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Christian Anarchism

The kingdom of god is spiritual…. We have to be good people…. Both of these have a flaw – the very same flaw infact.

The kingdom of God is the people of God, doing our christian duty. You and me are the kingdom. It’s nothing more then a society in of itself. Not an otherworldly detached metaphor. Our duty is “The Great Commission”.

As scripture tells us also, we of ourselves can only sin continuously, any good work we do comes from the spirit. We in the kingdom of God are his vessels to the world, which is why we don’t really need a government or code of conduct to tell us what to do and how to act. We just allow the spirit to work through us, even against some or many of our own inner desires/instincts 😉

You may have noticed this is evident in the way a statist or legalists only feels comfortable in codes of conducts regulated by something other then themselves…. Like a government or even say a religion. They do not have enough faith in the spirit to work in themselves otherwise to remain even reasonably civilized. Even just the word ‘Anarchy’ scares them, from faith the size of a mustard seed. 

It is because of the model presented by Jesus himself, there can never be such a thing as A manmade “Christian Nation”. It is an oxymoron. You are either a christian, or you are with the world. Jesus alone is our only ruler, we can be servants to none other man made thinking. We needn’t look further then the Bible and the dictionary to discover that the rawest and most radical  expression of Christianity is inherently Anarchist.


ˈanərˌkizəm/noun belief in the abolition of all government and the organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis without recourse to force or compulsion


Introducing my New Website

Its a photography website, all photos are done by yours truely. I was just scrolling through my facebook photos and realized… I’m a pretty gosh darn good photographer… So Why not do this 🙂


I havn’t added anywhere near the amount of photos I intend to. Most are coming from my travels along the east coast and my hometown of Buffalo, NY. From Vermont, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Florida, etc… It will be an ongoing and never ending project, Much like this blog site. I hope you enjoy my writings as well as my photography. God Bless.

5 things Jesus might say to today’s Gay Community

1. I Love You.

Jesus hung around prostitutes, thieves, and all sorts of social outcasts and sinners – I would imagine hanging around a gay guy wouldn’t be too far fetched for him either. Christ himself, after all was an outcast. However, it’s because he loved these black sheep of society he taught them there’s a better way and “sin no more”. In the case of gay people, yes they are sinners – just like everyone else. In Christ’s circle, he doesn’t expect perfection rather you atleast try to better yourself and be saved by him.

Does that mean one must continue to be gay?

To be honest I can not answer that with certainty… In fact I think it’s a personal thing, for many reasons i don’t entirely think is worth getting into. What I know for a fact is if a gay person truly wishes to walk with christ, he will be lead through the spirit. If that includes not being gay anymore, then let it be so. I also know for certain many people, even Christians undermine that spirit which leads us – Don’t! It’s there for a reason and it very much does work. For some gay Christians I know, whom are very devoted and whom I judge on their fruits, that Spirit takes them many places – yet some have remained gay for well over 40 years +/-, others felt a calling to be straight. At the end of the day Christ would say that he loves you and wants you to be yourself, and lead you to stability in life, and eternal life there after.

2. Thou shalt not commit adultery

Walk into any gay bar or say a site like ‘Adam for Adam’, or even a gay pride parade. Something so obvious and undeniable to anyone with half a brain is sex is EVERYWHERE in the gay community!

Do you really think Jesus would be ‘tolerant’ of this?

More then that the very name of the  website ‘Adam for Adam’ is a mockery to god – it’s meant to reverse ‘Adam and eve’ as direct opposition… Frankly, and simply put. NO. Jesus would call this an abomination, and all participants as children of satan – because it is is quiet literally satanic in its nature. The Gay “community”, is a circus. It is Busses full of a sausage party wrapped in glitter and rainbows, on the fast lane highway to hell under the name “tolerance” or “equality”. If you don’t believe me, just look at the people whom support it and partake in it whilst openly rejecting God in every way, and tell me something as if I were born yesterday….

In addition, let me remind you being gay wasn’t always in fashion. There was a time it was just as much Democrats whom rejected it. The only reason they pounced on it is to satisfy their own hypocrisy and lubricate their lobbyist. It has nothing to do with tolerance or equality. This was the very thing Christ opposed with the Pharisees and Sadducees with animent vigor…. which leads me to my next point.

3. The definition of ‘love’.

There are 2 definitions of love in the world. 1 is a false love, the other is true. When Christ says he “loves” you, he means he doesn’t want you to burn in hell. He doesn’t want you to trap yourself in sordid relationships that only last a year or so – only to go on to the next sordid relationship. He wants to lead you, because your an imperfect person with no direction – and he wants that direction to be towards his father’s kingdom. Like a father to you, sometimes he will spank you, other times he will take you camping. He does these things and says some things that disagree with liberal rhetoric and hurt some people’s feelings because he loves you. Contrarily, When the dark forces of this world say they “love” you  they are often lieing. It’s fairly common place to present a false love for support in whatever someone is doing. A false love leads to misery, control/manipulation. It comes on the grounds of empty promises, candy and rosey colored lenses. It often comes with a “do what you want” attitude, or in some way mockery of the opposite. Do not be so easily deceived between the 2… 

Christ offers meat, where the world will fill you up on junk food.

4. The state doesn’t decide who can/can’t get married.

Many people really don’t understand just how much a libertarian Christ was. Nope he wasn’t liberal, nor was he a republican- yet not exactly something inbetween either- rather something else entirely. While he preached “render unto Ceasar what is Ceasars” in regards to taxes, he also preached “put not your hope in princes and courts”. In addition what many forget, “marriage” in scripture doesn’t even include a pastor… In a word, people just moved in with each other and threw a little party…. Even more shocking to some modern Christians, early protestant reformers like Luther, or Calvin and especially the early Baptist movement  strongly opposed the church requiring marriage licenses…. I could go on and on with this one, but I will skip to the point.

In the eyes of god, a couple who commits to a life together is married – without the government’s approval, or even societies approval. The basic requirement is simply “commitment”.

In the case of homosexuality, I refer your interest to David and Johnathan. While many maintain this was a platonic relationship,  I’m sorry to disagree – my reason for such is, Johnathan did take his clothes off and as scripture says  “their souls were knit together as one”…. This is the Bibles poetic way of saying “sex”. Also, David made a “covenant” with Johnathan in a field in some wilderness while running from Jonathan’s father… in scripture “covenant” always means “marriage”… atleast in the KJV

Though I could as easily say “yes the scriptures/god do approve gay marriage” – really I am highlighting the lack thereof a priest, a ceremony, a big display, and a license. If any government was involved, it was because David was a fugitive running from the king and they were hiding. :-/ However, I guess I’m saying 2 things at once – my main point being, don’t worry about what the government thinks, God is much bigger and much less complicated. Today gay marriage is legal in the US, I doubt it’s going anywhere for awhile, but it wasn’t always so – nor is it legal in most of the world. If anything, a will is sufficient to satisfy most countries in the world laws in regards to property. Other then that the law on marriage is irrelevant, which is why it’s worth mentioning.

If you are unfamiliar with David and Johnathan, check out 1 Samuel 18 – 22. Read the whole story for yourself. Then continue on to when David is much older and finds Jonathan’s dead body after many years he had died, and prepares to bury him.
2 Samuel 1: 25-27

“How the mighty have fallen
in the midst of the battle!
Jonathan lies slain on your high places. I am distressed for you, my brother Jonathan; very pleasant have you been to me; your love to me was extraordinary, surpassing the love of women. “How the mighty have fallen,
and the weapons of war perished!”

Yes David got married to woman after Jonathan- but only as a King is supposed to so to pass on the royal line. All through his life, he remained committed to his first love. Luckily for you that’s not a problem (I suspect the reader isn’t a king).  I dare say, this is the model of marriage Christ would say to gay couples today.

5. Abide in me, not them

If you hadn’t figured it out, the world is a chaotic place full of contradictions. Christ promised us this would always be so, among other things. I realize to some at this point I sound as either a pro gay liberal, to others West Borough Baptist church radical. Well, I’m neither or. I am just a little fish on the internet who has studied sound scripture, loves Christ, and I’m not interested in some particular political agenda. In my own walk in Christ I have maintained the stance of by “scripture alone”, rather  man’s interpretation of scripture – which has often proven to be contradictory… well here’s the thing Christ would tell you.

There are people who will manipulate scripture. There are people who are simply at different levels of understanding it, and then there are those who ignore it entirely… a good many times these 3 types call themselves “pastors”…. yet according to scripture at the end of this world we are told our own pastors will lead us astray to take the mark of the beast – yet still, there’s many more whom still listen to them over reading scripture for themselves – or for the matter ignore the Holy spirit entirely.

Christ would have you abide in him over any one else. Including your pastor, or some other Christian, even myself. There is no other name under heaven in which we are saved… NONE. The world will try to confuse you or distract you on that point. Never forget this fact where ever you go in your walk with Christ.

Just my 2 cents

My first cent is, if someone is interested in sound doctrine on the subject of homosexuality, I highly recommend this book “Gay Christian Survivors” by Rev. James D. Cunningham. Click here to be directed to it. Honesty, it’s the most sound book I’ve ever read on the matter – what’s more its dirt cheap 🙂 as the author doesn’t charge anymore then the publishing cost.

Then there is my 2nd cent. The topic of homosexuality is highly contentious, which admittedly is why I haven’t bothered with it. It doesn’t really matter what you say about it, every one gets pissy… well I finally said “screw it”, gay people need christ too! Frankly I’m not entirely satisfied with the answers the church is giving them. On one hand there is the Liberal church apostasy introducing gay people to Buddhism, on the other hand it’s Republican church apostasy referring them to a law of which they are not bound to and is entirely taken out of context anyway. I would be remiss not to talk about gay marriage on this blog – perhaps I’ll do it more often. Unless someone can convince me by scripture alone, and not theologians or priest or learned scribes that I am wrong, I will not change one sentence of this article. Should one be pissy about it otherwise, go ahead and be pissy.  :-/

The Holy Ghost role in 2016 GOP

To start, the answer is no I’m not playing sore looser, I’m pointing out something I saw as self evident in the GOP race. This election was very revealing on the state of our nation, the light was shined on so many people. We saw our friends and family  for who they really were, we saw our politicians, our news anchors, our pastors… Everyone was brought into the light.

Glenn Beck pointed this out at an Indiana rally. God is testing this nation and asking us to choose good or evil.

Normally, I myself am rather skeptical of a God annointed candidate. However to contend this primary election has gone this far is pretty convincing given the stark contrast between Cruz and Trump. In New York, our votes for president in a primary hasn’t mattered in over 50 years. In fact my own county GOP office announced in December our vote wouldn’t matter… Yet as things unfolded, it did.

As a Christian I am careful whom I let into my own Christian circles or call a brother or sister in Christ… I’ve just always been that way with really anyone I might even call friend. Personally, Ive always had reserves about Glenn Beck, even throughout the Cruz campaign. I do not associate with people I consider Luke warm, nor for the matter a legalist, I tend to stick with Bible literalist Christians. I know a lot of people, so many more across seas on Facebook. What amazes me is all of them gravitated towards Cruz rather independently, some came quiet unexpectedly. It was maybe last year I observed this phenomenon before where I wrote an article on how suddenly, randomly, and for no reason in particular, all my Christian friends started picking up an interest in protestant reformers. (IClick here for that article)

I submit Ted Cruz as further evidence to this phenomenon, and it is a sign the Holy spirit is still at work and influencing the world. The Cruz movement was as if we were all one mind, one spirit and one voice coming together all across America, and really the whole world. Simultaneously and independently and many cases for no particular rhyme or reason.

I’ve had people in Germany come to me about praying for Cruz. The European media wouldn’t even mention him, yet he still had strong support there too. There were churches in Pakistan, praying for Cruz. India, Japan, Australia…. I’m well aware American elections are very popular abroad, and people like to talk about what we’re doing in the US all the time – but it was very noticeable, almost nowhere abroad did Trump have support like this yet he was the only one ever mentioned besides Hillary or Sanders. In most foreign media outlets, Cruz was basically non existent. In some places they literally edited him out of the gop debate. It says a lot, it really does.

Trumpkin Christianity

During the primary season, I have spoken with many Trump supporters along the way. Every single one had much in common. Noticeably they were not exactly what I would bring into my Christian circle. Just talking about those who said they were Christian – For starters a good many of them would put Christ together with Gandhi. Others were offended when Cruz won Iowa, that he said; “To God be the Glory”. Then of course there were the legalist Christian’s, many adhered to a wrathful dogma where no one seems to be saved by christ. Sometimes, both of these types of lukewarm Christians were one person – which don’t even get me started.

Here’s the thing, I learned very quick, Trump Christians do not carry the spirit. They are the ones Jesus was talking about in Revelation 3:16 or perhaps Matthew 13: 5-7.

Before anyone starts, I will just say, My standards for discerning a Christian really isn’t all that high. Yet I’m amazed in how many trump supporters professed to me salvation does not come from repentance in christ. Is this not the most basic principle? I am one to talk to people who disagree with me on many issues, in fact I like people who have a well formed opinion other then my own. Not necessarily because I’m inclined to agree most of the time, rather I enjoy the argument to be presented – and perhaps expand my own understanding. What I wont tolerate is when one debates the most basic and ground level principles of Christianity.

America made its choice

What all this boils down to is, for anyone who was paying attention, we are now a divided nation. All the factions have waved their flags in no uncertain terms. I’m not saying Cruz was anointed by god and destined for presidency, I’m just saying god presented a clear choice to separate the chaff from the wheat, and it shows.

Contrary to what might be popular belief. God does not appoint leaders parsè, nor does god judge a nation by fire and brimstone. More often he casts his judgement on nations by handing them over to their own desires. My contention is, and has been for a long time, America is like the Israelites demanding a king in 1 Samuel chapter 8. They want an authoritarian figure to rule over them, not a president. Whats worse, some do not even know the difference between a king and a president.
If by some miracle Trump manages to get support against Hillary, I have no doubt he is the judgement on our country like king Saul was the judgement on Israel. Yet I’m a side more convinced Hillary will actually win that title. It is abundantly clear  this the death of the Republican party principles, and America forever – there is no one else to blame but ourselves.

Other then that, I’m not going to sit here and pout about Cruz. I’m not going to yell at Trump supporters. Nor am I going to going to debate with scripture. The purpose of this article is to simply document my experience of what I’ve observed. Some will not believe me when I say, your going to hate what comes next for America.. but really it’s nothing good. I myself will be committing to a good long study into the book of Jeremiah to see what the Lord told him in a similar situation. Though I have a feeling this ends with me moving to Texas and joining in the succession from the union movement.

Donald Trump Christianity

I keep hearing the media tell me trump is a christian, or for the matter a GOP candidate needs to win over “Evangelical Christians”.

Now I have come to peace with the fact the media is loaded up atheists who often don’t know what their talking about with Christianity. I should think they would at least know “Baptist” make up the majority of the American church, but they don’t so I suppose to them – “Evangelical” means Republican Christians… They aren’t, but whatever. My favorite part is when they cite scripture, and frankly when they do they look ridiculous. When they say “Trump is supported by ‘real’ christians”- again it’s just as rediculous. I’m really not sure which is worse, Donald Trump himself or the journalist saying he’s a strong christian candidate .

And then there’s Donald Trump… he’s as much a christian as Nebuchadnezzar was Jewish, and I mean that in every sense of the word. Trumps ego is only rivaled to that of Nimrod, whom;

“Puts his throne next to the most high god”

When asked by Frank Luntz:

“Have you ever asked God for forgiveness”

The most basic, most simplistic question anyone could ask a christian… and his response is;

“That’s a hard question”

Followed by a long tangent to dodge the question. Followed by being asked the question again to which he responds;

“I don’t believe I need to ask God for forgiveness, I try to just be myself and be a good person and then I move on”

If anyone should be a christian this is an absurd answer. No, your not supposed to be a perfect person, it’s impossible and it’s the whole reason we have Jesus. No one goes to the father but by Christ and asking for forgiveness of sins. I’ve written about this before if there’s any confusion to the reader when I say it’s like a contract with God. Donald Trump should understand contracts perfectly, but anyway, I’ll just post a link to that article. Click Here if Interested
And here would be the video link to this exchange, click here

Next were told by Trump he only goes to church on Christmas and Easter… which ok, I could understand since he is a public figure. He doesn’t want a bombardment of people swarming him on Sundays… I get it. He continues to tell us he meets with religious leaders in private and his faith is very personal… Ok sure I could understand this… Except his great christian leader Norman Vincent was a heretic, like Joel Osteen, were talking about the prosperity gospel scam. Anyone can go to heaven if they buy there way there… Which need I say more?

If I do,  your not a christian and I’m sorry I wasted your time.

Then let’s get back to Nebuchadnezzar… When ever I watch a trump speech (and I’ve watched plenty of them) 30 minutes of it starts with him talking about himself. Then there’s maybe 5 mins or less where he brings up his wall policy. Finally there’s another 30 minute tangent about how great he is along with insults of other GOP candidates…. if this were just one or 2 speeches I could excuse it, but this is the entire political campaign he presents! For a total of one year Trump has talked about virtually nothing BUT himself. He is Infact the only person I ever heard of who is so full of himself, he literally can go on a year long tangent about himself. If elected president, we will sit here for 4 years of a never ending Trump rally.  Now ask yourself 2 questions:

1. Can you honestly see yourself dealing with that?

2. Do you honestly think he is a humble servant of the lord?

In the bible people like Nimrod, Nebuchadnezzar, Pharaoh, Julius Cesar were the bad guys actually. Historically and biblically they had one thing in common. They were beyond narcissists they were Megalomaniacs. Do you honestly want to vote for the guy who would say;

“I will put my throne with the most high god”.

Better yet, how much can any christian really be convinced he “Cares about America”?

Let me clarify this a better way so there’s no confusion:

From the Oxford dictionary


a person who is obsessed with their own power.

a person who suffers delusions of their own power or importance. Characteristically successful or well established people that are obsessed with themselves and unrelenting ambition for more power then what they already have.

Trump cares about Trump plain and simple. He’s a spoiled, selfish, narcissistic jerk who would sell any of his supporters for a cufflink to match his suit… We the people are expendable and a dime a dozen at least according to the latest poll.

Oh sure, god could use trump, but honestly why should he bother? I’ve sat down with enough of trump supporters to listen to their strange views on Christianity.

1. Interfaith beliefs.  Among Trumps fans they often group Christians together with Buddhists and Atheists even Muslims. They seem to think Jesus and the Dali Lama are basically the same thing. If I have to explain to you why they are not we have a problem…

2. God can’t fight the illuminati so we might as well go along with it. When a group of people told me this I wanted to slap them – I really did. I dont know where to begin. Needless to say the many trump supporters who actually believe this are telling me, they will be the people who would hand the world over to the Antichrist in the book of Revelation…. when the Antichrist is in the process of taking over the world the bible tells us this is what the masses say:

“And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?” – Revelation 13:4

Now I’m not saying Trump is the Antichrist, because he isn’t… I’m just saying if your saying this, the bible mentions a good many people like yourself willingly giving yourself over to the Antichrist. Clearly you can’t even pass a sample of the Antichrist if this is what your saying.

As a christian who ends up in heaven in that book, your supposed to be the opposition… not the apathetic “go along with the program”.
Besides any of this, even if your 40 years old, Please review Veggie Tales first episode “Where’s God When I’m Scared”. There’s a song called “God is bigger then the boogie man” I think you could learn alot from it, and it may be more to your level of understanding.

3. Wrathful Theology. As explained to me by a number of trump supporters Black people can not go to heaven. Ok, ummm with the risk of sounding liberal, that’s just racist. Oh but it goes on…
Then I’m told more or less we go to heaven by our works by some redneck who puts Archie Bunker to shame in bigotry. “Fags this, Niggers that, Mexicans blah blah blah are not good enough for god and they break his commandment in such and such ways.”
Your so freaking perfect aren’t you?

If this is in line with your theology
Please review John 3:16… better yet please review the Book of Galatians. Your the type who makes Jesus look like a jerk and wonders why there’s so many people who don’t like him or Christians…. what’s worse, you don’t even know what your talking about when you tell me “God is Wrathful”.

4. We don’t need a pastor we need a president. Yes I would agree with you except Trump isn’t a president either… he’s a slimy crony capitalist according to his own admission. He’s not even conservative by his own admission… your telling me were going to fix Washington with a guy that bought off every politician… yet in all the years of him doing so we haven’t found a single good thing to say about our politicians?

That’s just about the most ridiculous thing I ever heard in my life. Your want to fix crony capitalism with one of the biggest crony capitalist out there.

Your must have lost your mind if you honestly believe any of this nonsense in this little circus Trump is pulling.

No its not just the media that doesn’t like him, it’s everyone with common sense who doesn’t like him… besides that haven’t you noticed how much the media loves him now? Especially after they found out he was all for Obama’s bank bail outs…. so yeah Trump isn’t a pastor, but he’s Niether a president, he’s a jerk and he’s playing you like a fool.

5. Jesus will save America from Obama with Trump. How does anyone even figure this? Obama isn’t even running besides Hillary Clintons poll numbers are so low she’s beat by the GOPs second place candidate Ted Cruz… On top of that no one is even watching the Democrat debates, so what that should tell you is no matter who The republican candidate is this is clearly a red election cycle… guaranteed. There isn’t any competition. You have a large array of candidates to choose from and the one your going with is Donald Trump?

1 Samuel chapter 8 talks about how the Israelites did not want judges speaking for god as their ruler, they wanted a King so they can be like the other nations. The Prophet Samuel told god what the people said and gods response:

“And the Lord said to Samuel, “Obey the voice of the people in all that they say to you, for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected me from being king over them. According to all the deeds that they have done, from the day I brought them up out of Egypt even to this day, forsaking me and serving other gods, so they are also doing to you. Now then, obey their voice; only you shall solemnly warn them and show them the ways of the king who shall reign over them.” 1 Samuel 8: 7-9

As the bible continues Samuel does what god tells him and he goes on to the people warning them:

These will be the ways of the king who will reign over you: he will take your sons and appoint them to his chariots and to be his horsemen and to run before his chariots. And he will appoint for himself commanders of thousands and commanders of fifties, and some to plow his ground and to reap his harvest, and to make his implements of war and the equipment of his chariots. He will take your daughters to be perfumers and cooks and bakers” 1 Samuel 8: 11-13

Now Samuels warning goes on and on about how the king will take their property, and establish what sounds like a dictatorship and forced labor camps. The people however are completely unconcerned by his warning. They are people who reject god and are convinced having a king is better then the democracy they already have. And so God gives them exactly what they wanted. King Saul the first king of Israel and a very nasty person and a tyrant. After Saul was king David, and sure he was considered a good king, but as the rest of the bible goes on we see the kings become more and more corrupt and the people become even more distant from God so much so they become Bale worshippers.

The point I’m making is more often then not God judges a nation based on the wishes of the people. You already know America has turned its back on God. Here I’m told you are given the choice on how to fix this country and you choose the man that’s the least godly and most authoritarian of any guaranteed candidate… all this while telling me “He’s America’s Salvation”. Don’t even… He is an example of God handing people over to their own unrighteousness and their own desires. So please, do not confuse Trump as “Salvation” because he is indeed “Judgement”. He is giving exactly what “We the people” want, don’t blame him later when Trump destroys the country.


Needless to say, I’m taking notes and making a list. Anyone who comes out saying they support Donald Trump has lost all credibility as a christian to me. Any pastor who praises Trump I will not consider a credible pastor as he obviously leads his flock astray. I will not be accepting not one moment of theological study or ounce of bible discussion with anyone who is a Trump supporter. I’m sorry, you simply have the weakest foundation in Christ and Donald Trump is the mark that simply identifies you. It’s not just your religious views it’s also your poor taste in politics and ability to think for yourself. There is no descrenment among trump supporters, even when it’s staring them in the face. This whole thing with Trump is a crazy train to a circus, and your telling me your jumping on board. Such which is dangerous and is exactly what is doing more damage to the country then anything Obama has done.

Don’t you dare make excuses for Trumps Christianity, there is no excuse. Even demons and Devils acknowledge god, even Nebuchadnezzar acknowledged god… If all you can tell me is he acknowledges God, that is so weak. Christians it’s time to be awake and your sleeping don’t be like this.


On Predestination

Somehow I’ve manged to get surrounded by calvanist. I couldn’t tell you where they came from or how they got here, or if its necessarily a bad thing they’re here. But anyway. With them came the subject of predestination. This subject, I’ve learned, goes a 100 ways very quick. At first what I didn’t like about it is- it’s as if we’re trying to standardize God’s ways. As if cramming god in a box was a worthy foundation of Faith in a omnipresent being.. At the same time, certainly I agree it’s an interesting discussion. I wouldn’t base my faith on it, but a good discussion all the same worthy of pursuit… Maybe that’s just my open minded nature speaking.

In the monergist train of thought the elect are called and can not resist the call to god.

In the synergist train of thought the elect are called, but some simply refuse the call to god.

Then there is the debate between the Armenians and the Calvinist, of which pretty much sounds like the 2 groups listed above. The question really is: “How far does free will go”?

In my experience with God there doesn’t appear to be a standard method in how people are called or for the matter become Christian. I can see plainly in the Bible people like Saul were sorta blackmailed, if you will, in that he was made blind until he met with one of Christ’s disciples. Equally I’ve read people like Noah whom honestly we know nothing about his stance with God prior to the ark. We Just know that he was called to build an Ark and so he did with out question, there after following god…. the same I think could be said for Mary and many several others in the bible. They were called and they just went along with it not questioning anything. Samson particularly stands out to me for monergist. God created him to be a larger then life barbarian with the sole function to defeat the Philistines.

In my own life I feel like I’ve seen a mix of the 2, monergist and synergist. A friend of mine on facebook whom blogs “A Christmas Child” was a very unlikely candidate for Christianity, coming from a strictly Taoist home in Southeast Asia. Yet somehow someway she became christian… Stark Christian at that I’ll let you read her story on her blog, it’s Truely fascinating how god worked in her life. In my own experience I would confess there was a certain kind of leading, or call.  I wouldn’t say I was forced, rather there was just a feeling and a series of events nudged me along… much like Christmas Child in many ways.

Yet at the same time I’ve seen people struggle with this feeling and nudging. Literally it just tore them apart and made them angry or stressed virtually all the time. The more they fought it the more bitter and nasty they became, they even developed severe health issues along the way. The day came they got over their bitterness and went about their ungodly lifestyle washing their hands completely of god. To some degree it was as if God just let them go in the process.

Perhaps that makes me a synergist, the belief one can refuse gods calling. On the top of my head I can think of 6 people I’ve watched go through what I’ve described. If I hadn’t seen it for myself then sure call me that. Yet I can see instances where people simply could not resist. It’s not often,  Infact it seems very rare. The disciples are a perfect example,   Jesus simply said to them “Follow me”, and they did.

While I like the calvanist I think they make a bigger deal out of this then necessary. Some however seem to walk a thin line between being elect and what was called being pure.
In the early church a poisonous belief invaded Christianity called Gnosticism. The Gnostics believed all kinds of things, but chief among those beliefs were essentially their poop did not stink. The leaders were pure because they were of the elect… how else could they be the leaders after all. They carried secret wisdom usually from pagan sources, they saw scripture as a “code” of some kind written in a way only the elect could understand. What was written in plain language was just there for the ignorant fools to believe something more simple to suit their simple lives and limited understanding. According to them most people were too stupid to go to heaven, because God created them to be inferior of the elect. (Today we might call this illuminati) In a word they believed scripture carried a double speak, littered in complex metaphors for secrete knowledge only the elect and Truely worthy of god could understand. The elect in Gnosticism did not need to be saved by Jesus they were saved from birth. Because they were incapable of committing any sin they often did whatever sin they wanted. They participated in ritual prostitution, taught interfaith beliefs or universalism, added made up things and books to scripture and many many things christians today simply would not tolerate… (I should hope anyway).

I uploaded a 4th century book called “Against Heresies” By Ireneous under the library section of this blog. The whole book details and refutes Gnosticism. It begins in the first chapter describing gnostic beliefs, should anyone be interested.

The line between gnostic purity and predestination is very Very thin to begin with, some Calvinist (I’ve noticed) describe the same model of gnostic purity when discussing predestination…. more so  monergist. This may not be intentional rather a misunderstanding of the argument. However the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Predestination can get complicated but really it’s simply an argument in how does god get people to come to him. The question is the approach, not whether we’re worthy of hell by default…. As the scriptures plainly tell us over and over again we are all worthy of death, and our poop does indeed stink.

Personally I don’t really care about predestination, it’s a non issue to me I’m just happy I’m christian and my father loves me. Sure there was a convoluted series of events guided by a feeling, perhaps in that I am elected. However if I am, I consider it not my duty to discus ways in which god is limited, or flirt with the ideals of Gnosticism. If I am elected by god, my duty is to fight for him, spread his message, study his word, and worship him. My throne is not above god, next to god, or for the matter do I even have a throne. I am elected to be a servant and a soldier. We as Christians must never forget this, To say otherwise is satanic.

God’s ways are his own, who can know it?

Why do Christians say “Covered by the Blood”

You have probably heard at one point or another “Covered by the Blood of Jesus”- to some this sounds sick or sadistic- however their is a reason for it, and its not a sick as it might sound.This particular term is a poetic simplification meaning “Saved” or “Born Again” to become “Christian”

Why is Jesus called a ‘Lamb’

It all begins with Genesis. Here is the situation, People are sinful, it’s inherent in our nature. God gave us Freewill, that means we are capable of disobeying him. Unlike birds who migrate based on instinct, people can choose whether or not to do something. At the very beginning God gave the option for Adam and Eve to disobey what god initially created us to be, that is perfect beings. He put a tree in the garden and said “Do not eat the fruit on this tree”. Eve said “Ok I will go and do it any way” followed by Adam. No longer are people perfect beings, we have whats in us called “Sin”. Now people can no longer be in the garden because they are no longer perfect beings fully acting in accordance to God.

Now after a long sequence of events and many generations, we skip ahead to Abraham. By this time people are sinning everywhere. No matter what we do it is only natural we are not perfect. Abraham was a man who earnestly wanted to be perfect in gods eyes, but he did not know how. God told him very plainly, it is impossible for him to meet the standard of perfection in his eyes. See god is a perfect being, all of us look like rif raf to him- infact sometimes god is disgusted with us. Abraham was trying to do right by god, even though it’s impossible. So he had an Idea.

To make amends of sins, he will sacrifice a lamb from his flock. The lamb had to be a very precious lamb, very rare, and one he knew he loved the most. Obviously it had to be the best Lamb, because its a sincere sacrifice. this is called “A Sin Offering”

God told Abraham “Ok, you can do that If you want…. I have a better Idea though, but thats good in the mean time”

So now Lambs are a sacrifice for sins- however the tale does not end there. Fast Forward WAYYYYYY ahead:

Jesus was a perfect man, He was the most precious man to God, He was without sin, Truly he was one of a kind because directly he was God’s Son on earth. In the same way Abraham choose his lamb sacrifice, God choose Jesus to be his sacrifice for us.

Why would he do that?

For starters God wanted it be recognizable to the Jews that Jesus was preaching to. The Jews understood the law surrounding Lamb sacrifices perfectly, they were still doing them. Jesus was sentence to die on the cross in such a way that was metaphorical to the Jewish laws of Lambs. Any Jew at the time could easily recognize it as a “Sin Offering”, and they did.

God never really cared about the lambs the jews sacrificed from the start- it was immaterial and a non-issue to him. He told Abraham this, Moses, he told Isaiah, he told Daniel this, he told everyone this. For him he took it as more or less a nice gesture the whole time up until Jesus. The fact people bother to carry on Abraham’s deal with him was received by him as a kind of “Thanks for thinking of me”. However, since they made the gesture he gave a greater gesture in return- his own son.

Why Do I need to pray to repent to Jesus

One might be tempted to think because you are a sinner you cant make it into heaven, and so to be christian you have to try very hard to be perfect. Some Christians believe Jesus was a role model, and try to be like him- thinking they should be perfect. Nothing is more false or more shallow. However, if you are a human being you are born with a imperfect nature. When god sent Jesus he amended the Lamb sacrifice law. No longer does anyone have to sacrifice lambs or even try to be perfect people.


The lamb sacrifice ritual was the original contract, Jesus was the new contract.

Simply pray that you repent to Jesus – and it’s like signing a contract saying your on gods team. That’s is

Why all this What to do over something that simple?

That would be a very good question and involves a VERY long answer. In a nutshell, the world is by it’s nature a convoluted place because people are themselves convoluted- and so we have made it that way. God was simply trying to work with the people he had to work with, and this is what he came up with. I dont think I can put this answer any simpler then that.

What about people who don’t repent, Why do they have to go to hell?

Jesus explains it in terms of Separating the Wheat from the Chaff….. Simply put some people are so sinful, they can not even pray a simple 2 second prayer to God. The very Idea may even repulse them. They are either too proud or too hateful or some other reason therein with sin/imperfection. It is in this way God allows people to sort themselves out while allowing free will. He simply made the offer with a simple enough process putting all cards on the table. He doesn’t want people to go to hell, they choose to go to hell by refusing the offer.

Think of it like a present from your parents. They give it to you and you will either like it or not. Some people don’t like the gift but bite their tongue and just accept it. Some people will plainly tell their parents, “No I don’t want it, its awful”. Some people will take it, thank their parents, and return it later. Then of course some will absolutely love the gift and treasure it.

The Bible refers to salvation as a gift from god, and makes the same general analogies i just mentioned.

I Heard Something Different

I am putting this in simple terms anyone should understand, without going through the whole bible for an entire explanation, Yes!

In truth in all this I pretty much summarized the entire bible, though there are many finer details. I invite you to the Bible for a full in depth study on your own.

In particular I would like to highlight the finer details of Salvation it self. It is not entirely as simple as just repenting. You must be sincere, and you must remain committed, and you must follow the 10 commandments. Commitment ensures you do not fall away, the 10 commandments ensures you do not fall astray. The whole point of Bible study and church groups is to spend a lifetime of commitment to your original repentance. The only thing god really wants is to be apart of your life –

Do you ignore your friends for years and expect them to remain your friend? Of course not. well the same happens with you and god.

Do you treat your friends like crap and expect them to remain your friend? Of course not. well the same happens with you and god.

Though God is not your friend, he is your creator, he wants to be a friend with you anyway- that is why he made this simple and humble gesture. Do you accept Jesus yes or no?

you don’t have to tell me but you can contact me about it if you want, along with any other questions you may have: Angelfishblog@hotmail.com

They call me Black Panda

Black Panda has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? However I am Angel fish, both in blog and in Speedy Ninja- a game on Android. Normally I don’t really like android games but this one is down right fun. Now I wouldn’t categorize this article “Christian” if I were just going to talk about an android game, keep reading- you might like this. What could Martin Luther and Ninjas possibly have in common?

Yesterday they were supposed to announce winners and give out prizes, but they couldn’t because someone. :cough: . broke the leader board by scoring too high 😀

Speedy Ninja is a Android running style game. Daily there is a contest. The score on the leader board is not the total, rather the score just for the players best run. The Longer you run, the more points you earn, until you hit something that kills you. I started playing this game only the other day, while listening to Martin Luther’s writings/books on audio book.

Not only is this game fun, The best part is I broke the speedy Ninja Warrior Novice contest on my first day of Playing 😀

My score that broke the LeaderBoard. 2nd place only had 120,00 I had almost 750,000 for my best run :-D
My score that broke the LeaderBoard. 2nd place only had 120,00 I had almost 750,000 for my best run 😀

They actually sent me an email calling me a Black Panda, telling me my best run scored more then they expected for a Novice. The program got confused and ranked me in 4th place for the next class up (bronze class), even though I was Wayyyy in first place for Novice for my best run. So now the game doesn’t know how to award my rewards, or anyone’s rewards (Hehe, I made a glitch) of course I’m bragging 😛 I earned Bragging Rights!! I am destined for Speedy Ninja Greatness

Now With That Background, Here’s the Point

Now I’m not trying to advertise speedy ninja in fact I have a point. I started playing this game while listening to Martin Luther on audio book. As some of you know I recently developed an interest in Martin Luther, I think hes an incredible man and follower of Christ. His insights in the Bible and Gospel, I have thus far found enlightening and very well thought out – Though I am not Lutheran. However, does anyone remember my post “An Evidence of Faith” ? I only wrote that a week or so ago…

Old Lutheran Facebook Page, The center for Lutheran Pride! (but not too Proud) Click here to go to their page.

I just finished saying in that article what I’m about to tell you now. I wrote about Christians doing identical random things simultaneously, for seemingly no particular reason. I concluded it is an evidence the Holy Spirit moves through us. Just this morning, after Speedy Ninja I checked Facebook and to the left is what I saw!

The first thing I saw on my news feed was this Lutheran facebook page I recently began to follow 3 days or so ago. They are selling these T-shirts, in preparation for Reformation Day. I do not know if reformation day is a special thing to the Lutheran Denomination, but I certainly intend to buy a Ninja Lutheran tee shirt all the same 😀 (what the heck). Admittedly, I’m entirely ignorant about the Lutheran Church, other then its founded by Martin Luther’s teachings. When I learn more about Reformation Day, I may write about it at a later date- if it’s at all relevant.

Old Lutheran is a online store based in Minnesota with a facebook page. They post things about Martin Luther and other reformists. Quotes, Historical events, Bible Memes etc. I only found out their on online store this morning ironically… As of today, they are doing a gimmick for this Reformation Day. It seems they are doing a sort of theme with Ninjas. With all this in mind, I just think it’s a note worthy thing to add to my observation in “An Evidence of Faith“.

Could it be a sign of something? Could it mean anything? I can only say that since I began studying Martin Luther, just a couple weeks ago, I have seen many unique signs like this. The only way to know how to interpret this, that I can see, is to wait and see what happens. All I know is something is moving in the spirit.

We can find the evidence of the living Holy Spirit all around us. Perhaps I’m a simpleton, maybe I’m crazy. It just seems too random a thing to be coincidence. I mean who on Earth would combine Martin Luther with a Ninja like this? Even the long time followers of their facebook page are perplexed :-/ They dont rightly know what this page is talking about.  yet Old Lutheran seem pretty set on running this theme for their Reformation Day. (Well why not, it’s for the kids I’m sure)

Now as a christian I am called to be a witness for Jesus, and since this thing is what it is I am documenting it here on my Blog. Praise Jesus for all his tiny mysteries!! Who’s ways are truly his own.

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-08-14-28-01.pngThough Its not my intention to advertise Speedy Ninja Im just tossing this in as a foot note, in part just to document the full details. Today (day 2 of playing) I’m in Bronze class at 3rd place 😀 They fixed everything and issued my 1st place prize for Novice. 100 rank points- Somehow I think I deserve more for breaking the Leaderboard 😀 If you want to play and friend me you don’t have to add me to Facebook or anything, just type in my ID# under Add Friends in-game. My number is: 1871987062 You too can Master Speedy Ninja Click here to get the game Speedy Ninja.

The Good Shepard

Can I make a confession? I like sheep 😀

Last week I went down to the Erie county fair. There were shops and rides and things, but of it all there were farm animals. The farmers in my good county were coming to get prizes for their animals. Each type had its own building. Now I live in the city, I know there’s farms in Erie county, but Im not really often exposed to them. Though im not entirely a city boy, Yet somehow writing this, I feel like I’ve become a simpleton in my old age of almost… 3-0.

First I saw the horses. They were BIG horses. Not sure of the name but the Budweiser type horses… (Clyndale?). Tripping over a million little kids I couldn’t get a decent picture of them. Admittedly, I wasn’t as impressed, I’ve ridden horses plenty before. They were something just not very new to me.

11884985_764924620296291_5292720789052077974_oThen there were Cows. 😀 I’m not sure which cow won prizes, they all looked pretty much the same to me. They pretty much just stood there, I admit again I wasn’t as impressed.

Then I went to the pig stables. Part of the pig contest was the farmers had to draw out parts of the pig to butcher. Each farm animal had a slightly different rule, I suppose that’s really the only useful thing about Pigs. It seemed to me the fat little things only got up to eat. They were either laying down sleeping or eating. They wouldnt even wake up and move to poop- they just went on themselves and rolled in it eventually. I walked in thinking “Hey I Like Pigs”, I walked out thinking ” Pigs are only good enough for the slaughter house”. As cruel as that may sound, that seems to be their only function and goal in life besides laying around accumulating fat.

After Pigs there were the Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. Erie County surprisingly has a very large Rabbit farm industry. It’s a huge deal here in fact! Who knew? Certainly not me, nor did I know rabbit farms existed, but here they are right here 11952791_764924726962947_4989357062886850794_oin my own voting district. Oh and Guinea Pigs too. A lady told me, many hamsters and Guinea Pigs bought in America come from Erie county farmers. The Rabbits are farmed for meat, fur, but mostly for fertilizer. So these bunnies are where gardeners buy their crap from 😀 (bad joke?) Yes bunnies are farmed for Pets too, but mostly its all about the poop.

This sheep was from Jamaica…. New York :-p I liked him because he has dread locks

Finally I made it to the sheep and goats building. I couldn’t help at gravitate towards the sheep side of things. They were so ADORABLE!! Fluffy, and  gentle and playful. The goats were nice but they just had something about them, like they didn’t want to be bothered. Sheep on the other hand acted so happy I was there to see them. Like visiting an old friend I never met before. I was speaking to a Shepardes who was kind enough to let me in the pen with her sheep. She was showing me something about the hooves – very nice girl (she ended up winning Show championship for her sheep BTW). Anyway, a sheep brought over a ball like a dog wanting to play fetch 😀 of course I threw it across the pen and sure enough he brought it back to me!! 😀 (made my whole day)

There’s things I noticed about sheep. They come in 3s where ever they go. There wasn’t any particular leader. If one moved 2 would follow and then the rest go along. They kinda bump into each other to get each others attention. Like when a person pats another’s shoulder and says “lets go this way”. Usually in such situations it starts with 1 getting another attention, the person next to them notices and follows – 6 others look over and go along with the other 3 not entirely knowing why but curious anyway.

Milking a Goat
Sheep eagerly waiting to be petted
Cute Meter 1000 cute per sq mm ❤ ❤

As Christians Jesus calls us his sheep. He didn’t pull this out of a hat, in fact it was just an observation he made about the crowds of people coming to see him.

Matthew 9:36-38
” But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no Sheppard. Then saith he unto his disciples, the harvest truely is plenteous, but the laborers are few, pray ye therefore the lord of harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest”

Henceforth from this moment Jesus begins to refer to us as sheep. Christian = Sheep BAAAAA!!!!! Everyone else = Viper, Wolf, scorpion…. (crazy mix of savages)



I could see plainly what Jesus was talking about, and what he was observing. I can imagine what sheep with out a shepard would look like just in how they seem to behave and how people work.

Sheep without a Shepard just wonder in herds randomly. There’s no particular leader, its who ever bump’s in to another and walks along the rest of the flock will follow for no apparent reason. They could easily all flock along off the edge of a cliff, not really questioning to themselves – why the flock is falling right in front of them- as they themselves soon meet their fall.

Sometimes sheep don’t know where to go. The herd panics and randomly bumps each other. There’s so many sheep bumping and moving around they get stressed and cry to each other. They jumble up and there’s a wave of chaos among the flock, so much so some sheep faint or die. In such a situation a Shepard sends in the dogs to give the flock a jolt and direction to move. He may come in with his stick and smack a few sheep  on the bum to get them to start thinking clearly.

The crowds of people coming to see Jesus were like such a flock. Chaotic and without order not entirely sure what to do or where to go. Kinda like a large group of fans and paparazzi surrounding Britney Spears when she’s out in public. Their crying, their happy, cheering, booing, pushing each other out of the way to get a glimpse, peeing their pants, and hugging each other because their so happy sad or other, cutting bits of her hair to save, fighting over a piece of chewing gum she dropped on the ground… Meanwhile all Britney is trying to do is go to the bathroom at a gas station- she has a bouncer to beat people off her just to clear a path.This is why Britney doesn’t often go out in public anymore, like many celebrities. Some wear disguises just to go grocery shopping – or so I’ve read.

11828613_759048694217217_3501939215949293883_nI could easily see the disciples of Jesus playing the role of bouncer from time to time with Jesus. Yes Jesus was much like a celebrity at his time. However Jesus, unlike Britney, welcomed the crowd. I’m certain he made exceptions like going to the bathroom, (the bible doesn’t say but I doubt he wanted an audience joining him in the outhouse)… But otherwise, it only phased him by affirming to him he needs to lead these people, not hide from them with disguises.

Which leads me to the next thing wolves in sheep clothing. One should think dfsdJesus made another observation about people and sheep. It is because sheep will follow just about anything that moves, without question as to what’s in that direction – easily they fall prey to wolves. What if a wolf were to wear a disguise as a sheep and tell the other sheep “don’t mind me I’m just grazing like the rest of you, BAHH”. The sheep wouldn’t question it much. At this point all the wolf has to do is bump another and walk a certain direction and the whole flock will follow. And say that direction were towards his hungry wolf buddies?

The sheep are not guilty of leading each other to the slaughter house, the wolf however is. The reason being this is what sheep do, its not their fault- their too good natured and trusting to think another sheep would plot such an evil scheme. The wolf knows full well of this and takes advantage. He has observed sheep’s flocking behavior and tactfully set his evil plot into motion. yet just the same the sheep are dead 😦

People do this all the time! I question are we really just talking about false prophets? Your best friend can be a wolf in sheeps clothing and lead you into a road of heroine addiction. Jesus knew this about us, most of us are easily lead astray, and its part of why people need a Shepard!

So when Jesus says ” I’m sending you out like sheep among wolves” he’s telling the disciples to be less “follow the heard”.
Did you know Sheep can be trained to herd other sheep?
It’s not common practice with farmers but it can be done. I was reading a story about a farmer who took one of his sheep in his house while it was sick. The farmer took a particular liking to that sheep and it became more of a pet then livestock. So he treated it the same as a dog. One day he said to himself “lets turn this sheep into a sheep dog”, and well the sheep was pretty good at herding the flock with the other dogs (or with the dogs :-p ). The sheep indeed, thought he was a Sheep dog, with all the gentle goodness of a sheep.

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Matthew 10:16

There is 2 ways to look at the story of Jesus. One way is it was all about him, the other way is it was all about the emergence of the disciples. “I’m sending you out like sheep among wolves” Jesus says to his disciples, and indeed they wernt entirely sure what he was talking about when he said it. Yet throughout the story, the crowds that followed Christ, not many of the multitude made it into Jesus’s inner circle of 12. Through it all, Jesus is training the disciples – yet they don’t really know it until the book of Acts. Think of all the thousands in Israel that praised Christ and surrounded him everywhere he went, How so quickly many dropped him once he was on the cross. He was no longer Britney Spears, more like Christina Agulera – the used up has been and Yesterday’s headline.

Not all but many of them forgot all about Christ. And when the disciples went back through Israel talking about Jesus, some of the same people in the crowd hailing him as “Messiah”- were mocking the disciples just by mentioning his name. The disciples began to understand perfectly, the message could not die in Israel. And so they went throughout the entire known world and spread the Gospel and became Apostles. The good Shepard wasn’t just flocking the thousands that came to see him, he was mostly flocking just 12 men.

This is where the story of Christ becomes history rather myth.

sheep_herdSo little sheep, your part of a flock that’s 2000 years old, and has multiplied and grown from just 12 sheep. We have a farmer that values us for more then just our wool. He promises us he will never send us to a butcher either. 😀 can you imagine how that would work on a real sheep farm? If there is a sheep farmer reading this you know this model of farm does not exist on earth. We are more like a massive flock of sheep pets then livestock in the kingdom of God 😀 sheep that think they are sheep dogs! we were herded in by bumping randomly off another, rounded up by other sheep, a guided by a good Shepard we barely knew at first. It all began by the Shepard training 12 sheep to be sheep herders. From those 12 you carry a torch fire!! Your torch carries the fire of the holy spirit given to them by Jesus Christ, passed down from generation to generation. Say BAAAAA if your proud to carry that TORCH as a sheep in Christs flock!!! Let no one, put your torch out! Hosanna to the highest! BAAAAAA!!! Amen.


Prosit und Gemütlichkeit! er ist auferstanden!!

“Cheers and Fellowship! for he has risen!”

And wine that maketh glad the heart of man, and oil to make his face to shine, and bread which strengtheneth man’s heart. – Psalm 104:15


The above link directs to a video interview with Pastor Phillip Heinze, of Forth Worth Texas, Who takes his church to a local pub after sermons. My first thought when I heard this is a Lutheran church was “Frühschoppen”! Of course the Lutherans in America would do this, as they are a German church. In Germany it is common practice to go out after church for lunch, drink beer, talk to people, dance, and enjoy themselves after a sermon. Often in Germany the beer is blessed by a local pastor before the festivities. Like this church is doing there is a combination of songs about God and Jesus, Some drinking songs, Discussions, and speakers, etc… In Germany beer and God are a great combination, and they have been doing this hundreds of years, well before America was even heard of.

However what I may call a revival there are many who would call this decadent and an abomination. Of whom I ask, Does not Jesus tell us to gather together in his name, celebrate and enjoy ourselves? Jesus died, then Resurrected for our sins so we may have everlasting life. Is this not a deserving act to roll out the beer and make a festival out of it? I believe satan has already infiltrated the church in America, he called it the Puritan movement.  I judge this on the fruits that as we lost the traditions like Frühschoppen we also lost many people within the church. Largely due to people thinking Christians are stuffy legalistic hypocrites. It is plainly obvious due to this movement Americans think alchohol in all its forms is inherently evil, yet this is not true. Dare I say it, the Puritan Movement was the revival of Pharisees and Saducees, and the Scribes.

Church does not belong in a pub

The word of God belongs in the home, the church, the movie theater, Coffee shop, Streets, parks, pet store and Everywhere!! We should/could shout out the message of god from the rooftops of every building. no exceptions. Need I say more to this?

Gemulichkeit has no literal English translation but it describes a space or state of warmth and friendliness, Coziness, Peace of mind, being together, belonging to each other…. Since there is no literal English translation, In a christian translation this is the definition of “Fellowship”.

I see little evidence God condemns Alcohol as “The Devils Drink”, Rather I see he encourages moderation and to be in good cheer.

Therefore God give thee of the dew of heaven, and the fatness of the earth, and plenty of corn and wine. Gen 27:28

Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart; for God now accepteth thy works. Ecclesiastes 9:7

Woe unto them that rise up early in the morning, that they may follow strong drink; that continue until night, till wine inflame them! Isaiah 5:11

Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts. Proverbs 31:6

And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit; Ephesians 5:18

For he shall be great in the sight of the Lord, and shall drink neither wine nor strong drink; and he shall be filled with the Holy Ghost, even from his mother’s womb. Luke 1:15

The above verses illustrate the sum of what the entire bible says about wine. It is contradictory that god would give us wine and tell us to be merry yet we are to be completely with out wine. The bible is expressing what most of us do anyway- no not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic. Have you ever just wanted to relax and unwind with a good brew? in such an instance would you say you had more then maybe 2-3 beers or glasses of wine? Then you know this about God in your heart.

How much is too much?

A tricky question as its not easy to standardize. Each person knows their own limit; for me its around the 4th beer im done, I know some who can only handle just 1- Noticeably men tend to handle alcohol better then woman, then there’s heredity and xyz reasons why this isnt standardized. Then theres moods, people like myself just have to be in the mood for it which tends to come about every 2-6 months. Test your limit for yourself, most of us know what that stopping point is. That is the line between a merry person and an alcoholic. A person who knows their limit and maintains self control responsibly.

051614ReligionLede1Kudos To Pastor Phillip Heinze and Prosit! You have not lead your flock astray, rather you have invited them to enjoy themselves while evangelizing. You have gathered the congregation into fellowship and lead the Lutheran church to their roots of German heritage. God Bless Beer, God bless Germany and God bless Phillip Heinze!

Prosit und Gemütlichkeit denn er ist auferstanden!!