List of Articles

Here is the full list of every post on my blog. There is no particular order, I just wanted to have it all listed in one place. This list may or may not always be up to date on my articles, but I do get around to adding new articles within every couple weeks. Click the title to be redirected:
Christian Warrior Boot Camp Series
Christian Warrior Boot Camp Series

They Atleast Recognize God

Not Saved by Works

The Bible Is A Hard Book


Guardian Angels

Muhammad Called Himself a False Prophet

My Journey in Vapeing

Introducing My New Website

Why I Endorse Ted Cruz

Screw Society I’m Getting a Boat


You Keep Saying Heretic Like It’s a Bad Thing

5 things might say to today’s Gay Community

The Unforgivable Sin

The Bible is not an Instruction Manuel

Why I Blog

The Anti-Pokemon Propaganda

Christ Was a Trouble Maker

Apostle Paul False Prophet

Taxation Is Theft

Ted Cruz’s Citizenship

Fish Tank Secrets

Christian Libertarianism 

Table Manners, A Pagan Ritual

To: Ted Cruz Supporters

My Name is AngelFish vol. 1

The Aquarium Hobby Does Not Harm Coral Reefs

“Bible Belt” may be misleading

10 Things I’ve Learned about Pokemon Go

The case for KJV Onlyism

No, I will not type ‘Amen’ just to feed your ego

On Predestination

The Electoral College

Prosit und Gemütlichkeit! er ist Auferstanden!!

Lets not make this Complicated

The Battlefield, at least a glimpse

I Should Write a Book

Pokemon Go in Buffalo, Ny Map/Guide

Why I Love America

GOP Stock Chart

The Election is Over… Thank God

The Devils Drink

The lying Media

The Devils Drink

It’s My 1st Birthday

Where Inspiration Comes From

Cruz The Sellout?

Libertarianism is not socialism

Your 2016 Horoscope is Now Here

Most People Do Actually Want to be Lied To

Featured Image -- 1600
Jellyfish: A Sting in Evolution

They Call Me Black Panda

A Letter to Martin Luther

“Far Right” is a Relative Word

Kim Davis

God Did It

What if Christians are Wrong About Going to Heaven and Hell?

Forgiveness does not include Forget

How To Pray

Why Do Christians Say “Covered by the Blood

Stupid Verses

An Evidence of Faith

Tides of Deception PT.2

Answering Bible Translation Errors

The Confusion of the Constitution

Why I Endorse Ted Cruz

Fun Mode

Again…. Europe Needs to Wake Up To Radical Islam

Why The Bible has Verses

German Immigrants in WW2

Donald Trump Christianity

Touched by an Angel TV Show

New Years Resolution

Fish and Shadows and Christians

Answering Bible Translation Errors

False Prophets This and That… Blah Blah Blah

Todays Ron Paul Revolution

Against Statism- Prolouge

Taking notes from Grandma

Died on the cross or resurrected on the cross

The Amish have some major flaws

The Good Shepard

The Christian Christmas Dilemma and My 2 Cents

Ben Sasse: An Open Letter to Majority America

The Good Shepard

New York State

How do I know if I’m saved?

Why is Jesus Visiting These Faithful Muslim Islam Believers

Prayer Stopping a Tornado Coming to a Church Service [Video]

Featured Image -- 1644
What is The True Religion

The Gospel Truth

Freemasons Are Evil?

List of American Allies

The Bible on Slavery -Video

God’s Judgement on Germany

Facebook Exodus

Why I Quit Nursing School For Truck Driving

Christian Limbo

Testing the Art of the Deal with #NeverTrump

God Did It

The Rich and the Poor

The Credibility of the King James Bible- Video

How to Pray

Church is not a Building

What is the Electoral College

To whom I owe my Salvation

Europe Needs to Wake up to Radical Islam

Awesome New Underwater Farming Tech

1 Million Rally in Paris

Apology Accepted from New York

Spiritual Lense and the Need For Me

A little voice told me

Dear Future of America

Book of Enoch and Other Apocrypha

Why I Gave up Canning and Started Fermenting- And how its done

Update on Truck School

The Holy Ghost Role in 2016 GOP

From Pagan to Christian

Evangelist Anita Fuentes False Watcher on the Wall

Winter is so Depressing

Only a Pharisee Will Use Bible Verses to Argue

A Tricky Choice in Christian Duty

Why I call Blog Posts ‘Articles’

The Good news about the DMV

Ben Carson… Hmmm

Prayer Request Please!!

I’m Really Sick of Conspiracy Theories

Christian Warrior Boot Camp Series

Hitler Understood Evolution

Evangelist Anita Fuentes- false teacher

December was a Bad Month for Blogging

“Rapture Ready”, Blood Moon- Lots of deception out there

If I were Running for President

1000th Visitor!!!

