping paper, glueing it to the floor, followed by staining…. the entire time I was flirting with her, but I don’t think she caught my advances. Also, the whole time I just wanted to hug her and kiss her on that floor, but it didn’t seem like the right moment – I probably should have then, now that I think about it…. 

Our first kiss

Your mom is the type of girl who doesnt  realize when a guy is flirting with her.  Such woman needs a kiss in such cases or it goes way over their heads and all you end up as is “just friends”…. 

When she brought me back to the truck I packed up my stuff as she was getting ready to rush out of there… I stoped her and asked; “Do you need anything”.

She was rushing over to her car, scrambling off to work and told me no… when I walked over and told her “I need something, just don’t hold it against me”… then I pecked her on the lips softly… 

She pulled away smiling, nervous, and in a rush… pulled her hair back over her ear and just said as she opened her car door. “I won’t hold it against you”. Nervously, she  jumped in and speed off as quick as she could…

So I caught her off guard, but I figured someone had to break the ice and if she hated me for it, well… I don’t have to see her again anyways so no harm done… My thinking was, She’ll either fall for me or run away I was fine with both outcomes…. when she speed off the way she did I thought she was just nervous, but worried I miss read her and she was actually angry… So I waited about an hour…

She texted me… 

And she wasn’t angry at all 🙂 

Dispatch sent me on a fantastic run

When I left I was sent all the way to the northern tip of Michigan, then back south to indiana. Then west all the way to Sandiego, CA. I spent a great deal of time in the desert along route 40 and 10 during that trip taking pictures of all the beautiful landscapes in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona… meanwhile holding 5 – 6 hour phone calls with your mom and sending her pictures…. it seemed I had caught her attention….

Meanwhile when I wasn’t on the phone with her I prayed about her…. I think towards the end of that run I took serious consideration of your mother… I already knew God was setting me up with her. I already knew we had many common goals and interests.. and i also already knew, she and I would make a great couple…. what i didnt know was if she was ready to commit to me… and so I just thought about these things while I hiked around the desert in Arizona and kept my thoughts to myself..  

While i was on my way back to North Carolina, She told me she wanted to get a CDL and team drive with me…. I had to double take on this she caught me off guard. Infact I didn’t believe her at first though my heart was sinking hearing this…. It took a couple days of her telling me this that I figured out she’s was being serious…. 

I called Werner told them what she wanted and if the company could have me as her trainer after her truck school…. I was told I needed to have 6 months experience before then. As it worked out… when she would be done with school and got her license I would have 6 months 😀 after training it can be arranged that we team drive, I just gotta call my guy Scott at recruiting and he will set everything up, including a brand new truck. 😀

Your mother was thrilled, and began shopping for a truck school. You being very important, she had be around her family in Hampton, VA so that someone can baby sit you…. Though I tried to convince her to go to a better school I knew of in Florida and perhaps I could get a baby sitter there… The fact is, your mother knew what’s best. I’m sire the school she picked is just fine… I only wanted her to go to what i knew was the best, and with people I knew would take betty good care of her.
Road Trip

Your mom had another surprise for me. She told me she wanted to quit her job leave you with grandma, and roll around in the truck with me for 2 weeks… What a woman I thought, and how can I say no? Also, with 3 days off before we rolled out, I could finally start properly courting her. 

Our first date

I found a place in town: “Kersey Valley” and bought a couple tickets for an escape the room game in a haunted mansion. BUT it wasn’t until later that night so we had time to kill… I treated her to breakfast at a really cool looking coffee shop called “The Green Bean”. We spent all morning there drinking coffee and chatting about nothing in particular. She really wanted to show me this park in town, and so after a good while we left to see it. It was a beautiful botanical garden park, adjacent to another park that was a swamp. We walked around, nervously flirting with each other and taking in the beautiful flowers, statues, and old buldings… We sat on a swing bench, where I wanted to kiss her once again, but I held back seeing how tense she was… this garden was overwhelmingly romantic, I think your mom didn’t know and was worried it would overwhelm me in someway.. and here is when I found out your momma was a pervert – asking me all kinds of sex questions… I just laughed and answered her, but I took it as she clearly likes me 😉 but I could see it was also nervous tension…  

We walked over to the other park that was a swamp with a boardwalk. It was also very pretty with ducks and the kind of rustic charm I love about North Carolina…. As it is though, we still had time to kill so I found a craft beer shop near the coffee place, bought us a 6 pack of mix match beers, then we went window shopping in some of the craft shops…. 

