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Christian Dating…. Phase 2

After phase 1 I think I started to see what it was I was actually looking for in a girl. Though it was obvious they become a different species when put in a date kind of setting… Believe it or not I get along great with girls otherwise, as friends and nothing more, And I’m perfectly content with that. I think it’s weird to try to be something different actually… The minute I ask to buy them coffee, it’s like a switch flips off in their minds and they become a different person entirely from my first impression. That and I felt a little burnt out picking up girls randomly off the street. This was clearly not working, atleast for the most part. So I took to the internet!

This was where I discovered girls are even more complicated. But atleast they explain everything they expect from a guy on their profiles, and we can chat a bit from a distance before meeting…. right?

So I started chatting with one girl, which fizzled quickly into nothing. Then I chated with another and another… which fizzled into nothing. 

Then I met another girl of which I thought was great. She seemed very smart, she wanted to travel more, we talked about Martin Luther.. She was Lutheran…. So i gave her my number, then we started texting instead of the internet..  She asked for me to take a picture to make sure I was a real person, so I did. She sent pictures of herself too and told me she was fat… Which I just laughed and told her she’s pudgy not fat. And she loved that…. 

The next day I get a call from her mother, asking about why a 29 year old man is texting her 16 year old daughter. She was furious with me, telling me she will track me down and send me to jail as a sexual predator…. So I’m sitting there, knowing I did nothing wrong or illegal, letting her rant and I told her very plainly. Her daughter has a profile that says she is 25. Also I would wager that if she has to track me down, there must be 200 other guys she has to track down so good luck on that – but I suggest you shut your kids internet off. She didn’t respond to nicely to that, but I wasn’t there to make friends, and I hung up… She got a hold of my mother somehow, with threats and accusations to which she got upset… I just told my mom the truth and told her not to worry about it. And that was that, though I would like to know how she got my mother’s number…. 

The Librarian

The next girl I seemed to have hit it off with online was a Librarian. We got to talking about different stuff and things, when the conversation shifted to her explaining to me how “Taxation is Theft”. That’s when my heart stoped and I was thinking I discovered a unicorn that must be caught! Non stop on the phone for several days, she was a very chatty girl and I completely enjoyed our conversations.

She mentioned she would love to see a Wicked on Broadway…. And that’s when I was like OMG I can get free tickets to wicked and it’s only an hour drive from her place… She didn’t live in (Buffalo, Ny btw and I was staying in Allentown, PA)…. Remember earlier I had said, the minute you ask a girl to buy her coffee a switch goes off and she becomes a different species…. For the first time, after several days she got very weird. Made up all kinds of excuses, then told me this isnt how marrying a man is supposed to be. I’m supposed to take her out to coffee first. And that Broadway plays are a 4th date kind of thing and I’m rushing things. Broadway play isn’t really a place to get to know each other she says… So I told her, well I have no problem with coffee – but we’ve been talking for several days now, I think we can skip some of the formalities of getting to know each other. Perhaps coffee at the zoo then, we can talk while looking at the animals and scenery – we could get to know each other there probably better then Broadway… Nope, it’s not part of the schedual and I’m an asshole – fine whatever. 

The next online girl was…. interesting 

The next week, I met another girl whom I thought was great. She seemed to love  talking about different things, including taxation being theft and about indirect taxation…. Which was great! Another unicorn, wow!

So I just gave her my number and we started texting and calling on and off. She was into ASMR so I watched some of her videos on YouTube. I was like OMG that’s really amazing. And I found out I’m one of the rare people who gets tingles from certain sounds…. (there is a whole other thing to explain with this subject)… But anyway, she invited me over to do asmr in person instead of videos…. At first I thought this was some kind of weird kinky sex thing. And yet I could see it was something else entirely…. So I went along with this. I did not ask to buy her coffee this time, I believe this is where I started to catch on to how girls operate…. Just let her lead was now my plan. 

So I get there and we do ASMR on each other all night long. It was probably the best date that ever happened to me. She said she couldn’t believe I was a virgin at this because I gave her major tingles- And the entire time she was quivering. Then she says since its getting warmer why don’t we go to this nudist camp nearby, just don’t expect to have sex… Now I’m a Christian, a very devout Christian but also a very flamboyant person – I reasoned with myself first (no sex being involved) and said sure let’s go! 

We get to the nudist camp, strip down and start hiking in the woods with only flip flops. She starts skipping, I started skipping. Then we found a stall that sells  body paint made from flowers and berries…. She wanted to do it, so I bought a kit. We began painting each other to look tribal… Then I found a spot in the woods and asked if she wanted to build a grass hut. She loved the idea, though I did most of the work… (It was a handsome, sturdy hut of quality workmanship and of course German ingenuity). She ended up makeing flower hats whilst I build our home in the woods. At the end of the day we sat around the camp fire, while I played the ukele I brought while she roasted marshmallows 🙂 we were smiling and laughing everything was great and then we went to bed. 

So it was a perfectly normal and wonderful hippy dating experience. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Though it did get cold and we had to get cloths back on…. More importantly, there was no sex. I was spooning her in oir hut All the while, I was thinking I could easily fall in love with this girl. She is everything I ever wanted, though I wasn’t sure if she was Christian. She was excellent at evading the subjects of religion and politics.

We awoke from our grass hut and went back to her place, where She wanted to do more ASMR. It started in a chair, but we took it the bed…. It was just easier to lay down, and we both agreed sex wasn’t going to happen… After going to a nudist camp and painting each other naked, we thought it’s safe to say by now that we can trust each other’s hormones…. And that’s where we did asmr on each other….

My conscience about asmr and what we were doing was bothering me the whole time I was seeing her…. It’s just, she described it as “mental orgasms”. Also the tingle feelings were supposed to be therapeutic yet from what I saw on the internet, there was definitely a pornographic weird sex thing side to this… but also a thereputic non sexual side- not knowing much about it really or seeing a difference, and the way I made her legs shake… I just felt like I have sinned somehow and couldn’t put my finger on it. Yet I didn’t see anything in scripture to suggest that I did. Soooo whatever, Never mind all of that, this girl was AMAZING!! 

So we made each other tingle in bed through the morning over coffee. And I over looked the fact her legs were quivering the whole time. She certainly had the same effect on me but it was then I noticed I ejaculated…. And my conscience began to bother me again while she grabbed a towel for it. I apologized and laughed, and I was embarrassed that it happened, and apologized again.. She on the other hand seemed to think it was perfectly normal. I confess, It was the most amazing sexual experience of my life. Yet I was amazed, she didn’t put a single finger on me to erouse it. I felt like a kid who just lost his virginity. Both pleased and guilty, and completely infatuated with this amazing creature. 

Every day for a week I stopped over and we whispered into each others ear, followed by coffee…. untill the end that is…. 

She whispered into my ear something Babylonian, of which I used to teach at the Theosophical Society…. (those who read ‘My Road to Christ’ – should know I was a teacher there). So I stoped her and ask where she learned this. She told me from a special course at theosophical society many years ago…. “I taught that course!”. I said. She said she knew that but wasn’t sure I remembered her… to be fair I didn’t, the room was always dark and there were 30 people in there at a time always coming and going anyway… I’m glad she seemed to understand why I didn’t recognize her… but I told her that I was Christian now. So she asked, how did this happen – and I told her the entire story, as she just listened….

When I was done, and I explained that Jesus gave me everything I have and I owe even my life to him. She said, every religion is good and everyone goes to heaven….. This little statement is what spiraled our conversation quickly into a whole new discussion. I found out she was a regular at Lily Dale, she often practiced witch craft- and asmr was her way of luring men as she invoked the spirit of the siren…. With some of the things she had to say that wouldn’t make sense to a normal christian – Suddenly, a lot of things from my neo-pagan past came back to me. I knew exactly what she was doing, I knew I had also fallen under a spell… 

So now with religion out of the bag… I can not marry a neo pagan as a Christian, and I can’t force her to convert anymore then she seemed inclined to. At the same time I felt slightly violated, and it suddenly occured to me that everything about this was wrong and would never work. It was about then we began arguing over me being chritian because I was brainwashed and according to her “lacked knowledge”…
I left angry and slightly heart broken, and yet reminded the world is a cruel place. Then I prayed that God would forgive me – And to protect me from girls like this. 

That’s the end of her 

After this experience I’ve met a few other girls online sorta off and on. But I kinda felt like they are all the same. After this last one I’m really not interested. I have resolved a new strategy, that is to stop looking and let her come to me on God’s timing. Anything other seems to just lead to convivilaity. I’m still talking with the aquarium girl from the last article on this on and off – I just don’t expect it to go anywhere, but leaving the door open anyway. 

I shouldn’t have gone online. I met other girls on there not mentioned, that seemed nice. Yet, otherwise they’re not interested in me. In a way I kind of feel like they’re just jerking my chain of which I have little patience with so I just won’t bother. 

Mainly I think the trouble I have with dating is I have taken a secular approach to it, instead of a Christian one. Everything I have done is what I was always told in how adults date each other. In addition There is a whole science of compatibility involved that seems to get in the way more often then not. Followed by a generalized script and procedure involved… And sure when I finally went off the script and procedure I actually got alot further with it, and even then my heart was crushed over a fling.

Dating in modern times seems to be, you have to have sex with each other on the first date or it won’t go any further then that… of which I can not and will not do. (ASMR is now considered sex in my mind). So if I never get married because of it, fine with me. I’ll marry my PlayStation instead. 


Christian Dating… phase I

Since I became Christian about 5 years ago I have enjoyed the single life and with that of course celibacy. In that, I think I have gotten very comfortable being single. I did not realize how much so until I decided to start dating again these past couple months. So, as a writer I’m just going to talk about my experience. 

First Girl

The first girl I met at the grocery store. I just made small talk with her about organic smoothies. She seemed interested so then I asked her if she was up to go to a juice bar. Of a truth I was well outside my comfort zone, but I just acted like it was the most normal thing in the world to pick up a girl. I figured this wouldn’t go anywhere anyway, but it’s a practice run so what the heck. To my surprise she said yes and asked if I could drop her off at her house first to put away groceries. Sure, why not….

 That’s when I discovered she was a slut, and I was a celibate Christian man. I was driving and talking, when she reached over to my ‘stick shift’. She told me then, we don’t have to go to the juice bar and that she feels like getting naked at her place. I was offended, but I just maintained composure and stoped talking. Took her to her house, and as a gentleman I carried in her groceries, then left her. 

Second Girl

Second girl I found online. She had nothing to do today, so I asked her if she wouldn’t mind coffee. So we met at spot coffee. I bought our drinks and food of course being a gentleman. As we started talking she pulled out her phone and looked at my profile…. At this point I kinda felt as if I were in a job interview while she reviewed my application. She asked me about this or that on my profile and I gave her answers of course. Though this was unusual, i thought i was doing good so far. Then she came to “Taxation is Theft” and asked about it as if it were a bad thing. So I explained to her how she is the owner the product of her labour, and how the government views her as their property- and therefore entitled to the product of her labour- so really taxation isn’t just theft it’s also slavery. She looked at me shocked and stunned, completely mortified even… I was a little bit surprised with her reaction, I only ever talk to people who think taxation is theft, she is the first person in a long time who ever said to my face; “Taxation isn’t theft and I’m weird”…. So I was like, whatever, I’ll just get my food to go then and left. 

Third Girl

The next girl I met at a pet store. She loved fish, and – if you can’t tell by the name of my blog site (I’m big on fish tanks too). She had 15 aquariums at home, to which I was amazed. I had to see this for myself, so I invited my self over, and she was thrilled at the idea of showing them off. Sure enough she had a house full of fish tanks, and she was telling me all about the different systems she set up as I marveled at her extreme nerdyness. When I was done with the tour I asked her if she would like to go to the aquarium in Baltimore with me. She was very excited about the idea, though it was a 7 hour drive…. 

In my mind a 7 hour drive isn’t that far, and here is where I realized I’ve been single doing my own thing way too long. I kind of thought it’s a great way to get to know someone… I almost forgot, Normal people don’t like to drive 7 hours to places, who knew right…  However that’s about where I lost her. 

She seemed like she wanted to go out with me, so we talked about different places instead that were closer. On on hand i could she was a very indescive person, on the other hand I could see this conversation spiraling into nothing – so I just put it out there to the bottom line; “Just pick anywhere you would like to go, and I’ll pay for it.” – Now what is wrong with that? Make it tommorrow or the next day, whatever and whenever is fine with me. So she gave me her number and said she will get back to me as she sent me on my way. 

I waited a few days and texted her, and we are still chating on and off…. This girl will make an appearance again in Phase 2 😉 

Fourth Girl

So then I went to a different church that had a coffee chit chat time. And I found a nice girl there, atleast I thought. She seemed to be a bit more flamboyant then most church girls, so I asked her if she ever went to Church in a Pub. She never heard of it, so I explained it’s like a bible study but at a pub. There is a pastor who does it downtown at pearl street brewery. She said well, it’s beer though and she didn’t want to become an alcoholic – and that I’m going to hell because I’m involved with it…. Well I’m not involved with it, I just heard of it and otherwise didn’t have an excuse to go… BUT anyway, she then proceeded to explain to me that alcohol is inherently satanic and anyone who drinks it deserves to go to hell…. In my mind, I was thinking Jesus first miracle was turning water into wine- and everything she was saying may as well be blah blah blah… despite this i asked if she wanted to go out for coffee instead. Sure – great, and off we went to the coffee shop. 

It seemed the foundation was already laid and not going to go anywhere. The flamboyant little doll I had met, suddenly became an evil church lady – picking me apart and analyzing all my sins. And she had only just met me…. Being christian I just told her that Indeed I have many sins, vod knkws all of them – however I am very devoted to my relationship with him, and scripture says he will take me anyway as I am. She got angry and said something, which I completely ignored- and I told her Thankfully my salvation is not contingent on her approval, that’s when I got up and left before she had a chance to say anything. 

Fifth Girl

Then I met another girl online, she loved animals and things, so I told her I have tickets to the zoo tommorrow, I was going to go with a friend but he cancelled… (yes this was a lie, but anyway). She liked the idea and we agreed to meet up. I showed up early so I could buy 2 tickets before she got there. So we get into the zoo, look around and talked about different things. Then I went to the bathroom… She snuck in to the men’s room, came from behind and grabbed my crotch as I was peeing. Again my first instinct was of course sure, let’s do this in the bathroom At the zoo! Then I remembered myself, pushed her back and left. 

 Phase 1 complete

All of that was just about my first week or so picking up girls… I figured, I don’t seem to have a problem getting girls at all. It’s getting one for longer then one day that’s a problem…. So I think my mistake was rolling them out on a conveyer belt, and perhaps rushing things, whilst trying to follow a standardized procedure. At the same time, I don’t think it was a mistake – it was just practice dating anyway. Getting my feet wet and testing the market of what I was dealing with in this war zone…. And indeed, it’s a war zone as I discovered in the next phase.  

Continue to Phase 2

To The Gay Christian

The subject of can a gay person even be christian is something I find… shallow. some cases its a deep seeded hatred, more often sheer ignorance of certain truths. I myself am not one to pander, nor have any good thing to say about the LGBT so called ‘community’. Rather my interest is in the individual seeking christ or simply comfort in a world full of mixed political agendas.

Yes of course you can be gay and a christian. More than that, let me give you some meat on the subject so you understand where scripture is coming from on this position…. It’s not so much there’s strings attached, it’s just I myself am a rationalist – and if you are too, I gather you also want something better then a “feel good message”. The best way to confront this issue is just the facts of scripture, in order as scripture explains the issue. Most people don’t really like facts of the matter, but rest assured I won’t spare you from the simple truth. I’ll be using the ESV Bible, though if you prefer KJV is also recommended

I’m not very good at feel good messages, so I wont bother:

You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination. – Leviticus 18:22

Here we see the law as it is written. What is interesting is the way it’s worded ‘you shalt not lie with a male as with a woman’. Right here at the beginning were not talking about homosexuality parse, more like bisexuality. Ask yourself this, if you are married to a woman, why are you screwing other men? Or for the matter if you are gay guy married to another guy, why are you sleeping with woman?

The word choice for this is I think something we already know about the bible. Relationships are about monogamy. but theres more to this. Look at the dictionary for the definition of abomination:

abomination: a thing that causes disgust or hatred a feeling of hatred.
The bible in general, monogamy aside, talks a great deal about love…. One thing very noticeable about heterosexual marriages is – there’s a special kind of disgust from the wife when she learns her husband cheated on her with men instead of other woman. In this word ‘abomination’ I think we see that point illustrated.
Monogamy in general is about stability in a persons life. In regards to bisexual so called ‘identity’, it’s irrelevant really. You are either with someone or your not. This same law is reiterated later…. But if I may expand the context, as it’s particularly relevant in the case of adultry as the law describes the punishments for adultry:
“If a man commits adultery with the wife of his neighbor, both the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death. If a man lies with his father’s wife, he has uncovered his father’s nakedness; both of them shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them. If a man lies with his daughter-in-law, both of them shall surely be put to death; they have committed perversion; their blood is upon them. If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them. If a man takes a woman and her mother also, it is depravity; he and they shall be burned with fire, that there may be no depravity among you. If a man lies with an animal, he shall surely be put to death, and you shall kill the animal…… Leviticus 20: 10-15
So basically what you should get out of this is, if you are a gay christian there will be no sausage parties for you! But the fact remains, the law isnt about homosexuality. It’s about all the ways a person can commit Adultry. That is all, nothing more.

David and Jonathan

This gets brought up a lot, and of course your average legalist will deny it profusely. The thing is, scripture is in no way unclear – these 2 were not just ‘best friends’, and like I said before I don’t know how to make something sound…. ‘better’… so I won’t bother.

1 Samuel 18 – 22 can only be described as a ‘Broke Back Mountain’ style love story. I encourage a gay christian to read it in full for themselves, I’m just going to pick out the nuts and bolts that illustrate the point scripture is conveying.

As soon as he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. And Saul took him that day and would not let him return to his father’s house. Then Jonathan made a covenant with David, because he loved him as his own soul. And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was on him and gave it to David, and his armor, and even his sword and his bow and his belt. And David went out and was successful wherever Saul sent him, so that Saul set him over the men of war. And this was good in the sight of all the people and also in the sight of Saul’s servants. – 1 Samuel 18: 1-5

Right at the start scripture isnt holding back

“The soul of Jonathon was knit to the soul of David”

Next we see:

“saul wont let him (david) return to his fathers house”


“Jonathon made a covenant with David”

followed by

“Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was on him and gave it to David, and his armor, and even his sword and his bow and his belt”

This is a biblical gay wedding my friend. the real giveaway is “Soul knit to the soul of david” – This is how the bible poetically describes marriage – not just in this case, but in every case people are getting married. The other giveaway is that they made a “Covenant” – the word covenant is a big deal in scripture, and indeed also refers to a marriage agreement. And whats really telling is David is not allowed to return to his fathers house… When 2 people are married, they live with each other. we see all of this very language earlier in genesis

Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. -Genesis 2:24

Keep in mind, this is a royal wedding. of course it’s in front of the entire kingdom. Everyone saw the wedding of David and Jonathon, and considered a good thing at the end. The thing is…. This foundation is very important because it wasnt some deep dark secrete David and Jonathan were an item.

Saul, the king, absolutely hated David…. Traditionally, interpreted because David was so much better at fighting in war then he was. But examine the story a bit more closely almost immediately after the wedding, Saul goes insane. First he tries to kill him, next he convinces David to marry his daughter. Next in chapter 19 he tries to kill him again. Jonathan tries to protect David by sneaking him out of the house. they run away…. and I will just let you read the love story for yourself in 1 Samuel 18 – 22. There is highs and lows and all kinds of drama…. I wasn’t kidding about it being ‘Broke Back Mountain’

The Tragic End.

1 samuel leaves us off at the battle of the Amalekites where King saul, and Jonathan are killed. in the next book, 2 Samuel a messenger comes to David and tells him of their death. In his distress David cries out a whole speach about saul and jonathon to his army ending it with a peculiar thing to say:

I am distressed for thee, my brother Jonathan: very pleasant hast thou been unto me: thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women. 2 Samuel 1:26

So the thing is. Gay weddings are perfectly scriptural. This thing about David and Jonathan, It’s not a new discussion – I think a lot of modern Christians think so, but it’s been considered common knowledge throughout history. Though in the Renaissance the clergy took it to mean david was clearly just a sinner… Which indeed he was in more ways then just being gay. David was a person who could not control his hormones, It got him in trouble with God on several occasions. So whether he was gay or just promiscuous I couldn’t tell you. I can tell you, that even he broke the law of Moses, and it was his faith in God that was what accounted him to favor with God.

What is this thing Marriage?

The same day Sadducees came to him, who say that there is no resurrection, and they asked him a question, saying, “Teacher, Moses said, ‘If a man dies having no children, his brother must marry the widow and raise up offspring for his brother.’ Now there were seven brothers among us. The first married and died, and having no offspring left his wife to his brother. So too the second and third, down to the seventh. After them all, the woman died. In the resurrection, therefore, of the seven, whose wife will she be? For they all had her.”

But Jesus answered them, “You are wrong, because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God. For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven. And as for the resurrection of the dead, have you not read what was said to you by God: ‘I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob’? He is not God of the dead, but of the living.”And when the crowd heard it, they were astonished at his teaching.  – Matthew 22: 23-33

The reason I give you this whole scene is because I want to emphasize context…. This is not a Gay issue, so much as an everybody issue. The Sadducees were questioning the resurrection of the dead, and they assume when someone is married on earth they are also married in heaven after they are dead…. In this case they are asking about a woman who has been married multiple times due to her multiple husbands dieing and she just keeps getting re married…. Well it a fair enough question really.

Jesus tells us it’s no big deal how often we marry on earth. It doesn’t carry over to the next life anyway (Resurrection to be specific)…. Essentially. Also we won’t be getting remarried in the resurrection either, nor will we  procreate. This is a key point on the whole marriage concept – it really is. It’s doubtful we will even have a gender when all is said and done. and yet I would be remissed to ignore the point of marriage as described in scripture.

1 Corinthians 7 talks about all the reasons for marriage and it begins with:

Now concerning the matters about which you wrote: “It is good for a man not to have sexual relations with a woman.” But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband. The husband should give to his wife her conjugal rights, and likewise the wife to her husband. For the wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does. Likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does. Do not deprive one another, except perhaps by agreement for a limited time, that you may devote yourselves to prayer; but then come together again, so that Satan may not tempt you because of your lack of self-control. – 1 Corinthians 7: 1-5

Now this whole thing about sex being the point of marriage goes on for about half the chapter actually. The main point of an earthly marriage isn’t so rosey lensed. It’s a means to succumb to our urges without committing sexual immorality. Its a way to keep our drives under control.

So with this expanded view, that’s often ignored, It makes a great deal of sense that when we are resurrected into christ’s kingdom – We will be made perfect, without these urges, and without marriage altogether. It just so happens that in the mean time were stuck with them.

In the case of Homosexuality, if the couple can remain monogamous, in the strictest of scripture. Sure gay people can get married why not?

Marriage is between a man and a woman.

Both of the mentioned scripture defines marriage as man and woman…. yet not really. We saw David and Jonathan married under all the other definitions of marriage. To be honest I think the writer (Paul and Matthew) is speaking in broad general terms to convey a much larger point. This isn’t a law or edict being passed in it’s context its just an explanation of an abstract points. So in that I don’t really see a conflict – however I will leave it to the reader to judge with that said.

So with that said

I have likely pissed everyone off with this run down. Excuse me for just telling it like it actually is according to scripture, to the very best of my knowledge. I could easily add on to this, but 4 controversies is enough for one day. 🙂 However, this article is not for the heterosexual audience. It’s meant for the gay guy out there struggling with his faith and scripture.

It is to you, I can only say I know this world will twist your understanding in all kinds of ways. You are a homosexual in a straight world, and with that there’s all kinds of political agendas out there that distort the facts of scripture. Trust no one, including myself – though I bear no agenda other then truth to the best of my ability. God gave you a brain, you had better use it and judge all things to the best of your ability with discernment. Fact check and reason for yourself, and let the spirit guide you in your soul searching. We are not exactly walking on thin ice here In my opinion, but it is my opinion. Love your spouse as best you can and I hope he/she loves you back. What is most important above all things, is your faith that God will always lead you’re understanding if you let him.

Why I’m adding Recipes to my blog

Some may think of this as a christian blog, and indeed it largely is. However, you may have noticed I branch out into all kinds of things. Why?

2 reasons.

1. It’s easier to just have 1 blog site. Not to mention recipes in particular I don’t ever want to loose come right from my own recipe collection. I like to ensure I will never loose them.

2. Web Traffic. People Google all kinds of things, if I stuck to just Christian material I’m just preaching to the choir. All I say about Christ is lost to the lost, and therefore it’s really no point in writing it to begin with. Often people click around once they find a site they like, and maybe discover something new along the way.
This is called “Diversifying your portfolio”. Not to mention, my recipes are freaking awesome!

I think I’ve made my point perfectly clear on this. In the meantime Angel fish blog remains a site of all my thoughts, not limited to recipes, also I talk about Aquariums, politics, etc etc… My heart and foundation is always in Jesus Christ. My blog is about all that is within my mind heart and soul, not limited to 1 subject appropriately.

I encourage every Christian blogger to do the same.

Why I Endorse Ted Cruz


I’m sure it doesn’t mean much from me, I am just a little fish in the big sea of blogging. Though I don’t rightly like bringing politics on my blog, Carly Fiorina is right to say:
“2016 election is going to be a fight, a big fight”.

I can not sit back and call myself a christian soldier and be apathetic to politics given what is at stake. It is a unavoidable fact our government is undergoing a spiritual warfare the likes of which this nation has never seen under the Obama Administration and the way things are generally moving to continue…. which in itself is a whole other article.
There shouldn’t be any christian out there right now calling themselves a Democrat, given what the democratic party intends to do, and it’s not even just about gay people – its every other abomination they seek to peruse in their reprobate mind. There should be no illusion on this fact by any means to any christian.

I am fully endorsing senator Ted Cruz and pledge my full support to his campaign. I have not seen such a courageous conservative who is as honest as he is willing to fight Washington corruption. Aka the Washington Cartel. I am well within the mark to say this nation is like the Israelites in choosing David to battle Goliath in more ways then one with this election cycle. My list of reasons for making this endorsement are as follows:

American Freedom Act.

Marco Rubio and Rand Paul being in the presidential race aswell, voted against the American Freedom Act. This bill eroded the Patriot act and ended NSA phone data collection without a warrant. The bill itself Ted Cruz was proud to lead the fight to push forth in Washington, and no doubt because of him it was passed almost unanimously. Today Americans and citizens of our allies such as Germany or France needn’t worry about the bulk collection of their phone conversations under the pretense of “Safety and Security”.

I mention Rand Paul and Marco Rubio as I was on the fence with them. The fact they voted against it, tells me they are beyond hypocrites. Both of them tell us they want to end NSA spying, yet given the opportunity to do so they refused. Instead they turned around and told people a blatant lie that this bill extended the Patriot Act and NSA spying. It did nothing of the sort and so they have made my decision easier in the 2016 election.

Kindness and Candor

Ted Cruz sets himself apart on the political stage via not engaging in smear campaigns. Certainly he’s not shy to call people out on their lies and garbage, however he doesn’t make it a habit. Ted Cruz appeals to the average American because he is an average American. He shops at bargin stores, he makes jokes and does quirky impersonations, he’s only comfortable in casual wear, and hes a bit of a nerd… In a good way. As a person he does not act like politician yet he is a politician enough to know how to attack Washington corruption. He has stood up to this evil many times before, coming out of it as a very decent and relatable human being.

I am simply tired of dull robot politicians like Jeb Bush or even Ben Carson. Yet I can not stand the idea of a 4 year long temper tantrum of a spoiled brat like Donald Trump. While these men have honorable merits I do not feel they have, or could even provide, the best interest of this country. When it comes to integrity, yes it is important, if not most important because it is so rare matched with a person willing and able to fight.

Equally important is the persona of our nation, we are not a formal people we ourselves are a candid and quirky people. I’m told by many people across seas this is a quality they like about us Americans. I could not be prouder then to provide the world with Ted Cruz as our representative, because him just being himself already represents us on the world stage.

Stand With Israel

Every gop politician goes around telling us Christian’s they want to stand with Israel. Certainly as a christian I feel this is important, however there are other issues I feel are important. Frankly, in the growing environment of hostility towards Israel we need a politician not afraid to say to a crowd:

“If you will not stand with Israel, I Will not stand with you”.

Ted Cruz has said this to a christian audience in response to an entire room booing him off stage for simply mentioning he supports Israel.  It is one thing to fight against the American peoples interests,  it’s another to be a light in this world of growing darkness. I in turn will not stand with any so called christian, or any one else, who will not stand with Israel either…. or for the matter any of American allies. If you want a politician or a christian blogger that caves under pressure, then me and Ted aren’t your guys.

You can see the video of Ted Cruz standing up for Israel in the incident described by clicking here.

Lobbyist and Special Interest Groups

While Donald Trump has made it a point to say he is his own lobbyist and special interest group, Ted Cruz is undoubtedly not interested in special interests. He could have I’m sure turned around and said:

“Ho hum I will go along with obamacare, I will sign this or that into law, I’ll just be a dormant for xyz.”

Certainly there are lobbyist representing virtually any given interest in America, of which I’m sure cruz has worked with. He himself however has chosen to avoid and oppose the evil lobbyists, yet I find very little evidence he even caters to any altogether.

Ted Cruz is my special interest group and lobbyist. If you want my political opinion on anything simply look to what Ted cruz has had to say about it. Never have I been so aligned in political opinion as Senator Ted Cruz, so choosing him should only make sense for me.

Peace Through Strength

Like it or not we are at war with ISIS and what’s worse our President is the sole reason ISIS even poses a threat. It’s not a conspiracy theory or a secrete he did so in plain public view and announced his plan time and again in rooms full of journalist and college campus auditoriums. For those who aren’t awake to this, real quick I’ll go over it.
It was part of his plan to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria. When Syria was in a civil war, Obama came up with the bright idea to send arms and funds to the rebel movement, hoping they would attack Assad and take over Syria. The rebels had other plans instead and so the whole plan backfired in Obama’s face when the world first heard the name ISIS. Obama did this even though it was obvious the rebels were beheading Christians and other innocent civilians. Attacking cities and creating chaos anywhere they went within Syria. If it were not obvious to Obama he was supporting terrorists then, it’s no surprise he can’t seem to figure out they are terrorist now.

America created ISIS in the first place I have no doubt of that. It is our duty now to defeat them whether we want a war or not, it’s here. It is not fair of us to sit back and let France go after ISIS alone after they have been attacked. It is also not a good idea to sit back and let Russia do all the fighting for us either. Many are convinced Vladimir Putin is a communist and if that is so, he can not gain control of the region.

With that said and regardless I like Ted Cruzs war plan I think it is very cleaver. Whats more is he actually has a war plan well before he even becomes president.

Ted Cruz directs our attention to the Kurds. These are a somewhat nomadic people who live just north of ISIS territory. The Kurds have always been an ally of the US in the middle east, and they have always been fighting ISIS. Currently our president has refused to aid our friends the Kurds in any way, leaving them to their own destruction. Ted Cruz wants to arm the Kurds give them everything they need to win the fight against ISIS. Meanwhile we back them with heavy airstrikes on ISIS targets. What should be obvious about this plan is the Kurds will be America’s boots on the ground, we do not even need to send in our own military for slaughter. In the process we help one of our allies and heal our relationship with them. They are willing to give their lives for the fight against terrorists, they have done so for 2 years now. And we have very little reason to distrust them. The plan itself is a wonderful idea, I could not begin to think of a better one myself.

What else… Oh yeah!

As the race progresses were beginning to see candidates compete via borrowing each others material. We see this happen in every election it’s no surprise it’s happening now. However ted cruz has stuck to his own script and what’s interesting is every one else on the gop stage has copied and pasted ted cruz like no other. Why on earth would I vote for a fake Ted Cruz when I can have the Original?

An example of this Carly fiorina just announced her so called “Blueprint For America”. Every single thing in her so called blueprint, word for word, is what Ted Cruz has been saying since 3 years ago…. Suddenly out of nowhere she’s pushing it off as if it’s her new plan. It’s pathetic, and honestly she may as well drop out now anyway.

Then there is the man Donald Trump. To start he hasn’t even put out a plan or set of issues he intends to do as president… besides “Build a Wall” or “Blow the shit up out of them” (referring to Isis).
It’s no surprise to me the first intelligent thing I’ve heard him say:

“We need a president who can atleast call our enemy what they are: Radical Islamic Terrorist”

Trump fans please… that has been Ted Cruz’s talking point for years. suddenly trump is citing it word for word just over the last 2 weeks or so.

With all that said, and more unsaid

angelfishanimation-26I Angel Fish, the writer of this blog site, am proud to stand/swim with Senator Ted Cruz in his road to presidency of the United States of America. It is my sincerest wish there will be those who follow, though I am nothing more then a little fish in this big American pond.

Ben Carson… hmmm

I know I will probably get some backlash on this, indeed I could go in a lot of directions with this. However I see the media arguing Ben Carson’s biblical views not even understanding anything about the bible themselves.
I don’t see where they have a leg to stand on when criticizing him – all they really do is criticize the bible itself. To me the media just looks as uninformed as ben carson on the bible.

Needless to say Ben Carson isn’t my candidate not because he’s allegedly christian, rather I just can’t see him negotiating with members in Congress. I certainly cant see him negotiating with foreign leaders like Vladimir Putin, or even the easy to get along with Angela Merkel. He’s more fit to be a college professor then a president. It’s really just that simple.

Since people seem to be taking this candidate so seriously all of sudden just because he’s quoted the bible a few times, I thought I would just spell somethings out.

Tenths and taxes

Ben carson cites an instance where a poor woman gives money to the temple and Jesus says “this woman has given more then anyone else here”. Jesus further commented that his followers should give 10% of their income to charity.

I agree with carson on the idea we need a simple flat rate tax. 10% is a good number in my opinion. However the government is not a charity organization. Jesus in no way claimed taxes are to be 10%. Knowing this basic thing sure I could keep my mouth shut and just say:
“Well I agree with him because it amounts to the same thing”.

However this misinterpretation is so basic, I wonder where else is he going to misinterpret the bible. Whats worse this suggests he is perfectly willing to twist the bible anyway he wants to create policy. Nothing is more destructive to both the nation and the church. I’ve just seen enough false prophets twist the bible plenty and enough politicians twist policy in crazy ways. Huckabee would have been a better christian candidate if looking for simply a christian politician.

Seventh Day Adventist

Carson is not evangelical, I think people havnt simply googled this. His denomination is not recognized as christian denomination by many standards, he is in fact Adventist (SDA). While I’m not an authority on this subject I know enough just on sda members I’ve spoken to on facebook. Members here are required to believe in creationism by their church. Should carson denounce creationism publicly in anyway the church will no longer recognize his membership. As far as what any other SDA teachings are I can’t really say much more about them.

I can say this as a true conservative no one should be forced to believe in creationism. I believe in creationism because I’ve looked at the science of the thing and found for myself this isn’t christians going on tangents against secularism. There is actually credible evidence in many scientific avenues, tested in accordance to the scientific method. The subject matter proved itself on its own merit, not just on the basis of the bible.

The difference is this when you force someone to believe something,  they likely will shout it out. However they won’t really take it seriously and take anything that sounds like creationism as creationism.

In the subtext of SDA churchs requirement of the belief in “creationism” is it must include “Gap Theory”. Automatically that is a flaw because it inhibits scientific advancement. It’s a big deal because even among creationists “Gap Theory” has long been discredited. Today were going all the way with a literal 6 day creation and a literal 6000 year age of the earth.. (This theory is called “New Earth” theory)

“Gap theory” was originally intended as a apologetic approach to say “no one knows how old the earth is”, so the gap is no one knows how long Adam and eve were in the garden. According to gap theory the earth can be as old or young as you want it to be.

The end result is this, we see a nice guy going out on a limb running for president, while making creationist look foolish as well as himself. The simple reason is SDA church places no flexibility on science being able to change along with members interpretation of the bible being able to change. Consequently it enables band aids on scripture and makes christiandom look fictional when it isn’t.

Ask yourself this, would you rather look for credible biblical evidence or would you rather feel like you need to put band aids on the scripture in order to make scripture sound intelligent?

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding..”

When asked “What is your favorite bible verse” Ben carson was in my view right to choose Proverbs 3:5 – except I don’t see him doing that. Band aids on scripture are created for the sake one does not ‘feel’ scripture is adequate. An example of this is found in his theory the Pyramids were built to store grain.

Yes I can see through this media trend as a smear campaign against carson. The fact is this claim does not hold water in anyway… It simply comes from Carson’s belief in using band aids on scripture not so much in archeology. Oh sure most of us don’t really care but it’s evidence enough to prove my point about his beliefs.

In real creationism and real archeology Joseph is a tricky figure to pin down. The controversy with this is ancient Egypt is very old. If he built the graineries in the middle kingdom, it’s most likely at some point the Egyptians would have tore them down to build other things at their location. Kinda like how New York City use to be just farms and a village of about 300 people. If you were to do an archeological dig there today you would find no evidence farms or small houses were ever there. I believe I did read there were some graineries found, along with texts talking about pharohs dream. however the evidence is sparse, and only to be fair it would be. Certainly the pyramids were not commissioned by Joseph and no one is even making that claim just based on certain evidences, and alternative evidences proving a stronger theory. He could have looked into the alternative theories before coming up with something so short sighted.

Please Don’t vote because a politician says he’s christian

Christians need to learn walking by faith does not entail being lead foolishly. Discernment is as much a value in the bible as blind faith- if not more. Even Obama claimed to be a christian and how much invested trust do you place on that?

Cultural conservativism is not the equivalent of a cultural christian, the term is more literal, but it seems the 2 go together well in America. A cultural conservative believes the culture of one’s nation is based on certain beliefs, and those beliefs take prominence over anything else or new. In America the case is ussually the bible. In India cultural conservatism is people who hold on to traditional Hindu traditions that are currently fading in modern India. Catholics base their entire religion around Cultural Conservatism, in that the traditions of the church is more important then anything else. Most conservatives in Japan refuse to accept modernization of any form while holding on to classical Japanese traditions, in many ways like in India…

I guess what I’m saying is Cultural Conservatives can take many forms. It’s different then cultural christians in the sense they are not “Luke warm” or moderate conservatives, they simply hold on to their traditional culture.

I believe cultural conservatism is not entirely a good thing in America because it creates masses of cultural christians like nothing else. They are only christian because they believe it’s a sort of requirement in order to be American. For them you can misquote the bible anyway you feel like, they will put you on a pedestal no matter what you say.

There are many forms of conservatives and indeed we tend to agree on many things. In truth most of us are very open minded people, and we are flexible enough to change with the times. The difference between us and moderate republicans, liberalism etc is we look into things things first. We don’t just sway on ideals based on nonsense or because Ellen DeGeneres says we should.

Likely if you are a Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina or Rubio supporter your in the same camp as me with things. We stand for truth and make no comprises on something different.

Carson does not have an original opinion for policy making

I think people don’t really understand this about carson, but his entire platform is entirely based on what Ted Cruz came up with, Rubio, Trump, Fiorina spliced in with Dinesh D’Souza and other republican voices. Thus far he hasn’t had one original idea yet for policy making. He’s kinda like Lady Gaga ripping off maddonas “Express Yourself” in her song “born that way”. In no way is this a definition of leadership, he’s just using a collage of popular republican opinion to build himself up.

Speaking of lady Gaga, what ever happened to her? It seems like that was a very short career compared to Madonna. Like anyone who copy pastes other people’s ideas, at some point he will be faced with a situation others are completely silent on. When that time comes he will fail miserably. This was the same flaw we saw happen many times in Obama’s presidency.

Here’s the truth about Ben Carson.

It’s not about the pyramids, its not about he’s SDA, it’s not the West point thing or any other smear headline the media pumps out about Bens past. It’s not even remotely the fact he’s black. I like him a lot as a person, he seems like a decent human being. I have no personal grudges on his charecter or personality. In fact i think its neat He’s running and he used to live in the same county I used to live in (Howard County, MD). It’s about the job he’s applying for. As an employer I simply don’t feel he has the capability to lead this great nation in the right direction. I need a Reagan or JFK, he’s more like a math teacher I had in elementary school.

They call me Black Panda

Black Panda has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? However I am Angel fish, both in blog and in Speedy Ninja- a game on Android. Normally I don’t really like android games but this one is down right fun. Now I wouldn’t categorize this article “Christian” if I were just going to talk about an android game, keep reading- you might like this. What could Martin Luther and Ninjas possibly have in common?

Yesterday they were supposed to announce winners and give out prizes, but they couldn’t because someone. :cough: . broke the leader board by scoring too high 😀

Speedy Ninja is a Android running style game. Daily there is a contest. The score on the leader board is not the total, rather the score just for the players best run. The Longer you run, the more points you earn, until you hit something that kills you. I started playing this game only the other day, while listening to Martin Luther’s writings/books on audio book.

Not only is this game fun, The best part is I broke the speedy Ninja Warrior Novice contest on my first day of Playing 😀

My score that broke the LeaderBoard. 2nd place only had 120,00 I had almost 750,000 for my best run :-D
My score that broke the LeaderBoard. 2nd place only had 120,00 I had almost 750,000 for my best run 😀

They actually sent me an email calling me a Black Panda, telling me my best run scored more then they expected for a Novice. The program got confused and ranked me in 4th place for the next class up (bronze class), even though I was Wayyyy in first place for Novice for my best run. So now the game doesn’t know how to award my rewards, or anyone’s rewards (Hehe, I made a glitch) of course I’m bragging 😛 I earned Bragging Rights!! I am destined for Speedy Ninja Greatness

Now With That Background, Here’s the Point

Now I’m not trying to advertise speedy ninja in fact I have a point. I started playing this game while listening to Martin Luther on audio book. As some of you know I recently developed an interest in Martin Luther, I think hes an incredible man and follower of Christ. His insights in the Bible and Gospel, I have thus far found enlightening and very well thought out – Though I am not Lutheran. However, does anyone remember my post “An Evidence of Faith” ? I only wrote that a week or so ago…

Old Lutheran Facebook Page, The center for Lutheran Pride! (but not too Proud) Click here to go to their page.

I just finished saying in that article what I’m about to tell you now. I wrote about Christians doing identical random things simultaneously, for seemingly no particular reason. I concluded it is an evidence the Holy Spirit moves through us. Just this morning, after Speedy Ninja I checked Facebook and to the left is what I saw!

The first thing I saw on my news feed was this Lutheran facebook page I recently began to follow 3 days or so ago. They are selling these T-shirts, in preparation for Reformation Day. I do not know if reformation day is a special thing to the Lutheran Denomination, but I certainly intend to buy a Ninja Lutheran tee shirt all the same 😀 (what the heck). Admittedly, I’m entirely ignorant about the Lutheran Church, other then its founded by Martin Luther’s teachings. When I learn more about Reformation Day, I may write about it at a later date- if it’s at all relevant.

Old Lutheran is a online store based in Minnesota with a facebook page. They post things about Martin Luther and other reformists. Quotes, Historical events, Bible Memes etc. I only found out their on online store this morning ironically… As of today, they are doing a gimmick for this Reformation Day. It seems they are doing a sort of theme with Ninjas. With all this in mind, I just think it’s a note worthy thing to add to my observation in “An Evidence of Faith“.

Could it be a sign of something? Could it mean anything? I can only say that since I began studying Martin Luther, just a couple weeks ago, I have seen many unique signs like this. The only way to know how to interpret this, that I can see, is to wait and see what happens. All I know is something is moving in the spirit.

We can find the evidence of the living Holy Spirit all around us. Perhaps I’m a simpleton, maybe I’m crazy. It just seems too random a thing to be coincidence. I mean who on Earth would combine Martin Luther with a Ninja like this? Even the long time followers of their facebook page are perplexed :-/ They dont rightly know what this page is talking about.  yet Old Lutheran seem pretty set on running this theme for their Reformation Day. (Well why not, it’s for the kids I’m sure)

Now as a christian I am called to be a witness for Jesus, and since this thing is what it is I am documenting it here on my Blog. Praise Jesus for all his tiny mysteries!! Who’s ways are truly his own.

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-08-14-28-01.pngThough Its not my intention to advertise Speedy Ninja Im just tossing this in as a foot note, in part just to document the full details. Today (day 2 of playing) I’m in Bronze class at 3rd place 😀 They fixed everything and issued my 1st place prize for Novice. 100 rank points- Somehow I think I deserve more for breaking the Leaderboard 😀 If you want to play and friend me you don’t have to add me to Facebook or anything, just type in my ID# under Add Friends in-game. My number is: 1871987062 You too can Master Speedy Ninja Click here to get the game Speedy Ninja.

It Is My 1st Birthday!!!

1 year ago today August 29, 2014 I started this blog site!! So TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!fjkgkXoxo I love you all, I met so many of you and learned so much, I hope you have learned so much from me as well 😀

Lets mark this occasion I’ll talk a little about Angel Fish Blog. I started this blog because I have too much in my brain that cant be automatically downloaded into my laptop. 😉 like many of you I found I manually have to type things 🙂 I was going to originally start this blog with Aquariums, But the Holy Spirit had other plans as you see- Christianity pretty much dominates everything I have ever written here. 😀 I wouldn’t change a thing 😀 (I think I only have maybe 2 articles on Aquariums, now that I think about it)

Making a Splash

Where Angel Fish is Swimming Around the World
Where Angel Fish is Swimming Around the World

I am not really sure if I am even really going for “Success”, or what that definition really is with Blogging. Looking over some stats:

My blog consists of total 162 posts (now 163), According to stats I am most popular in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, New Zealand, India, South Africa, and Sweden- In that order. I have spoken to people in India, Japan, Russia and Iraq about Jesus and things on my Blog- Which by itself fills my heart with much joy that someone, who does not know Christ, knows him a little better now 😀 thank you for sending me an email.

I have over 8,727 total hits this 1st year. On average I receive about 30-50 views per day. My only advertisement has just been posting things on my Facebook page, and I barely consider that advertisement- I don’t really care about advertisement (maybe someday I will). Most of my traffic comes from Google search anyway (#2 is Bing, I am glad to see i’m not the only person who uses Bing). I have made in one year $0.00 from my blog, because I do not write for money, contracts or other. Coincidentally I have not had any lawsuits either 😀 (knocking on Wood).

-My most popular article is; Evangelist Anita Fuentas False Teacher 

-My Personal Favorite Article is- “The Story of Vladimir the Great” it was the true account of how a Viking King became christian. I wrote this after reading into some heavy history on the Scythians. One of my first, but not too many read it- though always very well received.

-My First Blog Post was: “My Road To Christ” I started this blog first thing by talking about how I became a christian from a pagan savage. This article was written 1 year ago today in my kitchen with a homemade Blueberry Pie, and 3 pots of coffee. I think it took about 13 hours, it was just about all day. When I was done I had a headache. This like many of my articles that followed was written on my Note 3.

Humble Beginnings

  1. animated-clam-gifI was a fry born in a farm on the other side of the fish tank. This was back when we had to make our own fish flakes. Thats right we had to WORK for our fish flakes! All the angel fish just had a 1 room school house out in the prairie at the church. Pa made us work on the farm plowing the algae fields after school. For fun we used to play “Throw the Rock”, because all we could afford was a rock. We didnt have these fancy video games and that intern- whats it called.. life was simple, and we liked it!

Just kidding 😀

It started as a hobby, and its still a hobby. When I began I had no idea how to start a website. I had some training in web page design in the olden days of the internet when “Geo Cities” was the thing. I was just coming out of Elementary school then. This website was such a mess at first (1 year ago today), it took about a week to figure everything out. followed by at least another 6 months to figure everything else out. Now I’m cleaned up and perfectly satisfied with everything.

I began just writing little things, I did not really know what my ‘Focus’ was going to be. Until I said “I don’t need a ‘Focus'” and got over focus. I added books to this site, I wrote a series, and I made an app for this site. (it was in Android Play Store but no one used it). Through it all, some articles were great, some ok- I have never been told I suck as a writer anyway, so that’s a good enough start 😀

I have seen many fellow bloggers come and go, my feelings are not hurt- though there’s a few I kind of miss. Blogging is not for everyone- but it certainly is for me 😀

Just Keep Swimming
Just Keep Swimming

Thank you WordPress, Thank you other Bloggers, thank you strangers and friends Alike!! Thank you to my loyal fans, yes I have notice Bj of The River Walk, you were my second or fifth follower and haven’t gone anywhere since. 😀 I would like to thank God whom fuels my spirit in writing, of which none of this could be possible. If you have read my articles about Germany I often talk about “Gemütlichkeit” That is what I have found we have here together in the body of christ. God Bless

Answering Bible Translation Errors

 While I don’t speak Greek or Hebrew, as some of you know my second language is German. Still I was looking over some of the original texts of the bible with Google translate. Dead sea scrolls, Codex Sinaticus, and the Textus Receptus. Now the Textus Receptus is a very important collection of books, because this is the primary source for the English speaking King James Bible and the German speaking Luther Bible. To be honest I did not find any ‘flaws’ in translation- what I did find were common problems in translating any different language. These were the same things I had to learn on my own while learning German. So let’s just a explore a tiny sample.

Understanding English

English is a very simple language, relatively it’s extremely straight forward. In fact English is the only language in the world that is as simple as it is. 1 word can mean usually at best 2 or 3 things. It’s only until you look into other languages you find its common place around the world for 1 word to mean 12 to 27 different things. Grammar structure in English compared to any other language is actually completely backwards, upside down or completely flipped over sideways. Often in other languages, The way you word sentences and paragraphs changes the entire meaning of just 1 word or even just 1 letter.

In English can messing sentence up, still understanding generally, say I… Because of the fact it is a simple language.

Even more often foreign words may translate literally but often come with “context” or carry special meanings not quite as literal as the word you come up with in Google translate. Then of course there’s Slang terms – which are not what an English speaking person would understand as ‘slang’ rather ‘regional’. One more thing most regions of countries have an entire subclass of a language sliced in with their national language- which might sound like ‘slang’ but in truth is an actual language all on its own. (Switzerland has its own language but they speak German, Hakka is its own language in China and they speak Chinese). To understand the Bibles translation we must first understand how translation works. Since I know German almost fluently – I’ll show you exactly what I mean later on.

Understanding Language Barriers 101

coke-1-5_1America is a great start actually. I grew up in Maryland my whole life. Whenever I went to the drive thru, it was a cultural norm to order ‘Coke’. Everyone in the south drinks ‘Coke’. Let me explain why the answer is no they do not all drink ‘coke’.

In the American south ‘coke’ isn’t talking about a brand. ‘Coke’ means: a sugary carbonated beverage. as in Grape Coke, Dr. Pepper Coke, Regular Coke, Sprite coke, Orange coke, Cream soda Coke, Pepsi Coke, etc… ‘Coke’ is a generalization, no matter the brand or flavor its still ‘Coke’.

As an adult I moved north to New York. When ever I ordered ‘coke’ from the drive thru at taco bell the lady would tell me “we only carry pepsi products sir”. (So, what? Right!) I have never encountered someone saying this to me before. Every drive thru or restaurant I went to that had pepsi machines was always a frustrating experience to me. In this area of New York the equivalent to my definition of ‘Coke’ was ‘Pop’- however in New York City they call it ‘Soda’. (in southwest USA its ‘Shasta’)

How Pepsi is Advertised in the North
How Pepsi is Advertised in the North

Let me tell you, I actually had an argument with a lady at the drive thru at Taco Bell once over this simple language barrier for 20 heated minutes… well she gave me an attitude and I’m yelling;
“I don’t care what brand of coke you F#($; have I want a medium root beer coke!!”

she says; “I am not going to the grocery store to pick up root beer coke, all we have is pepsi products, take it or leave it your holding up the line”.

Me: “Fine just give me tacos!! Im dumping the coke out anyway and drinking coffee when I get home.”

Her: “You mean your dumping out the pepsi product? would you like coffee instead sir?”

Me: “Bless your Heart” (Hehe, southerners will understand that…)

Lucky for me and many future drive thru lady’s in Buffalo ny, I met someone from Virginia, who spoke my language. He told me about the ‘Coke’ and ‘pop’ situation up here. And so I began to learn to speak the Western New York/Midwest language. This very language barrier actually shows itself well in Pepsi Advertisement.

How Pepsi Advertises itself in the south. They try to display themselves as a Coke, without risking a Copyright Infringement lawsuit
How Pepsi Advertises itself in the south. They try to display themselves as a Coke, without risking a Copyright Infringement lawsuit

I think that’s a simple enough example for an English speaking person to understand a language barrier. The drive thru lady lived in Buffalo her whole life with ‘Pop’ and is frustrated with me the customer from Maryland ordering a root beer ‘Coke’, meanwhile all she has is Pepsi type root beer. She yells at me, I yell at her, we agree to disagree, customer walks away with tacos and no drink.

So let’s learn some German with Angel Fish!

No worries this will be Fun! but leave a comment if I loose you.

Sekundenschlaf – translated literally this means “Secondary Sleep” – however this is a trick word and used surprisingly often in Germany. Does the word “Nap” come to mind- as in:

“you’ve slept all night, but it’s time for a mid day nap”

Well you would understand the ‘sleep’ part of Secondary Sleep anyway. Sekundenschlaf is a context word were talking about lizards and bears “Hibernating”.

Für der Bär, ging Sekundenschlaf den Winter.

The bear went to Secondary Sleep for the winter.

No the bear is not just taking a nap…

Oh yeah in German for that sentence there’s no conjunction and theres other things. I’m sorry, literally that sentence in English translation is:

For the Bear, goes Secondary Sleep the Winter.

But that would be very bad English wouldn’t it? In truth you should be translating the sentence not so literally:

The bear went to hibernate for the winter.

However, as we know Hibernation can mean other things as Peter Fox and Marteria points out in a song titled “Sekundenschlaf”. Sadly, I have yet to find an adequate English translation to this song, translated into English it just doesn’t do it justice.  Its a song about wasting your life hibernating, while the world passes by.

Deutschland Greetings

Many English speaking people are familiar with basic German greetings like auf wiedersehen, Guten Morgan…

Well you are an American or Brit so I will forgive you, but it is not all that simple. In my travel in Germany I found there’s over 16 ways to say hello to someone in Germany -depending on where you are in Germany. (This does not include a few towns in Germany where people do not say a greeting at all, the greeting is insinuated automatically just by you being there). Germans can be ‘snuby’ about this, Literally if you say the wrong greeting in the wrong town
people might not talk to you, because they know your not from their town. Since your not from their town you lack any of their interest until you learn the proper town greeting. Much like my coke/pop analogy- but in Germany it’s a pretty serious difference.

Foreigners are of course allowed to spend their money here, just don’t stay too long or they eventually chase you out of town.

I want you to keep in mind Germany is only about as big as the state of Ohio – as you see it is full of language barriers worse so then my coke/pop analogy.

Let’s go over just the “main” ones.

dfjaMoin– this word is a kind of German slang that was somehow almost universally adopted in Germany. Just don’t say it to an Austrian and especially not a Swiss guy in Bern! (I said it to a Swiss guy in Bern) The Austrians don’t use Moin, and the Swiss don’t like Moin. Yes Northern Switzerland Speaks German, However they ARE NOT GERMAN- I will let you find out what that means on your own, but I warn you don’t even dare say to the Swiss: “Well Switzerland is basically like Germany”- those people carry Swiss army knives! (I said that to a Swiss guy in Bern 😦 )Austrians however do generally consider themselves basically German because they are, they just don’t use ‘Moin’ like Germans. Why ‘moin’ is so important, I don’t know, moin just caught on in Germany but it has no literal English translation.

bavariaGross Gott (sp: Groß Gott) this means literally ‘God Greet’. In this greeting there is an insinuation as ‘God Greet You’. the word “you” is insinuated, they don’t actually say ‘You’- (yes this is proper German Grammar.) This particular greeting is limited only to southern Germany, in a state called ‘Bavaria’. Here you will find very conservative Catholics whom you must greet with Groß Gott. This shows them your not a pagan savage from the North, and so not a threat to them. They are now at ease in mind you haven’t come to burn down their village and steal their food. 😀
while this is somewhat exaggerated, pagan savages actually did come

Coukoo clocks are an artistic Masterpiec of Bavarian artisans
Coukoo clocks are a traditional artistic masterpiece and craftsmanship of Bavarian artisans

from the North to burn Bavarian villages down and steal people’s food, at generally the same time people here started saying Groß Gott. ‘Guten Tag’ here is a greeting that gives Bavarians the cue to basically ignore your existence. They will only speak to you on a bare minimum level until you’ve left town, and they no longer have to deal with you. This will make better sense in a minute.
Think of it like a secrete password. Use the right password and they will talk your ear off night and day. A stranger here will now be a BFF you just haven’t met yet.

Guten Tag + Bavaria = snub

Groß Gott + Bavaria = ❤

Guten Morgen, Guten Tag, Guten Arbend, Guten Nacht. Here’s where we discover the time of day way to great people. ‘Guten’ means Good and the next word is the time of day respectively- morning, day, afternoon, night. Are you ready for a twist?
You also say this for ‘Good bye’ 😀 of course depending on what time of day you leave your friend. Anyway. This is more popular in North western Germany – though universal it’s mainly everywhere North and West of Berlin that uses these in Germany. Remember some places have passwords like Groß Gott, dont forget to know the correct password if one applies. Guten Tag = pagan savages/communists. This is why Bavaria uses its own ‘hello’ as a password, this is where pagan savages came from to burn down their village – they have always been at odds with each other.

wpid-ich-bin-ein-berliner-jera-sky.jpgHallo means Hello – simple Ja! Hallo is mostly just used in Berlin fairly exclusively. There are actually people in Germany who do not understand ‘Hallo’, only use it if your in Berlin- if you use it at all. Also Aufweidersen is a Berlin word for ‘Good bye’. For some reason the rest of Germany understands Aufweidersen perfectly but not Hallo. Well I have a theory- Berlin is a HUGE city like New York and Tokyo, the rest of Germany is villages, fairly small towns and semi large towns (a step up version of suburbia). So whenever an inner city person from Berlin says ‘Hallo’ they tell him ‘Aufweidersen’ to make sure he knows his city slick, street rat, rif-raf self is not welcome in town. 😀 it’s their way of saying ‘Keep the city folk out among decent people’. When Berliners come, the whores drugs and gun fights come with them. ‘No Thank You’ they seem to say- the door is closed right from the start. Hallo is considered a very trashy, sleezy way to say hello. (I told you this would be fun)

So now we understand Germany has a unique system with greetings. Oh and by the way, each town and city in Germany has a unique and distinct accent. Really it’s not just the greeting, it’s the way you say the greeting too that gives you away. If they don’t like what town your from (for what ever reason),they will snub you. However were keeping this simple.

Ronald Regan giving telling Germans, America will stand firmly as a strong ally in their time of great need. More over
Ronald Regan telling Germans, America will stand firmly as an ally in their time of great need. More over “Tear Down That Wall”!!

Americans in Germany though needn’t worry about a thing, most Germans love you automatically with you pronouncing ‘W’ instead of ‘V’ except when your supposed to pronounce ‘W’. Some German woman will adopt you as her child simply by mentioning Ronald Regan! As an American I found no matter what I did in Germany I was incapable of committing any wrong. No matter where I went people automatically befriended me and accepted me into their inner circles. Practically tossing the rose petals at my feet as I rode into town, and offering unconditional warm friendship. Oh and did I mention I never once had to actually buy chocolate in Germany 😀 People just kept giving it to me 😀 (beer too)


Back to language

Remember I told you 1 word can have as many as 12-27 meanings outside the English language?

Ich Lieben Oma!

Well that sentence is a loaded cannon of crazy.

I love Grandma

I make love to Grandma

I am mildly fond of Grandma

I set fire on Grandma

I am artistically passionate about Grandma

I throw Grandma

I vomit Grandma

I love… what’s oma?

-Ich obviously means I
-Lieben has several meanings and contexts
-Oma is a word only used in northern Germany, more so in the Baltic states (former Prussia) Literally translating as ‘Old Lady’- however in a specific grandmotherly context. There is a reason I can’t just say “Grandma”- but I will anyway.

Now your translating Ich lieben Oma without Google translate. How do you determine which English sentence is the correct use? The fun part is you can’t 😀 they are all correct, until you add a sentence.

Ich Lieben Oma. sie hat Schokolade!

I Blank Grandma. She has Chocolate!

I set fire on Grandma. She has Chocolate!

Now ask yourself, would someone set fire on the grandma who has chocolate? NO, it’s just plain common sense.

I am mildly fond of Grandma. She has Chocolate!

Would you consider the person is mildly fond of Grandma… Yet follow on to say: She has Chocolate! It could fit the context except there’s an ‘!’. This person is excited therefore we can rule out a mild fondness for grandma.

I make love to Grandma. She has Chocolate!

Would you have sex with grandma because she has chocolate? Hmmm, knowing people are capable of anything- would you suppose grandma is enticing a child with chocolate as a sexual predator? There’s several ways to interpret this “I make love to Grandma. She has Chocolate!” (Were just going to pretend I completely ruled this out, without adding another sentence for the sake of time).

I Love Grandma. She has Chocolate!

Or could it simply just mean this is a little kid saying he loves his grandma because she has chocolate for him.
Yes we have our winner, more importantly you understand why it’s our winner.

Ich Lieben Oma. sie hat Schokolade!

I Love Grandma. She has Chocolate!

Context is very important in foreign language. When you look at one sentence, you must look at the next – sometimes the whole paragraph just to understand the use of 1 word.

Now specifically in German most words have about 6 meanings, never usually more then 12. In Hebrew or Greek- they can mean up to 27, largely because their of the oldest of languages. As a general rule of thumb the older a language is, the more meanings get assigned to words. It’s not an accident, those languages just had a lot more time for people to mess them up, splice slang terms in, create alternative contexts, etc… they never really change entirely, yet they do.

Arminius was a chieftain of the Germanic Cherusci who defeated a Roman army in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD. You can read about him in “The Battle That Stopped Rome” By: Peter Wells. He is an Incredible hero!!

German is about 1000 years younger then 1st century Greece, But ancient Greek is at least 4000 years old. By the time Germans established itself as a country with help by the great Arminius in 9 AD (arguably), the Greeks already had 2000 years worth of slang and other mess mixed up into common speech. English was invented around the year 1100- over a millennium after Germany became a country, certainly well after Greeks began speaking Greek. So we see 2x’s – 3x’s the amount of definitions to words then German. What this means is we have a TON of unknown words and Unknown contexts for both the German bible and the English bible. (though generally, the German bible is more accurate then English)

In 1611 the King James authors were faced with just such a dilemma. In their day they had to find meanings for words Greeks didn’t even use anymore or the context Greeks didn’t use anymore. So how do we discover what an unknown word is?

Look at other ancient Greek texts is often the solution. Try to understand the context of the word rather then the word itself.

Prosit und Gemütlichkeit!!

Gemütlichkeit is such a word you won’t find in Google translate. It doesn’t have an English translation. Yet it is a word found virtually everywhere in Germany. How could such a commonly used phrase not have a literal translation?

It is a cultural word it’s something the English, French, Italians don’t do, nor think this way. It is distinctly German. For other languages Gemütlichkeit is completely untranslatable and special, we wouldn’t understand it even if it were translated because it’s heavily engraved in German culture based on the natural German personality. I’m sorry the Germans did not ask the English dictionary if they can have such words in their language 400 years prior to the invention of the English language. However neither did the Greeks or Hebrews. (yes English was invented, not evolved naturally- a history lesson for another time)
We find a clue ‘Prosit’- is a toast like “Cheers” we also know this word is commonly found in Oktoberfest and Beer Gardens! We know we are excited because of the ‘!!’.

Prosit und Gemütlichkeit!! = “Cheers and Oktoberfest”?

Well…. no.

Gemütlichkeit is More then beer and Oktoberfest. It is partaking in the marryment, enjoying each others company in warm affection, being part of and together as one and all! Strangers and friends alike together as family. One Community and another Community as one Community- community as shared common blood and thought. Coziness and simplicity, yet shared celebration and excitement. The immersive experience of celebration and being together. The best word we could say for Gemütlichkeit is, it is like ‘togetherness’ so it is:

Prosit und Gemütlichkeit!! = Cheers and Togetherness!!

Yet somehow, it is not quite the same as all the detail I gave you about the word. This translation simply will not do! But we mustn’t add to it, hmm a puzzlement…. I know, how about:

Prosit und Gemütlichkeit!! = Cheers and Fellowship!!

Better, well keep it but still slightly off point because we are trying to describe the ‘Experience’ of ‘Fellowship’ and ‘Togetherness’. But here’s what the original translators did in the 1611 KJV.

kingjamesbible-lThey added footnotes of alternative definitions on the side of the page to each word or phrase they felt could have been better elaborated on. These words ranged in context, definitions, unknowns, and regional variances of the words they translated. They did not want to leave alternatives out, because it can give people a stronger and deeper meaning of the word – it was the best way they could translate Greek and Hebrew into English, without loosing the original full context of certain words and phrases. However most people ignored the footnotes anyway, so they took them out in the 1700’s. Over time they would reprint, KJV swapping the original footnotes instead of the original main text. It all amounted to the same thing however, because over time English changed from Old English. It is best to have a copy of the original 1611 kjv book, for this reason! (They have reprints of it as cheap as $5-$10 on Amazon).

However, as you see, the KJV has never been “re-written”, they just used the original alternatives differently over time. Even today the King James Version is the most reliable text- however it is worth your while to study up on some Ye Olde English.

I have read the bible in English from King James Version bible, then read many parts of it in German from the Luther bible. There’s certain differences between the 2, yet not really. Side by side both resulted in the same message, carrying the same context not taking from or adding to any story line. Yet both of these texts were translated independently from another. These are the first 2 protestant Bibles published, and all other language translations today are based entirely on 1 of these 2 Versions (I believe some are based on a mix of both). They came by 2 independent and completely different groups, using the same sources of ancient text. Yet here we are without any difference between the beliefs of the church in Germany and the church in America or Canada or Australia, Japan, Norway, Brazil etc…

So today you learned a little German, and a little about Germany, and you see the world is a little bigger than you may have thought. You may have came here looking to discredit the bible, in altering translations.

Do you not see how hard it is for 2 languages to translate from 6 ancient languages and come up with the same meaning within the respective culture of their language?

The poetry, symbolism, abstract concepts… things intellectuals in the 1400’s Infact rejected like the earth being round like a ball. Yet Scholars who had no way of knowing, thinking the earth was round like a disc, printed a bible with the word “Kreis” instead of “Runde” for Isaiah 40:22 from the an ancient Hebrew word pronounced Jibb (I can’t type the Hebrew spelling). oh yes it’s all in this book! Don’t try to tell me it is a lie to say this is the signature of god speaking to us all!

(Kreis means Circle, specific to ball or sphere context. Runde literally translates “Round” it is a standard any way round. Jibb is Hebrew “round” like a ball or sphere, specifically like Kreis. Martian Luther did translate from the original literal Hebrew, despite his own common knowledge the earth was flat)

If you are here to find mistranslations – Why don’t you learn Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Persian, Latin and German and translate to me what it says in English? That is what the KJV translators spoke Fluently. You are obviously smarter and superior to men in 1400s! Certainly smarter then me, yes?

Copy and paste this into google translate, you can see for yourself something is not quite right:

“Jesus ist der Herr; denn er ist Auferstanden! niemand kommt zum Vater, aber durch ihn, kann nicht warten, um Sie in den Himmel zu sehen”

Then we get into things like names, which I will let the fuel project answer for you.

The Good Shepard

Can I make a confession? I like sheep 😀

Last week I went down to the Erie county fair. There were shops and rides and things, but of it all there were farm animals. The farmers in my good county were coming to get prizes for their animals. Each type had its own building. Now I live in the city, I know there’s farms in Erie county, but Im not really often exposed to them. Though im not entirely a city boy, Yet somehow writing this, I feel like I’ve become a simpleton in my old age of almost… 3-0.

First I saw the horses. They were BIG horses. Not sure of the name but the Budweiser type horses… (Clyndale?). Tripping over a million little kids I couldn’t get a decent picture of them. Admittedly, I wasn’t as impressed, I’ve ridden horses plenty before. They were something just not very new to me.

11884985_764924620296291_5292720789052077974_oThen there were Cows. 😀 I’m not sure which cow won prizes, they all looked pretty much the same to me. They pretty much just stood there, I admit again I wasn’t as impressed.

Then I went to the pig stables. Part of the pig contest was the farmers had to draw out parts of the pig to butcher. Each farm animal had a slightly different rule, I suppose that’s really the only useful thing about Pigs. It seemed to me the fat little things only got up to eat. They were either laying down sleeping or eating. They wouldnt even wake up and move to poop- they just went on themselves and rolled in it eventually. I walked in thinking “Hey I Like Pigs”, I walked out thinking ” Pigs are only good enough for the slaughter house”. As cruel as that may sound, that seems to be their only function and goal in life besides laying around accumulating fat.

After Pigs there were the Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. Erie County surprisingly has a very large Rabbit farm industry. It’s a huge deal here in fact! Who knew? Certainly not me, nor did I know rabbit farms existed, but here they are right here 11952791_764924726962947_4989357062886850794_oin my own voting district. Oh and Guinea Pigs too. A lady told me, many hamsters and Guinea Pigs bought in America come from Erie county farmers. The Rabbits are farmed for meat, fur, but mostly for fertilizer. So these bunnies are where gardeners buy their crap from 😀 (bad joke?) Yes bunnies are farmed for Pets too, but mostly its all about the poop.

This sheep was from Jamaica…. New York :-p I liked him because he has dread locks

Finally I made it to the sheep and goats building. I couldn’t help at gravitate towards the sheep side of things. They were so ADORABLE!! Fluffy, and  gentle and playful. The goats were nice but they just had something about them, like they didn’t want to be bothered. Sheep on the other hand acted so happy I was there to see them. Like visiting an old friend I never met before. I was speaking to a Shepardes who was kind enough to let me in the pen with her sheep. She was showing me something about the hooves – very nice girl (she ended up winning Show championship for her sheep BTW). Anyway, a sheep brought over a ball like a dog wanting to play fetch 😀 of course I threw it across the pen and sure enough he brought it back to me!! 😀 (made my whole day)

There’s things I noticed about sheep. They come in 3s where ever they go. There wasn’t any particular leader. If one moved 2 would follow and then the rest go along. They kinda bump into each other to get each others attention. Like when a person pats another’s shoulder and says “lets go this way”. Usually in such situations it starts with 1 getting another attention, the person next to them notices and follows – 6 others look over and go along with the other 3 not entirely knowing why but curious anyway.

Milking a Goat
Sheep eagerly waiting to be petted
Cute Meter 1000 cute per sq mm ❤ ❤

As Christians Jesus calls us his sheep. He didn’t pull this out of a hat, in fact it was just an observation he made about the crowds of people coming to see him.

Matthew 9:36-38
” But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no Sheppard. Then saith he unto his disciples, the harvest truely is plenteous, but the laborers are few, pray ye therefore the lord of harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest”

Henceforth from this moment Jesus begins to refer to us as sheep. Christian = Sheep BAAAAA!!!!! Everyone else = Viper, Wolf, scorpion…. (crazy mix of savages)



I could see plainly what Jesus was talking about, and what he was observing. I can imagine what sheep with out a shepard would look like just in how they seem to behave and how people work.

Sheep without a Shepard just wonder in herds randomly. There’s no particular leader, its who ever bump’s in to another and walks along the rest of the flock will follow for no apparent reason. They could easily all flock along off the edge of a cliff, not really questioning to themselves – why the flock is falling right in front of them- as they themselves soon meet their fall.

Sometimes sheep don’t know where to go. The herd panics and randomly bumps each other. There’s so many sheep bumping and moving around they get stressed and cry to each other. They jumble up and there’s a wave of chaos among the flock, so much so some sheep faint or die. In such a situation a Shepard sends in the dogs to give the flock a jolt and direction to move. He may come in with his stick and smack a few sheep  on the bum to get them to start thinking clearly.

The crowds of people coming to see Jesus were like such a flock. Chaotic and without order not entirely sure what to do or where to go. Kinda like a large group of fans and paparazzi surrounding Britney Spears when she’s out in public. Their crying, their happy, cheering, booing, pushing each other out of the way to get a glimpse, peeing their pants, and hugging each other because their so happy sad or other, cutting bits of her hair to save, fighting over a piece of chewing gum she dropped on the ground… Meanwhile all Britney is trying to do is go to the bathroom at a gas station- she has a bouncer to beat people off her just to clear a path.This is why Britney doesn’t often go out in public anymore, like many celebrities. Some wear disguises just to go grocery shopping – or so I’ve read.

11828613_759048694217217_3501939215949293883_nI could easily see the disciples of Jesus playing the role of bouncer from time to time with Jesus. Yes Jesus was much like a celebrity at his time. However Jesus, unlike Britney, welcomed the crowd. I’m certain he made exceptions like going to the bathroom, (the bible doesn’t say but I doubt he wanted an audience joining him in the outhouse)… But otherwise, it only phased him by affirming to him he needs to lead these people, not hide from them with disguises.

Which leads me to the next thing wolves in sheep clothing. One should think dfsdJesus made another observation about people and sheep. It is because sheep will follow just about anything that moves, without question as to what’s in that direction – easily they fall prey to wolves. What if a wolf were to wear a disguise as a sheep and tell the other sheep “don’t mind me I’m just grazing like the rest of you, BAHH”. The sheep wouldn’t question it much. At this point all the wolf has to do is bump another and walk a certain direction and the whole flock will follow. And say that direction were towards his hungry wolf buddies?

The sheep are not guilty of leading each other to the slaughter house, the wolf however is. The reason being this is what sheep do, its not their fault- their too good natured and trusting to think another sheep would plot such an evil scheme. The wolf knows full well of this and takes advantage. He has observed sheep’s flocking behavior and tactfully set his evil plot into motion. yet just the same the sheep are dead 😦

People do this all the time! I question are we really just talking about false prophets? Your best friend can be a wolf in sheeps clothing and lead you into a road of heroine addiction. Jesus knew this about us, most of us are easily lead astray, and its part of why people need a Shepard!

So when Jesus says ” I’m sending you out like sheep among wolves” he’s telling the disciples to be less “follow the heard”.
Did you know Sheep can be trained to herd other sheep?
It’s not common practice with farmers but it can be done. I was reading a story about a farmer who took one of his sheep in his house while it was sick. The farmer took a particular liking to that sheep and it became more of a pet then livestock. So he treated it the same as a dog. One day he said to himself “lets turn this sheep into a sheep dog”, and well the sheep was pretty good at herding the flock with the other dogs (or with the dogs :-p ). The sheep indeed, thought he was a Sheep dog, with all the gentle goodness of a sheep.

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Matthew 10:16

There is 2 ways to look at the story of Jesus. One way is it was all about him, the other way is it was all about the emergence of the disciples. “I’m sending you out like sheep among wolves” Jesus says to his disciples, and indeed they wernt entirely sure what he was talking about when he said it. Yet throughout the story, the crowds that followed Christ, not many of the multitude made it into Jesus’s inner circle of 12. Through it all, Jesus is training the disciples – yet they don’t really know it until the book of Acts. Think of all the thousands in Israel that praised Christ and surrounded him everywhere he went, How so quickly many dropped him once he was on the cross. He was no longer Britney Spears, more like Christina Agulera – the used up has been and Yesterday’s headline.

Not all but many of them forgot all about Christ. And when the disciples went back through Israel talking about Jesus, some of the same people in the crowd hailing him as “Messiah”- were mocking the disciples just by mentioning his name. The disciples began to understand perfectly, the message could not die in Israel. And so they went throughout the entire known world and spread the Gospel and became Apostles. The good Shepard wasn’t just flocking the thousands that came to see him, he was mostly flocking just 12 men.

This is where the story of Christ becomes history rather myth.

sheep_herdSo little sheep, your part of a flock that’s 2000 years old, and has multiplied and grown from just 12 sheep. We have a farmer that values us for more then just our wool. He promises us he will never send us to a butcher either. 😀 can you imagine how that would work on a real sheep farm? If there is a sheep farmer reading this you know this model of farm does not exist on earth. We are more like a massive flock of sheep pets then livestock in the kingdom of God 😀 sheep that think they are sheep dogs! we were herded in by bumping randomly off another, rounded up by other sheep, a guided by a good Shepard we barely knew at first. It all began by the Shepard training 12 sheep to be sheep herders. From those 12 you carry a torch fire!! Your torch carries the fire of the holy spirit given to them by Jesus Christ, passed down from generation to generation. Say BAAAAA if your proud to carry that TORCH as a sheep in Christs flock!!! Let no one, put your torch out! Hosanna to the highest! BAAAAAA!!! Amen.