VeggieTales New Look

The Scythians

Evangelist Anita Fuentes A Martyr

Syrian Refugees

The Mark Of The Beast

Lies and Propaganda

Hitler was a Far Right Socialist, Not a Right Wing Conservative

Tides of Deception

Real Christians are Damaged


The Tarot Readers Perspective

Jellyfish: A sting in Evolution

Healing the Snakes Bite from the Fruit

A Rant About Cell Phones

Alice in Wonderland

We are not Goldfish

The Confusion of the Constitution

The Old cell phone in Rice Trick

Reflection of the Inqusition

Why YouTube has so Many Trolls

Pope Francis a Victim of the Media

“Alien Eggs” Are You People Stupid?”

Voter Lookup

What is the Holy Trinity

Donald Trump: I’ve changed

After A Catholic Mass

If I were Running for President

What is The True Religion

Beware Americans Online

Aliens and Christianity

2016 Presidential Election Report

I’m Saved, Now What

America: The Democratic Imperialist Oligarchymu

Snow Survival Driving

What does it mean to be covered by the blood of Jesus?

9/11 A Personal Perspective

The Story of Vladimir the Great

How to Speak Democrat

New Money

America runs on Coffee

Red Herring words used only during an Election

Atlast I found Alasce

Spirit of Judas

Ich Bin Ein Berliner

My Road to Christ

Tale of 2 Vineyards

Easy Health Food Guide

What Gay Marriage and the Confederate Flag Have in Common

A Vote For Blank is a Vote For Blank

Evangelist Anita Fuentes Profiteering Propagandist

Principals of Anthropology

How Not To Read the Bible

After All Primaries are In….

A Briefing on Angel Fish

Blogging is For the Long Winded

The Science Of Bubbles

When I said #NeverTrump…

Why You Should Be Blogging

How To Train Your Little Angels… Fish That Is

Salt In A Fresh Water Tank?!?!?… Blasphemy!!!!

Ruth Lester, Story of My Grandmother

Facebook Happy Birthday


Linzer Torte

Cheeseburger Onion Rings

Utterly Deadly Southern Pecan Pie

Pie Crust

Wild Blueberry Fruit Leather

Blueberry Banana Bread

Blueberry Pie Filling

Meat Pie

Maple Crème Sauce 

Featured Articles from Other Writers

These are Articles I myself did not write, However they are shared on my blog.

Jesus Did Not Exist

Trump Ends Convention With Prayer From Radical Islam Supporter of Farrakhan

Meditation: A Key to Hearing God — StopAndPrayTV

Religion Causes War

How We Know The Bible is Inspired

Native American Reservations: “Socialist Archipelago”

The Five Stages of Religious Persecution

Just a Shot Gun

Appreciating The Still Small Voice

Proof Jesus is a Made up Myth

Baskin Robins Christianity



There are no Atheists in Foxholes…. Thank God!

The Devils Delight is Angry Religion

George Washington’s Vision of Trials Facing the Nation

The Pagan Personality

Trusting in Our Own Righteousness is a Thing Fatal to the Soul

Prayers For Japan

Matthew 22:21 (Dead Presidents)

KimDavis Is the Litmus Test for Presidential Candidacy

Antichrist USrael = Origin of ISIS Who Kidnaps Christians! – Ben Swan

Full Story on What’s Going on In Oregon – Militia Take Over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge In Protest to Hammond Family Persecution…

How Could it Be

A Christmas Q&A #14

The Curse of Canaan

Matthew 10:16 (Snake Wits, Dove Eyes)

Speaking of Strongholds

Avatar- Filing a Cup That is Already Full

Differences between Mohammad and Jesus

All roads lead to Rome

Full Story on What’s Going on In Oregon – Militia Take Over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge In Protest to Hammond Family Persecution…

The Letter Killeth but the Spirit Giveth Life

Put Your Trust in God

Crusades, Inquisitions, Witch-Hunts, etc

Saved By Grace Through Faith

Good People Don’t Go To Heaven

The first uprising against the Communist and Socialist system.

What God Expects Us to be Doing in these Last Days (Part 1: Faith)

Should We Worry About Isis

Greater Things

Of Swine and Apple Carts

An Open Letter to my Readers and Subscribers

10 Reasons Why Christianity Is Not The Easy Path: What Does The Bible Have To Say About It?!?


These are Dreams I have had, of which particularly stood out to me

Award Ceremony Dream 1/19/15

Dream 9/17/14

Dream March 28, 2014

Dream Nov 30, 2013

Annual Reports

Today I have hit 15,000 views

2015 In Review

My 2014 annual report


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  1. Yeah same thing happen to me. I called her out in a live chat and even her followeres were saying stop doing that like I was some kind of a bad guy. I have wrote her but nothing seems to help I was blocked so I don’t cast pearls before swine, I let it go, and I really liked her before. Keep up the good fight Angel Fish

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