While we were walking down Elm st. Going no where in particular your mom was hungry and i saw a sushi restraunt. So I asked her if she ever had real sushi… She told me no, but please don’t spend so much money on her…. Bullocks I thought, so grabbed her by the hand and ran across the street to feed her…. We were the only 2 people in that restraunt, I got us a dragon roll and avacodo roll, green tea, and hibachi…. Your mother, was so modest looking at the prices on the menu… I had to keep telling her “Don’t worry about it, you gotta let me upgrade you a little bit”. She smiled, and said ok you can upgrade me. After dinner, we had another hour to kill, we went back to the truck to drop the beer off and move some things around to get her settled in… then we went off to our haunted mansion adventure…. We had a great time even though we failed to escape the room. There were ghosts, and puzzles, things jumping out at us, clues, fog machines and black lights… By the time we got back to the truck we were so tired we fell asleep.

Let me just say this now. I am a perfect gentleman…. I insisted on sleeping on the top bunk seperate from your mom. 

The next day we went back to the coffee shop for breakfast, I had to provision while in town and we just went around town buying food to stock up on and beer. Later that night we got drunk in the truck listening to music… I handed your mom my phone and told her to show me some country music songs she likes….

See I’m a Yankee city boy, I don’t listen to country music… and I figured she would know some of the best of it… sure enough she did. This was the first song she picked for me, “Cruise” by: Georgia-Florida State Line…. AND I LOVED IT:

As the night went on, I could see her serenading me with YouTube… I took the phone and began serenading back at her, and we just went back and forth with each other with love songs…. I was falling in love with her very quickly… yet at the same time I felt as if I knew her forever…. BUT it was also hot so I took my shirt off… Your mom being the pervert she is looked at my shorts and told me “You must have a really big dick”. I laughed blushing, realizing my buldge was rather obvious through the shorts I was wearing… I sat down and made fun of her.. 

That night when we went to sleep together in the same bed cuddleing each other. I thought about her and me… I thought about you and thinking how I could raise a kid. I thought about our first kiss, the song she played for me… how much I liked her, how much we have in common, how much we have the same goals. I thought about her temperment, and how well we could be as team drivers. I thought about what could go wrong here what’s her flaws and can I see myself putting up with her for weeks at a time…. I prayed on these things and I just heard God’s voice telling me, “She is perfect for you, Im giving her to you, take care of her she’s yours”

… I just felt so perfect with her. I knew she would be mine and all I had to do was kiss her and we could make love right there… but I waited. And I don’t really know why I waited… but I did… it just didn’t feel like the right moment. So all these considerations I kept in my heart and fell sleep as she was caressing my hand with her velvet like fingers. 

The last day on my time off we just sat around the truck not doing anything in particular besides drinking more beer… that night… I had it my mind, it was stupid for me to wait and As we cuddled I began makeing out with her…. As our clothes were starting to come off and I began to get in her panties your mom pushed me off…. I knew she wanted it, she knew I wanted it…. But, she had too much integrity as a lady should. She told me I havnt had a woman in over 5 years, why break it now, especially considering what sex ment to me and she couldn’t be the one…. I heard her, and I myself knew i was ready for her and commit to her… but she didn’t know it… 

I wasn’t angry about it, I just rolled over and tried to get my mind off sex while I fell asleep… 

The next day when we woke up, I told her I understand if she wants to leave now, but this is her last chance I can’t stop for 2 weeks… I felt a little guilty about making my move the night before, and I was relieved she didn’t seem to think anything of it when she told me “Lets go”. 

We rolled out of the drop yard 

Little buddy I won’t lie to you even though your mom says I should, and maybe she’s right… We didn’t wait very long at all… I rolled out, drove around North Carolina a bit and at the end of my shift we stopped at I-26 SB rest area at mile marker 41… we did some macramae, watched true blood and cuddled… and the way your mom kept touching my back and caressing my hair…. We started making out all over again. As I was kissing her in my mind I cried out to god asking “Should I Lord take this woman” and i heard him tell me “yes, she is yours I gave her to you”… it was just then she told me she can’t resist me this time and I asked her… “Will you be my girl” she nodded and so I continued to make love to her, and it was a beautiful thing. 

She was the first woman I did anything with for 5 years since my Christian conversion, and I intended there and then to be completely hers. I wasn’t ready yet to say “I love you”…. and i told her this when she had asked… OH but I was falling very hard, this woman was in my every dream for weeks to come. I knew we would be a perfect couple, and I knew God had already blessed us as a couple. 

Then there is her son

As I am writing this, you may have noticed you were not anywhere in this story… so I just thought I would take a moment to touch on it. Your mom had made arrangements with your grandmother to watch you for a month while she was getting her house furnished and ready for you to move in when I met her… Also she wanted to find a day care, etc etc all kinds of things had to be set up that any parent would have to put together. I don’t know too many details, I just know she had only just moved there. But this is why I hadnt met you yet. I’ve seen pictures of you and had alot of questions about you of course, and I wasn’t nervous about the obvious conclusion I would be your step dad…. Your mom wanted me to meet you when I got back to Greensboro, however she came up with the idea to get a CDL instead – just as the ball rolled when that box of worms opened, the timing wasn’t right…. your mother and I both really felt it was more important at the moment to get her truck driving ASAP… Don’t get me wrong, I am eager to meet you… We’ve already made plans on what were doing when I finally do… things are just up in the air with many changes at the moment and there’s a lot of logistics we have to work out. 

In our 2 week run

Falling in love is like this…. We did so much for 2 weeks it felt like forever, and yet it’s all such a blur. As I sit here writing this, i struggle to remember, yet at the same time I don’t know how to summarize it…. perhaps it’s too soon and it all hasnt sunk in yet. The butterflies your mom left in my heart are blinding me from anything besides how much I miss her now that’s she’s left…. I want her so badly with me right now, but she’s gone back to Hampton, VA to begin truck school. So I will have to continue our journey into love in another article, in the meantime I’ll give you this summary. 

We cuddled ALOT. We drank ALOT. We ate out ALOT. We took hikes in the woods at various parts of the country ALOT, we Kissed ALOT. We held hands ALOT. We prayed ALOT, and we taught each other alot…. We did alot

and I knew that I loved her when we kissed in the South Carolina summer sunlight. In a forest clearing on a blanket by a stream. 

She gave me this song… and I knew it’s a song from her heart that I will treasure always


Me and You: the story of us

Since you decided to do your diary while out with me – followed by letting me read it… I decided to do something similar. Though pardon me for leaving your name out of this letter, you know who you are and I wasn’t sure how you felt about your name mentioned on the internet. I’m writing this right now as your asleep here in my truck. I’m reflecting on what we’ve been through, how I felt…. deep in thought and reflection I know in my heart I’m in love with you, and you are the one that I’ve been waiting for. Yet as I write this I confess I am still cautious, and perhaps for no good reason. Here may be a problem for you, I am a writer – I fear this letter will be too long for you…. I apologize profusely but I can’t help it – though I’ll try to keep this short as I recall how I came to my feelings for you. 

 Finding you

I am not a man who believes in coincidences – and given the circumstances that lead me to you, I am certain only a fool can deny God played his hand. As I sit here searching on where to begin, I suppose I should only start with the girl in Kenya- as her role was critical for this tale. 

I was just beginning to give up on ever finding a good woman. But I met this Girl on Occupied. We talked on Skype and while I enjoyed our conversations and learning about Kenya along with her culture – it was plain to see a relationship with her wasn’t and would never go anywhere. She added me to a Facebook group called “Love sees no color” – of which I actually paid little attention to. Many girls messaged me on Facebook from that group and yet you were the only one I even talked to longer then a simple “hello, how are you”. And so with that this is where the real story begins. 

It begins in Ohio. I picked up a load in Ohio, took it somewhere around freindsville pensylvannia then went to bed at a petro off highway 80. (Perhaps too much detail). When I awoke I discovered a huge pool of coolant under the truck and that was when my break down troubles began. Normally, I would have reported it right away and had it fixed – yet for some reason all my instincts told me to wait and fix it later… It was like an urge free from reason I can not describe… I just knew I had to leave it alone for now and so I simply added more coolant for the time being. 

My next load sent me to Columbus Ohio down to South Boston where I was assigned a very unusual Family Dollar load from Columbus, OH to South Boston, VA. When I arrived at the DC in Columbus the guard shack told me he did not have paperwork for the load… I only had 30 mins left on my clock, and so I told them I would come back the next day. I stayed at Loves overnight near there it had rained that night. When I awoke I checked under the truck for a coolant leak, yet there was nothing at all on the ground… I was a bit perplexed and thought perhaps the rain washed it away – or perhaps it simply wasn’t leaking anymore. In any case I called the mechanic there to look at it right quick as I had planned to do anyway. He found nothing wrong at all and so I went back to the Family Dollar DC. 

The guard shack had just received a phone call when I pulled in, that the paper work for this load was in shipping and receiving office and he told me I was to go there. So I did…. here is where it’s got odd. The load was an empty trailer with a seal on the door… yet all the paperwork suggested it was like any regular load that just so happens to be empty. This load perplexed everyone, the Family Dollar dc manager, dispatch, the guard shack, myself… it was just highly irregular for an empty trailer to have a BOL and a seal, but we all went along with it anyway since there wasn’t anything illegal about it…. well anyway. I drove down 81 where late that day my coolant began leaking again…. determined to get that load in, I decided to wait just once more to report it. I drove maybe an hour or so, to a pilot near south Boston…. and there I discovered I was in the middle of no where. 

