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It Is My 1st Birthday!!!

1 year ago today August 29, 2014 I started this blog site!! So TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!fjkgkXoxo I love you all, I met so many of you and learned so much, I hope you have learned so much from me as well 😀

Lets mark this occasion I’ll talk a little about Angel Fish Blog. I started this blog because I have too much in my brain that cant be automatically downloaded into my laptop. 😉 like many of you I found I manually have to type things 🙂 I was going to originally start this blog with Aquariums, But the Holy Spirit had other plans as you see- Christianity pretty much dominates everything I have ever written here. 😀 I wouldn’t change a thing 😀 (I think I only have maybe 2 articles on Aquariums, now that I think about it)

Making a Splash

Where Angel Fish is Swimming Around the World
Where Angel Fish is Swimming Around the World

I am not really sure if I am even really going for “Success”, or what that definition really is with Blogging. Looking over some stats:

My blog consists of total 162 posts (now 163), According to stats I am most popular in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, New Zealand, India, South Africa, and Sweden- In that order. I have spoken to people in India, Japan, Russia and Iraq about Jesus and things on my Blog- Which by itself fills my heart with much joy that someone, who does not know Christ, knows him a little better now 😀 thank you for sending me an email.

I have over 8,727 total hits this 1st year. On average I receive about 30-50 views per day. My only advertisement has just been posting things on my Facebook page, and I barely consider that advertisement- I don’t really care about advertisement (maybe someday I will). Most of my traffic comes from Google search anyway (#2 is Bing, I am glad to see i’m not the only person who uses Bing). I have made in one year $0.00 from my blog, because I do not write for money, contracts or other. Coincidentally I have not had any lawsuits either 😀 (knocking on Wood).

-My most popular article is; Evangelist Anita Fuentas False Teacher 

-My Personal Favorite Article is- “The Story of Vladimir the Great” it was the true account of how a Viking King became christian. I wrote this after reading into some heavy history on the Scythians. One of my first, but not too many read it- though always very well received.

-My First Blog Post was: “My Road To Christ” I started this blog first thing by talking about how I became a christian from a pagan savage. This article was written 1 year ago today in my kitchen with a homemade Blueberry Pie, and 3 pots of coffee. I think it took about 13 hours, it was just about all day. When I was done I had a headache. This like many of my articles that followed was written on my Note 3.

Humble Beginnings

  1. animated-clam-gifI was a fry born in a farm on the other side of the fish tank. This was back when we had to make our own fish flakes. Thats right we had to WORK for our fish flakes! All the angel fish just had a 1 room school house out in the prairie at the church. Pa made us work on the farm plowing the algae fields after school. For fun we used to play “Throw the Rock”, because all we could afford was a rock. We didnt have these fancy video games and that intern- whats it called.. life was simple, and we liked it!

Just kidding 😀

It started as a hobby, and its still a hobby. When I began I had no idea how to start a website. I had some training in web page design in the olden days of the internet when “Geo Cities” was the thing. I was just coming out of Elementary school then. This website was such a mess at first (1 year ago today), it took about a week to figure everything out. followed by at least another 6 months to figure everything else out. Now I’m cleaned up and perfectly satisfied with everything.

I began just writing little things, I did not really know what my ‘Focus’ was going to be. Until I said “I don’t need a ‘Focus'” and got over focus. I added books to this site, I wrote a series, and I made an app for this site. (it was in Android Play Store but no one used it). Through it all, some articles were great, some ok- I have never been told I suck as a writer anyway, so that’s a good enough start 😀

I have seen many fellow bloggers come and go, my feelings are not hurt- though there’s a few I kind of miss. Blogging is not for everyone- but it certainly is for me 😀

Just Keep Swimming
Just Keep Swimming

Thank you WordPress, Thank you other Bloggers, thank you strangers and friends Alike!! Thank you to my loyal fans, yes I have notice Bj of The River Walk, you were my second or fifth follower and haven’t gone anywhere since. 😀 I would like to thank God whom fuels my spirit in writing, of which none of this could be possible. If you have read my articles about Germany I often talk about “Gemütlichkeit” That is what I have found we have here together in the body of christ. God Bless


Blogging is for the long winded

Some people only have thoughts that never exceed 140 characters- and so they go to Twitter. Some People are facebook people, Some people are Google + and some people feel like video editing for Youtube.

Something I noticed about bloggers, myself included is, we are very long winded people with a lot of information in our heads. Sometimes we dont even know what were saying, we just rant. There’s something else I’ve noticed about bloggers were actually friendlier, I think it comes with intelligence. Since I’ve come to wordpress I can honestly say i’ve seen a decline in trolls- people are actually respectful to each other even when they disagree. Who knew there are people on the internet that can respectfully disagree and not take things to heart. 😀

Im looking at my word count its currently 135. This is possibly one of my shortest posts but just wanted to get that out there. God Bless

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