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Facebook Exodus

I remember when MySpace was the IT thing. Soon after there was a transition sweeping the country to facebook. From the beginning I didn’t really see the appeal. Here’s my list of things I didn’t like:

1. Can’t decorate your page, it’s a cheap standardized page.

2. Can’t add music to your page.

3. It was just too basic and boring.

4. Now I leave MySpace and move on to facebook. 2 years later I’ll have to get on a whole different thing and one after that… just a fad.

Well its been awhile since that list, and MySpace is long since gone. The thing about Facebook now is:

1. No one is hardly on it to be social.
2. Flooded with memes and stupid pics.
3. Trolls.
4. The stupidest games just keep coming out in so much bulk, and they get dumber and dumber as time goes by.
5. It’s so basic and boring. Can’t add music or decorate my page like on myspace.
6. No one ever likes just statuses anymore, I have to post a pic in order to get any attention at all. Why can’t I simply just say “having a good day” anymore?
7. Frivolous propaganda shareing. Facebook has become a way to express all forms of religious and political conspiracies, most of which are blatant lies. Worse so, it’s where it is pumped and shared to around like wildfire.

These days on Facebook I believe I only keep it as a place to store my pictures, and save links to websites I want to look at later. I might even post a note to myself to remember something later. Angelfish blog has a separate Facebook page then my own, there I simply only share my blog posts… I haven’t even logged into Angel Fish blog fb in 3 months- well no one follows me there anyway, and my posts automatically post there so… Other then that I check up on ‘Pirates tides of Fourtune’- but even that is getting very old.

Among my fellow mellenial generation I can’t help at notice there’s a trend. Instead of facebook, we’re all starting to move on with our lives in the real world. It seems to me the only people that still go on Facebook are people with a thousand memes to share a day. (Bless their hearts).

So the tide has turned for social media, there’s a good amount of apathy to it these days. As always though you can email me, I am very attentive to angelfishblog@hotmail.com

Other then that I think Facebook is growing pretty dead very quick.