Maintenance told me the only place I could get it fixed within 400 miles was the  peterbuilt dealer in Greensboro, NC. I discussed with her the plan to drop this trailer off real quick and bobtail down there the next day. I arrived there Monday 07/03 11 am, and they told me the trick needed a new radiator and that they were closed for the 4th of July, so I will have to wait until wensday to pick the truck up. I got the hotel nearby and figured I would just tan a bit and swim in the pool for 2 days… Maybe order Chinese food later get a good night’s sleep for once after a brutal week… and not too much more. 

And Then We Met..
After swimming I sat in my hotel room nibbling a cliff bar waiting on Chinese food. I checked facebook, when i saw you freind requested me…. i thought you were another african girl from love sees no color… and i said to myself.. why not chat with her a bit, I have plenty of time and the pools closed anyway.. So we commenced with small talk – though you got my attention when you told me you live in Greensboro…. You REALLY got my attention when I told you my plan of living on a Boat, and you told me you were ok with this idea….. Seriously, every woman I ever talked to shut me down right about there in conversation. I was shocked… Infact my heart leaped into my throat as I had no words to say. Then we proceded to talking about your chicken coop and other random things.

The next day you and I planned on getting beer and hanging out at the hotel for 4th of July. I felt odd having to meet you in a hotel but I was relieved seeing your poise and dignity about it. We got drunk had a few lols and I sent you home…. Here which is where I thought our story would end. 

Then I broke down again. And spent the night at your house painting your kitchen. Then I broke down again, only to end up back at your place once more…. At this point it hit me, as I told you, and I knew our story was only just beginning. The spirit inside me told me so. 

I Came Back 

The truck was fixed eventually and I was sent all over the country, only to come back to you on my weekend off. We talked and texted while I was out. Then we did a paper bag floor in your mud room…. I was very nervous, because the entire time you were leaning on me on that floor I just wanted to hold you and kiss you. I felt as if I’ve known you forever. And then I left when you surprised me once more.

You told me you wanted to quit your job, and start trucking with me…. My heart stoped. I needed a double take on this idea, I couldn’t believe it… But I’m glad you came along, and I think you’ll make an excellent cowgirl as well as a mother. If anyone tells you different, let me know I’ll punch them in the face. 

So I came back again to pick you up and whisp you away and here we are… Your still sleeping soundly at this rest area in the back of my truck at the moment of this writing. As I write our story here, my head is swimming over the details of how this worked out. I know for a fact right now, I want to be your king and make you my queen. 

Where my thoughts are now 

When I gave myself to you it wasnt a drunken stupper lustful moment.. I am not so mentally weak of a man and I do nothing without much consideration and prayer. I knew full well you were the gal I want well before hand. Though I can see you still guard your heart, and I sense you are still nervous about me sometimes. To which I am patient as it’s well worth the wait. We tell ourselves to take things slow and yet it’s hard to considering I feel like I’ve known you forever. I havnt met your son yet, though I myself am not nervous about that – but I sense you are…. perhaps I can ease your mind in someway by saying this: You wouldn’t be the woman I am falling in love with if not for your son. He shaped you and influenced you into the woman you are today. How then can I not love this child, knowing he is apart of you? My only fear moving forward with you is knowing one day he will know I am not his father…. But that’s a long way away and we can deal with it as it comes. Otherwise its peripheral, and yet I’m glad one of us atleast has a head start experience in parenting 🙂  I’ve only ever been an uncle – and a damn good one at that! This role of fatherhood both scares and excites me, (more so excites). Otherwise, the timing to meet your son just hasn’t been right. What were doing, getting you into truck driving, I think is much more a priority at the present moment. The time with him will be right soon enough.

I have traveled to many places, I’ve met many woman and learned many things about many things, only to become jaded as it all looks alike anymore… I can say with certainty, YOU truly are an Emerald. Very rare, very beautiful, and 3 times more valuable then the standard issue diamond. Just as the emerald, most people dont realize it’s worth and often cast it aside or take it for granted. They look for mere diamonds and often settle for coal anyway. However, there are those who can recognize a good investment…. I want to invest everything I have and am into you. I am completely yours if you’ll have me. 

I’m a Nazi… So what?

Ok my leftist friend, you caught me – I confess… I’m a full fledged Nazi. 😗

I sleep with a copy of Mein Kampf, I support racism, and especially hate the Jews. Yup, you had me pegged all along – I guess your too smart even for me 🤗

Siege Heil der Fürher!!!

There I admit it and look…. No one even cares.

Now that aside, on a serious note I’m just going to say to the left – one day  REAL Nazism will make a come back. And when it does the left will cry out “He’s a nazi, that’s facism”- and I guarantee, no one will care or even bat an eye to try to stop it… And the average SJW will only have themselves to blame. Just as it was in Germany in the 30’s, National socialism did not happen over night – it came by stages. The first stage was desensitization… and it only took about a decade for the rest to fall into place.

