The Bible on Slavery -Video

Foot notes:
1. Slavery in bronze/iron age had a very different definition then African Americans in 1800’s.
2. People were made slaves by being in debt to someone and unable to pay them back. People who needed job training volunteered for slavery. Never were people kidnapped and forced into it – setting ancient Israel apart from most forms of slavery.
3. The bibles definition of slavery involved job training so the poor would not stay poor after being set free.
4. Slaves were set free every 7 years no matter what throughout all israel. Called the year of Jubilees.
5. Slavery was a means of helping the poor so they can have a stable job and take care of themselves. This is considered the best form of charity, as people don’t have to constantly rely on handouts, they can be independent.

6. Slaves were taken care of. no beatings, provided food and housing. They would otherwise live in a gutter on the streets or die in poverty.

7. People who find all this offensive often also find concepts like “work for a living” and “going to college or trade school” or “pay your own bills” offensive too in modern times. Specifically these groups include: Socialist, party school college kids, welfare recipients, hippies, freeloaders, 40 year olds living with mother, and trust fund babies. Additionally people who think they know everything and want to bash the bible.


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