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 Has anyone ever heard of a game currently in development called “Titanic: Honor and Glory”? The creators released a demo of their work in progress, some time ago, where you can walk around first class and see the digital reconstruction of the Titanic. The creators took special care to get every detail of the ship 100% correct to the original – right down to the very bolts. There’s 2 demos actually, both are free, the first tours parts of the third class – the second tours 1st class. You can download them by Clicking Here if interested. The game itself is still in development but go ahead check out what they’ve done so far. 😉

This article isnt about ‘Titanic: Honor and Glory’ however – though from what Ive seen they did an amazing job. Its about Titanic itself. Having some experience for myself with what was on board Titanic, Today I was on Expedia looking for a Caribbean cruise, and the entire time I was thinking – “Titanic didn’t even have that or this”. Infact every cruise ship I found today is probably a MILLION times more luxurious then the Titanic – at about the same price or cheaper adjusted for inflation. Even more gratifying is whether you are rich or poor, no one is segregated from all the amenities (Including Life Boats). If It is true to say Titanic was the height of technological achievement of that time, I am only left to wonder why do we romanticize it so much today… After all, that particular boat was nothing in size and luxury compared to say the Queen Mary 2 and it couldn’t even make its first trip :-/

Really, I myself was pretty let down just by seeing the real Titanic in digital form. It’s nothing at all in grandeur compared to even a cheap carnival cruise… So why the fuss over it 100+ years later?

3rd Class Ticket for Titanic.

At the time, segregation in Europe was the way of every ones life. Every person had their role and their place, and this particularly applied to poor people. Lets start at ticket price. For 3rd class it was (adjusted to inflation and currency exchange) $793 usd – 1st class was $2975 usd… Lets say I was a poor person and wanted to buy a first class ticket, and had $3k to do so… Thats not extraordinary really, Poor people have good money too, even back then surely one of them could have swinged it.. Well, tough spit I’m not legally allowed to buy the first class ticket… The ticket master takes $793 usd (then 3 pounds) out of the 3k I handed him, and gives me a 3rd class ticket whether I want it or not. So I get on the boat, As a single male I’m not allowed to eat with the woman and children- so my dining hall is separate from the main one. I’m with all the rowdy bachelors whom fight and drink for fun at dinner. Stuck on this boat with bread and water for 2 weeks, there is a scheduled time of when I’m allowed to crawl out from below deck to walk around the open top deck for fresh sea air- a whopping 1 hour a day… Coincidentally the same time rich peoples dogs are walked… So basically, as a paying customer, I’m treated as step below an inmate in jail…. OH but It gets better….

1st class Ticket for the Titanic

article-2401724-1b6eff93000005dc-42_964x752If 3rd class sounds bad wait until you see what I get out of 1st class. Oh sure things are prettier, its amazing how sterile the ship actually can be for Victorian luxury. I just shelled out $3000 for a cramped room the size of my bathroom though. Then there is all these rules I have to follow. No food in the room, There’s 8 meals a day, Change cloths before every meal, Coffee service stops at 9 am (an ungodly hour to cut off coffee)…

Let me stop there because really just that is very telling… Lets say I’m a 1st class girl. Well I have to figure out where to put all these dresses in my cramped room (and yes titanic 1st class rooms were surprisingly tiny). I have to walk up and down stairs, back and forth, all day changing my cloths and going to some meal with no coffee. Each dress takes 30 mins to change into because they’re so complicated… Of course the dinning room is a 20 min walk… Times that by 8- 1 hour meals a day I’ll let you do the math… If I say “Hey I’m going to skip a meal and do something else” – Guess what, my butler comes chasing me down and forces me to change my cloths and go eat. So sure I can walk on deck pretty much all day, But only because that’s a shortcut between my room and the dinning room. Whats worse, As a lady I’m not allowed to drink to get through this 2 week long prison. Additionally, shoveling all this food down my throat doesn’t help me fit into a girdle… Like Rose on that movie, the only escape is jumping off the boat… I mean, who ever would have thought simply eating is a 14 hour a day job?

In first class I would probably be the one to organize a riot with the other ladies during tea time, while the men are away busy having all the fun… This song no doubt would be me in first class on the Titanic… Clearly I’m one of those filthy American woman, and to everyone’s misfortune, my husband happens to own an important rail line 😛

Today’s cruise ships

Rich or poor, man or woman, you can eat whenever you feel like – if you feel like. You can wear the same cloths all day, or even all week if you want. There’s a broad array of endless entertainment and even the cheapest rooms are typically twice the size of Titanic’s 1st class rooms. Pools are heated, massages are… Available! Men and woman alike can drink… and of course there’s plenty of life boats.

The thing is, all of this ‘modern’ stuff was perfectly available at the time of the Titanic – It’s really just social changes that made all the difference. We don’t segregate people or subjugate them to trivial social expectations anymore – and its just that 1 difference that makes a modern cruise ship so fantastic. There’s only 1 rule today: “Have Fun”- and if you break that rule, that’s ok too – just make sure you pay before you board the ship.

If I had told people on Titanic in 1912 that one day every passenger ship had pretty much no rules at all, they would think I was describing… CHAOS!! Apocalyptic Anarchy!! What if the peasants hijack the ship and sail off as pirates?! Woman Drinking vodka… With men?!!  Mixing social classes is enough in itself to make their head spin. The rest would give them a heart attack. The entire universe simply unravels in their minds, It’s simply unthinkable in 1912. Yet for all the cruise ships out there without all these rules and regulations, people act generally very civilized, if not more so then those on Titanic… (Just thinking about locking people below deck on a sinking ship, is a pretty uncivilized thing to do IMHO)

I’ve come to find that as I mature as a christian, I’ve become more liberal about certain things. ‘No Rules’ is a good rule in my opinion, it’s what defines ‘grace’ through Christ and oddly enough obedience to our father. Yet even today I look at some Christians and I’m a bit amazed they talk an awful lot about ‘grace’ and ‘mercy’ but never seem to have looked at the very definition of the words. I am of the mind it is truly Satan that started all these trivial rules presented on the Titanic, In much the same way he seems set on bounding Christians to the laws of Moses or some other code of conduct…. Calvinist in particular often make me scratch my head.

The fact is a modern cruise ship is vastly preferable to the Titanic no matter how much people romanticize the ship – in much the same direction Salvation in Christ is preferable to the Laws of Moses. We are free to enjoy ourselves in Christ and express our pleasure however we see fit 🙂 ‘Gospel’ means ‘Good News’, and the good news is this:

We are Liberated in his Spirit