“It doesn’t matter what they say about you, as long as they spell your name right.”

By unrelentingly calling people a nazi or racist or facist, the only thing you achieve is desensitization of the term. More over, I guarantee 99% of the people you call a “Nazi” are not – but what they will do is look into actual Nazism just because you keep calling them that… Its a bit like advertiseing it inadvertantly. Of a truth, were already starting to see this phenomenon happen…. I direct your attention to a film circulating on the internet called;

“The Greatest Story Never Told- Adolf Hitler” …. Just this film has gained a growing and loyal fan base over the past few years, and the creator made a cozy career off it just on donations…. That and it’s also observable book sales  of mein kampf are in the rise in western countries like never before 2013…

Not to mention this is just plain childish and frankly it comes off as calling someone a “Witch”…. The left is flattered to be thought of as ‘forward thinking’, yet they seem intent on being stuck to ideas dated in 1492. Frankly, if I had to choose between Hitler or a child – Hitler actually has alot more intelligent things to say. Which does not speak to volumes of today’s left. Its easy to see how how he got support after the 1920’s Wiemar republic – and frankly the times are not too dissimilar for his rhetoric to resurface…  If you are advertising hitler in this way, Truely you don’t want to advertise him or his ideas – especially in this way. People will actually and unashamed become Nazis. Its easy for someone weaker minded then myself who would actually take it as the only other option the world has to offer.

It’s time to just let Hitler be dead – it’s been 70+ years. The sooner we bury this straw man, and actually educate people on him in a constructive way rather insults and baseless accusations, the better  off society will actually be.

Wealth vs. Money

In regards to the term Capitalism – there is a HUGE misunderstanding on the concept of ‘wealth’. Infact real wealth can never be printed on paper – and money in itself is completely worthless. There is a huge difference between these 2 concepts of which I’d like to dispel.

Money is worthless

o-BURNING-MONEY-facebookMoney is the governments way of trying to create dependence on the state. By creating a society that runs entirely on it’s printed notes with an alleged value – the government then makes itself relevant on every exchange between individuals. The truth is we don’t need it- and whether it’s a $1 bill or a $100 – it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on. Infact under our current system, the printing of ‘money’ just creates debt for the very reason it’s worthless.

Money does not reproduce, it does not really increase or decrease in value as a $1 bill will always say $1. Money by itself does not produce anything at all, nor does it labor. What it does is simply act as a medium for exchanges to make the barter system a bit more fluid. This is seen many times in people who win the $100 million lottery, and later we read they become homeless in about 5 years or so. A person who has a ton of money can only become poor because they have no assets.

Commodity is Wealth

If I have a chicken farm, I have wealth because my chickens keep laying eggs, and people07-chickens-provide-fertilizer_1600 are always going to buy eggs. I can ask the consumer to pay for my eggs in money so that I can, in turn go to a milk farmer and exchange my money for his milk….. make sense?

Wealth is a persons assets. The commodity an individual produces for trade determines how rich he is – even though he may not have a lot of ‘money’, why does he really need it when he has chickens?  It is because he has chickens, he can always trade his eggs for anything he wants; milk, gold, money, silver, potatoes, clothes, etc etc. So materialistically speaking, money is not wealth at all – it’s just a product of wealth. If you want to become wealthy, accumulate assets that create commodities.

So my friends with that said, I conclude this simple analysis confident I have inspired you to go out and become more “Wealthy” rather than “Loaded with Money”. Of a truth nobody really needs money at all, its the most useless commodity out there.  Buy assets that produce or appreciate in value not junk, and you too will become rich 😀

I am not entirely with Trump…

Ok I said it, go ahead and shoot me.

I am pleased we don’t have Hillary, I am pleased that the Trump I saw during the Republican primaries is not the Trump I see now. Infact, everything he has done so far has been great, really really great…..

It’s just the fact, I’m not stupid.

I cant forget the mess of never having a policy position before and all the inconsistent promises he made during the Primary – other then the promise “I can change into anything I want”.

I cant help at notice, everything I like about Trump he has done already very early in his presidency, how much is left for him in the next 4-8 years?

mixed in with all this wonderful domestic policy – he manages to always work in growing the Military Industrial Complex… This talk of “Alt-Right” I find very laughable, because I know it’s just a new name for ‘Neocon’.

I also know everything Trump has done thus far will change with the next president. Executive order, and vetoing executive orders – is finiky buisness, there is no permanence.  I’m glad were not going to kill ourselves as a nation yet, but I’m just watching the Democrats becoming more radicalized before my very eyes. Just how radical they will be in the next 2 cycles, I have no idea. That’s what scares me most. I see very plainly what they have already become.

Needless to say….

I’m just not a populist person. I can not just go along with the herd.. There are days I wish I could just shut my brain down and blindly go along with the program…. but I cant.

I like trump, but I wasn’t born yesterday.



The Snowflake Downfall

So here I am like everyone else in the aftermath of the civil war that was the election. Like the end of every war, the victors are feeding off the tears and blood of the losers. and the losers are wagging in a few last stands before their inevitable demise.

But I want to look at the left a moment a bit critically. They are rather interesting,  especially if you understand something about psychology. They are displaying all the symptoms of  Cognitive Dissonance.


Those on the left never engaged anyone outside of the left. They isolated themselves only with people who agree with them, and promoted with each other out of touch ideals about the world…. In their own minds, they assumed for so long that everyone obviously just agrees with them. So within their own circles, they created their own little reality that never went unchallenged by someone who disagrees… and indeed it often shows, just on facebook – they are not use to people disagreeing with them, they don’t even know how to comeback with anything other then insults, like children.

Now Trump wins the election. and look at the left riot, insult people, burn buildings, crying in streets. Shocked and stunned to learn that there is actually a lot of gay republicans out there saying ‘Democrats don’t represent me’…. They are confronted with the simple fact for the first time, in a long time, beyond any shadow of a doubt that their ideas… are all wrong.  :-O Their entire world view is just a popped bubble :-O

Everything were seeing with the left is what happens when a person faces Cognitive Dissonance.  Irrational angry behavior of people powerless to confront the truth even while looking at the face of it.

On this wide scale case of Cognitive Dissonance were seeing another trend within the Democratic party called ‘De-alignment’. (That is a very bad word in politics)… The party is a sinking ship. Conservative democrats are starting to re think their progressive leaders. Meanwhile the progressive leaders are growing even more insane then they ever were before. So what happens in De-Alignment is there’s a huge divide between the party leaders and the base. The more detached the leaders become, the more they shake off life long supporters.

Unfortunately with the Democratic party, this divide has actually been there a long time, it’s only become noticeable to many democrats once the bubble was popped. Unfortunately the party is not in position to realign – the leaders are too detached from everyday people and they are established in their positions for some time to come….

It will be a long time until we see the democratic party make a comeback. The only thing Republicans have to do is maintain the ability to be “the lesser of 2 evils”, speaking only to the peoples plain reason.

So That’s the Democrats….


Introducing my New Website

Its a photography website, all photos are done by yours truely. I was just scrolling through my facebook photos and realized… I’m a pretty gosh darn good photographer… So Why not do this 🙂

I havn’t added anywhere near the amount of photos I intend to. Most are coming from my travels along the east coast and my hometown of Buffalo, NY. From Vermont, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Florida, etc… It will be an ongoing and never ending project, Much like this blog site. I hope you enjoy my writings as well as my photography. God Bless.

The Electoral College

Excuse me for being offended by this wave to take away the Electoral Collage, but I am. Even when Obama won the electoral vote I stand by the system. The reason is because I understand that system is there for people like myself – people who take time to evaluate the issues, the candidates, participate in the government, understands and appreciates the rule of law. The Electoral collage is designed to give me a voice over low information voters, whom vote based on impulses rather thoughts or convictions. So yes I’m offended when a know nothing twit tells me they are smarter then me, therefore their vote means something. The electoral collage is my reward for actively participating and paying attention to my government, beyond just election day. For every reason given why we should get rid of the electoral collage, is exactly the reason I want to keep it. The fact most of these low informed people don’t even know how the electoral collage works is enough in itself to set me off.

No it isnt a democracy, and believe me I’m sick of the media calling it such. Its a Representative Republic. Sadly ‘stupid’ comes in bulk packages in every continent and for that reason the founders hated ‘Democracy’ more so then the Monarchy. ‘Democracy’ is what people get with the oligarch nations of Africa. Uneducated people starving themselves to death because they keep voting on dictators based on last minute fears. Couple ‘uneducated’ with ‘self righteous’ that I have often seen with those opposed to the electoral vote, and you get the equivalent of most middle eastern countries….. Believe me when I also say I’m with the founders entirely in that really only property owners should vote – not whiny little thugs burning buildings and trashing their own neighborhoods because ‘they didn’t care about Hillary Clinton’s emails, shes a woman and she is running’. Not Good enough of an argument I’m afraid.

Hillary herself, ran a terrible campaign knowing full well about the electoral college. She didnt work at all to earn it, in fact 90% of the time she was completely hiding herself. When she crawled out of her villainous cave, all she had to say was condescending things about the people she had to win over, threats about how ‘racist’ trump is, How trashy poor people are… No issues, no policy, no change at all from what everyone clearly hated – Her entire platform was as if she saw it ‘America owed her the white house’ and she could just walk right in. Even the educated democrats agree with me on this point, she was a horrible candidate to run and clearly democrats got lazy.

