Blogging is for the long winded

Some people only have thoughts that never exceed 140 characters- and so they go to Twitter. Some People are facebook people, Some people are Google + and some people feel like video editing for Youtube.

Something I noticed about bloggers, myself included is, we are very long winded people with a lot of information in our heads. Sometimes we dont even know what were saying, we just rant. There’s something else I’ve noticed about bloggers were actually friendlier, I think it comes with intelligence. Since I’ve come to wordpress I can honestly say i’ve seen a decline in trolls- people are actually respectful to each other even when they disagree. Who knew there are people on the internet that can respectfully disagree and not take things to heart. 😀

Im looking at my word count its currently 135. This is possibly one of my shortest posts but just wanted to get that out there. God Bless

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