Useful Links

Recommended Bible Believing Christians on YouTube:

Richard– King James Video Ministries

The Fuel Project – The Fuel Projects Youtube, I realize I recommend this a thousand times, there’s a reason- you should click this link and find out.

Exceedingly Helpful, Spirit lead, Websites

Bible Gateway (KJV)– The Bible

Codex Sinaiticus– 1600 year old Greek Bible, One of the first bibles printed

Jewish Encyclopedia– in 1901 orthodox jews compiled this encyclopedia. Since then it has not needed much revision, and hasn’t been. Perfect for bible study. Significantly better then Wikipedia.

The Fuel Project– Excellent Theological Study, This is their official website.

Answers in Genesis– Science from a Biblical Perspective. Ask them any question you might have.

Kent Hoviand Blog– Creationist’s son speaks about his fathers work

Gay Christian Survivors– Homosexuality from Biblical Perspective

Sites I’m posting here for personal reference

Note 3 Stock Firmware- Just keeping this handy for myself in case, for my phone

Semi Truck Parking over weekends. – this is going to come in handy someday also.


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