“Basket of Deplorables” – Imagine that very basket of people are entirely disenfranchised and already hurting and suffering…. Then a presidential candidate comes out and calls them this. OF COURSE Trump won, he engaged this basket and won them over. He went, every day, state to state – talked with people, gave speeches, engaged and explored ideas to adapt his model. Meanwhile Hillary did what? That being said without even mentioning her height of corruption. Its amazing she did as well as she did to be honest.

So no, I have no sympathy for the popular vote, I never have. America is not a democracy, I completely agree  the world should stop telling low informed voters such – as it is false. end of story, this article is done.

The Election Is Over… Thank God

Im sitting here watching the aftermath of Trump winning the election. Some are rioting, others celebrating – the media scrambling to find a new spin or story…. People telling me “They were with trump from the start” as if that’s a badge of honor… In this insanity I feel compelled to gather my own thoughts, though I said I wasnt going to write about the elections anymore. I’ll break that rule but just this once.

I am happy Hillary is gone – That woman was more wicked then Jezebel with the wicked witch in the wild wild west! And to her supporters, Frankly I have no sympathy. You were sheep lined up for the slaughter if she had won. I know because you just don’t seem to have been paying attention to much ado with anything – other then the fact a woman was running for president…. Its the height of superficiality – and frankly you should be grateful you were saved and didn’t even know how.

I’m still disappointed in Trump. Really Republicans could have done better, and perhaps I really should correct myself in the same paragraph. I’m not worried about Trump himself, nor do I dislike him himself- Im looking at the people he is surrounding himself with as advisors. My concern is he is a very malleable person with no set ideas on much ado with anything – just how likely is he to fall for anything by his council? Chris Christie is the perfect poster child of his team. Such an individual weasels his way into this presidency with the worst of bush era ideals like the TSA, and nation building BS countries… Pence (Trumps VP) oh sure hes conservative on domestic policy – Foriegn Policy however he is most certainly a Neocon Imperialist as well…. Trump has surrounded himself with the extreme dark forces of the republican party, yet I suspect he did so unintentionally….. And I really do mean unintentionally, just seeing how they got into his circle.. But anyway, I wont digress where I can go on and on about….

I am ultimately happy Trump won, despite his neocon team of so called ‘experts’. He is one to ignore his inner circle and look to the people’s opinions. He is also, believe it or not, one of the most anti nation building candidates. We will defeat ISIS and possibly bury the cold war hatchet with Russia in the process. Our interests abroad will fade as we focus more on our own interests. I will be interested in who he picks for supreme court. I have no idea what he will do with healthcare reforms, I know it had better not be single payer as he himself once said. I have no idea what he’ll do with immigration, and frankly its a non-issue to me anyway, but I think I follow his general direction and it seems fair and balanced. There are many unknowns, many possibilities and I can plainly see Trump has the potential of being an excellent president despite some or many of my reserves.

IF IT were Different…

I cant help at feeling remissed of what I might say if Hillary won…. and Indeed I thought for a long time she would. I was scared, I really was. The woman was sheer evil – if anything the whore of Babylon herself in the flesh…. Im still scared of the fact this election was as close as it was – watching people riot – most of whom, refuse to be educated on anything, not concerned or aware of just how evil Hillary actually is…. They will be here still in future elections im quite sure, nor is any of this insanity over with….

If Hillary had won the best I could say is my first choice Ted Cruz, would have had a golden  chance in 2020. The government would have been completely stagnant under her leadership as no one in the senate or congress would agree on much of anything from her. Perhaps it is likely, even a SCOTUS judge wouldn’t get through under her. Though despite this she would still have the authority to do a great deal of damage – I dont really think there would be a 2020 election where we could recover. ISIS would be ‘monitored’ and ‘negotiated’ with, meanwhile we would create tensions with Russia and perhaps even a full on war. Whilst with all this wonderful ‘negotiating’ with isis, we would have gotten another obamacare while importing and covering terrorists threats from syria’s health plan. “Nation building” Dear god, Ron Paul even called it, that was very much in the subtext of her campaign – particularly when she was talking about ‘Overthrowing Asad to stabilize the region’… I could not be anymore opposed to this woman on any issue politically speaking, Not even mentioning the fact she belongs in jail.

If things were different, this article would look very different indeed….

The Hand of God Saved America

I’m hearing this a lot from Trump supporters… yet I am reminded the Hand of God can also be judgement not just salvation. Often God judges nations by handing people over to their own desires – those saying this, I have often found guilty of Idolizing Trump. Perhaps in that, they are more dangerous to America then the people out there rioting right now. I am only comforted by the familiar feeling that I know comes to me from heaven – that I did, to the best of my ability, advocate the best possible candidate for this country. Knowing the issues, understanding how government works, taking all things into account and not following someone so blindly as the populace of a corrupt people. Though unsuccessful, neither was Jeremiah. This nation that I love so much, I realize is temporary and not exempt from the ruler of this world. My true home is in heaven and with that comes a degree of detachment from my surroundings. If it is the fate of this country to be destroyed, either by the insanity of the left or the fear mongering of the right- then so be it. as it becomes a nation I can not stand to be apart of. I can barely stomach the fact the constitution itself (our nations compass) seems irrelevant in all this commotion.

