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 “Unless I am convinced
by Scripture and plain reason – I do not accept the authority of the popes and councils, for they have contradicted each other – my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and I will not recant anything for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. God help me. Amen.”

Lately I’ve been doing a good deal of study in the writings of protestant reformer Martin Luther. As to why – I simply felt drawn to him, and have found he has a lot of well grounded and educated things to say more so then many modern pastors. Though I myself am not Lutheran, I have come to appreciate his writings  in very high regards. Luther himself almost never seemed to go into eschatology, however he did invent the idea of “Scripture Alone”. The point of this radical idea of his time was simply; “Let’s just stick with the facts of the record, scripture being the only record not people’s opinions based on their own imagination”.

Any time we encounter Revelation, in particular, we must never forget this. I have heard it all from pre-tribulation to Elaine White to Jesus being an Alien… To be honest, what’s sad is I have found ‘Jesus being an alien’ has a much stronger argument then pre tribulation… only because it is based on more then 2 verses found in the Bible and less ado about how it makes people ‘feel’. That doesn’t amount to much to be honest. The fact is the Devil’s greatest achievement is to hijack eschatology itself in a very broad array of ways, and on such large scale. He could not have done it if people were so naturally prone to hearing someone talk about the Bible rather reading the thing for themselves. Oh sure, no one would ever admit to that…  🙄

The only eschatology theory I have ever heard that holds the most biblical water is called Pre-Wrath. It constantly points to scripture itself, and the goal of it was to simply tell what revelation talks about as a time line or series of events. Details on when or how certain things happen it leaves open as it should….  I realize their are those who need programs and pre set packages otherwise they are incapable of functioning. All of these schools of thought, including pre wrath, strike me as nothing more then a “Label”. If you are such a person (which don’t feel bad, most people are) then you may want to look at Pre-Wrath.

Let me ask you something, instead of worrying about other people’s interpretation of revelation. Instead of trying to find some secrete message or hidden mystery, or twist the book in some way to conform to what makes you feel more comfortable about it. Instead if anything else, why not just read the book itself and take it at face value?

Symbols and things, I think is what turns people off of that. Yet every symbol or metaphor found in revelation relates to another symbol found in the Bible itself and alone. Their really is no other source to interpret scripture other then scripture alone – it explains and interprets itself. God did not leave us to our own devices to understand his book. It is only when one reads the bible, one can understand it. When we off track from that we come up with some very strange and even false ideas.


The Lying Media

Can I just say I think it’s really amazing, the same people who constantly say “the media lies”, will still put forth obvious lies from the media. They even defend the lie while confronted with facts. Personally I try to live by this quote:

“You’re either the liar or the one being lied to, protect yourself from being either one.”
-Gerson Monago

Everyday I find myself alone in that common sense quote. What this suggests is people want to be lied to, especially when the lie agrees with them. In this logic, what if I told people that when the media is telling you they lie it’s a lie in itself?

That isn’t going to work for a great many people I’m sure, yet I’ve seen plenty of news casters tell us this. I have yet to find a trusted source for any news outlets, I havnt even found reason to trust my own local stations. Instead I have learned a good deal of discernment over the years of watching lies. There’s certain ‘cues’ I’ve noticed. These cues usually come when the headline says something entirely sensational or overtly liberal or even Fox news for the matter. While looking for multiple sources saying the same thing and still being aware of the term “Astroturfing” (seriously google the word Astroturfing). Yet it also comes with certain sources like say “politifact”- a site dedicated to tell you how to think and Obama is always apparently honest with minor half truths. There’s other ways but, If some of you have not learned discernment on your own after years of bombardment of lies, I could not help you.

Yes a lie is a lie even if it’s on the cover of New York Times, even when you want to believe that lie is true… It doesn’t change the fact contrary. What is worse it is crippling the entire country, in more ways then what’s obvious.

It is due to the fact every media lies constantly, we must always be open to be proven wrong. Do not berate someone when they rebuttal a news article you shared on facebook. Be a little more, “detached”. Unless of course they can’t disprove something.
I should expect the same treatment, it’s rare that ever happens but it ought to be more common place. I will not lie to you, it can take a lot of patience that not everyone has.

“Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way.” – Psalm 119:104

There is no shortage of verses on lies in the bible, Psalm 119:104 has always stood out to me the most. What we are saying here in context is a couple things. First, lean not on your own understanding rather Gods which is truth. Second hate everything else that is a lie. For me I have found I am a rare person, I just hate lies I really do… whether they are petty lies, some kind of agenda lie, or some other lie. Even lies about Hitler rile my feathers, even though I don’t even like Hitler… This is just how God made me I guess, lies are my biggest peeve. Everything that is false is false and ought to not be repeated, and I do mean very literally EVERYTHING – even anti-Hitler people, even New York Times, even Alex Jones. With that knowledge it is impossible to always be honest because at every turn we are constantly lied to. The good news is I see no reason you will burn in hell over unknowingly repeating a lie, (the subject is atleast pretty debatable). You must always be open to reproof from someone else, though checking sources before sharing is also good practice. In our digital world with 24 hour lying news, really it isn’t as hard as you think to be honest and still keep up with headlines. At a certain point, you even develop a certain eye or skill at it, it just takes practice.

I would just finish this off with a side note or warning. I like many Christians am convinced we are moving to the end times. This stance of which I will tell you there are many blatant lies in eschatology. I know you’ve heard of false prophets as the first sign of the prophecy, but let me direct your attention elsewhere:

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness” 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12

I hate to quote just 2 sentences here because this entire particular chapter in Thessalonians is so relevant right now. However in bold you see “strong delusion”. Never in the history of the world has man been so readily deceived. I recommend a good long study on 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 to anyone interested in the world we live in.

Link to 2 Thessalonians 2 KJV: