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Taxation is Theft

“Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s” – Jesus

Whenever I hear a fellow christian justify paying taxes, the first thing that always comes out of their mouth is “Render unto Caesar…”

First of all, We don’t live under roman law anymore, Caesar, Emporers/Kings in general, is

When our founders said “There will be no king in America” They meant “Jesus is the King, therefore there is no room for another king”, And they meant it literally. This is why they instead established a government centered on public servitude and voluntarism…. that is – a society of people that do things for each other on their own without the government involved.

a distant memory – so distant infact, none of us remember them. Our government structure in America is based on a concept, Jesus himself introduced into the world, called “Servant Leadership”…. We no longer kiss kings rings, instead their job is to work for us,  the people. For this reason and many others, America is a Christian Nation. Though I know Satan would beguile you to believe something different and lead our nation into bondage. With that said; Say we had a servant who took our money from our checks every week automatically without even asking. Then, deliberately and consistently disobeyed virtually everyone of our orders…. In ancient Israel, such a wicked servant would not have been tolerated.

This is precisely the arrogance of our politicians and level of corruption in today’s America. It’s so bad infact, we the masters of the servants have been tricked into thinking our public servants are actually the masters… Yet, this very verse christians use to defend the servants is in itself taken well out of context. Which leads me to the next point…

Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and render unto God what is God’s. OK, everything comes from God so if I render everything to Him, I have nothing left to render unto Caesar. Caesar owns nothing, but neither do I unless given to me by God. – anonymous

Heres the trouble with “Taxes”, if I may get a bit philosophical. The government views YOU as THEIR property simply by you being born as a ‘citizen’. That means, they view the product of your labor also belongs to them. Yet YOU the individual, have no debt to the government, you just happened to be born. Get it? if not, then I’ll spell it out another way – It’s called Slavery. The spirit of the law’s very foundation and view point in regards to taxes is the individual is property of the state via birth. This is contrary to the US constitution in it’s entirety which is based on the principle of ‘self ownership’ – that is you own yourself legally speaking. Thus we see how uncle sam is violating both the law of the land as well as scripture. And what happens if you don’t pay?…..    But only The Mafia or even common criminals resort to coercing their targets to comply, not Government Bureaucrats :O

Does anyone remember when Obama said: “If you got a buisness, you didn’t build that buisness. Somebody else made that happen”…. I’m not sure how else I can spell this out except from the horses mouth.

Romans 13

Another one for paying taxes that always comes up is Romans 13…. Yet again I would find myself explaining what I already explained about “Servant Leadership” style government – the rule of law in this country is The United States Constitution – not The Roman Republic under Caesar… Since I’ve already explained that, I wont bother mentioning it much further.

None of this chapter has anything to do with taxes  in fact it states clearly we are only obligated to Christs law – as defined. If your getting ready to tell me about “tributes”, It’s actually illegal for any government office/branch to demand ‘Tributes’ or even accept gifts in this country, (don’t give them Ideas either). Further, none of us owe the government a cent from birth and so we have no debt with the government to fulfill in accordance to Romans 13. The only laws  as Christians we are bound to are Christs law as it is described in this very chapter. Otherwise It’s pointless to even bring this misnomer up.

However, in regards to this common misinterpretation of Romans 13 let me ask you, whats wrong with Romans 12 and Romans 14? Paul wasn’t saying to the Romans “Go along with whatever the government says we have to go along with”. If that were the case, under the laws of ancient Rome at the very time he wrote his letter to the romans, Christians could not legally be christian, therefore the entire religion would not exist today as it would be DOA. Every early christian would have said:  “Paul says we have to listen to caesar, and caesar says we must be pagan. So since God ordains we follow the roman law, so much for Jesus and salvation and eternal life”

Paul was more or less saying what Christ said about” be as gentle as doves, and as wise as serpents”…. It has nothing to do with “We must go along to get along” – Infact EVERYTHING in Scripture is contrary to “maintain the status quo”. So excuse me if I sound a bit like a radical here, but I am nothing more then a devout christian… In regards to Romans 13, its another example of their being a whole book surrounding a single verse. context Context, CONTEXT!!

What about the Roads!!

Consider roads 
What If I told you, that you pay 3000 times over for the roads? Your paying taxes to pay the state government to pay a private company to pave the roads. Plus, your paying federal taxes to pay the state Road Department. The asphalt company pays taxes to make the asphalt. The equipment manufacturer pays taxes to make the things to put the asphalt on the road. The delivery company pays taxes to deliver the asphalt and machinery to the construction company. AND the construction campany pays taxes on their income received from the government! 

All of these taxes pile up on the end expense, which is an invisible number that comes to YOU as a percentage of your income.

All I’m saying is; Imagine if we cut the middle man out and paid for the roads directly much like we do the water bill or garbage bill?

Your looking at about a $10 road company direct pay yearly bill. 
I havnt even mentioned, paint, road signs, lights, bridges, cement…. all of this is taxed – and all the cost get handed to you. 

… Oh I’m crazy right… Its true, we don’t even need to pay taxes to pave the roads. This was in fact how we built the roads in America, where they are in the first place!!


I am just going to end all this with a verse I think speaks to volumes on the matter of governments impact on today’s average christian life. For anyone whos first instinct is to say “Render unto caesar” in regards to taxes. They ignore scripture and the history of this nation’s ideals, and the almighty gods hand at work in our Revolution – which started over a 3 cent tea tax. Their go along to get along answer, vastly resembles:

But they cried out, Away with him, away with him, crucify him. Pilate saith unto them, Shall I crucify your King? The chief priests answered, We have no king but Caesar. – John 19:15