My Journey in Vapeing

To my long time followers, may I make a confession? I am one of those evil smokers… Well I was… Now I’ve converted to Vapeing 🙂

What brought me to this new style of smoking wasn’t entirely so much for health reasons – though that was an incentive. I’m a shameless capitalist, and really it all boiled down to money. Vapeing is vastly cheaper then smoking cigarettes. However, I’ve been vapeing for about about 3 weeks now and along the way I’ve discovered some other advantages.

1. I can smoke just about anywhere and people don’t seem to mind at all. Infact people like the smell of my blueberry pie or sugar cookie smoke. I am now thoroughly a human air freshener.

2. It’s cleaner, alot cleaner… When your a smoker you don’t really realize how filthy cigarettes actually are. The ashes get everywhere, the smell is horrid. Then of course there is your tounge has the white sort of layer on it that never seems to go away. With vapeing I had maybe 1 tiny liquid spill, hardly worth mentioning – and when I did my shirt smelled like a very nice cologne.

3. Breathing and holding my breath has vastly improved. I’ve been at the beach alot in my time of vaping here in florida. Over the weeks I just can’t help at notice how much longer I can hold my breath underwater whilst snorkeling…. About twice as long as when I smoked. As for breathing itself, I take deeper breaths naturally… in turn I have also noticed my concentration has improved, I would contend is due to having more oxygen.

4. Oh yes of course health is an excellent factor perhaps for many people. Myself I’m young so forgive me of I don’t really think about cancer and things that much…. However, I look at my older smokeing and see things like COPD developing, random cancer bumps, extremely high blood pressure, coughing blood, and worst of all – wrinkles from free radicals going nuts loaded up on Carbon Monoxide…. I myself would not look very good with wrinkles, if I may be so vain.

So let me just tell a little bit about my start up set up.

I probably spent more then I could or should have… in part because at first I really had no idea what I was doing. It began at Walgreens, I bought a Haus starter kit pen, with a haus brand coffee flavored liquid… That was where it all began. After about a week I couldn’t help at notice the 10 ml bottle was only half full… Which indicated to me my 7$ would last me about 2 weeks, verses say $5 on a pack of cigarettes every single day… Obviously, it proved cheaper to vape fairly immediately. Though I was getting tired of coffee so I said what the heck, I’ll get 3 other flavors and switch it up. 😛

Then my Haus pen met a sad fate… I was slurping my vape liquid instead of smokeing. Not to mention the battery wasn’t really lasting throughout the day anymore. I had no idea what was wrong, jonesing for a cigarette I bought a pack and contemplated getting a new vape pen at a professional vape shop.

When I went to the Grab Bag in Gainesville, FL I was kindly greated and explained to them, “I would like an inexpensive mod with a long lasting battery”. He showed me 2 both under $25, and both were equally impressive, and actually much better then the haus pen I got at Walgreens for the same price. That was when I upgraded to a Joytech eGO AIO vape pen. 🙂

Then of course there was the vape bar, where I could actually sample any flavor I wanted, all day long. It only took me 20 minutes to find “Tropical Chill” and bought a 30 ml bottle at $15.

After 2 weeks with the joytech I am completely satisfied. Since then I have bought more flavors from a different vape shop in a little town called Green Cove Springs, FL ‘Jonny Copper Vapor Co.’… why a new shop? I just happened to visit Gainesville at first, I was staying in the little town for awhile… anyway. I actually liked Jonny Copper’s flavors much better, they were more flavorful and THOUSANDS of options. I took a few several hours there to sample all I could just so I could, I guess ‘discover my flavor pallet’. I walked out with Frigid, Blueberry Pie, Tropical Gold, and Zoltar. All of which were 30 ml bottles with 12 MG nicotine… (am I being too detailed with all this?)

So here we are 3 weeks later. I discovered all I needed to do with the Haus pen was get a new atomizer for it… meh. It is are good pen and I figure I’ll keep it as are spare or back up. If I had known before I may not have gotten the new one, and sure I’ve invested a lot into this new habit…. but I can’t complain. By my calculations I have about 3 month supply of e fluid for under $50 which is still a fantastic savings compared to smokeing.

I would of course recommend vaping to anyone looking to get into it. However I would be remissed if I didn’t include this little chart:


And what the heck, I’ll toss in this one too: