The Electoral College

Excuse me for being offended by this wave to take away the Electoral Collage, but I am. Even when Obama won the electoral vote I stand by the system. The reason is because I understand that system is there for people like myself – people who take time to evaluate the issues, the candidates, participate in the government, understands and appreciates the rule of law. The Electoral collage is designed to give me a voice over low information voters, whom vote based on impulses rather thoughts or convictions. So yes I’m offended when a know nothing twit tells me they are smarter then me, therefore their vote means something. The electoral collage is my reward for actively participating and paying attention to my government, beyond just election day. For every reason given why we should get rid of the electoral collage, is exactly the reason I want to keep it. The fact most of these low informed people don’t even know how the electoral collage works is enough in itself to set me off.

No it isnt a democracy, and believe me I’m sick of the media calling it such. Its a Representative Republic. Sadly ‘stupid’ comes in bulk packages in every continent and for that reason the founders hated ‘Democracy’ more so then the Monarchy. ‘Democracy’ is what people get with the oligarch nations of Africa. Uneducated people starving themselves to death because they keep voting on dictators based on last minute fears. Couple ‘uneducated’ with ‘self righteous’ that I have often seen with those opposed to the electoral vote, and you get the equivalent of most middle eastern countries….. Believe me when I also say I’m with the founders entirely in that really only property owners should vote – not whiny little thugs burning buildings and trashing their own neighborhoods because ‘they didn’t care about Hillary Clinton’s emails, shes a woman and she is running’. Not Good enough of an argument I’m afraid.

Hillary herself, ran a terrible campaign knowing full well about the electoral college. She didnt work at all to earn it, in fact 90% of the time she was completely hiding herself. When she crawled out of her villainous cave, all she had to say was condescending things about the people she had to win over, threats about how ‘racist’ trump is, How trashy poor people are… No issues, no policy, no change at all from what everyone clearly hated – Her entire platform was as if she saw it ‘America owed her the white house’ and she could just walk right in. Even the educated democrats agree with me on this point, she was a horrible candidate to run and clearly democrats got lazy.

“Basket of Deplorables” – Imagine that very basket of people are entirely disenfranchised and already hurting and suffering…. Then a presidential candidate comes out and calls them this. OF COURSE Trump won, he engaged this basket and won them over. He went, every day, state to state – talked with people, gave speeches, engaged and explored ideas to adapt his model. Meanwhile Hillary did what? That being said without even mentioning her height of corruption. Its amazing she did as well as she did to be honest.

So no, I have no sympathy for the popular vote, I never have. America is not a democracy, I completely agree  the world should stop telling low informed voters such – as it is false. end of story, this article is done.


One thought on “The Electoral College”

  1. This is good sense. I agree. Direct democracy would be mob-rule by low-information masses. I hope we are not headed there ever.
    (since a “collage” is a bunch of art-images glued together you might want to edit the title to “college”.)

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