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Why I’m adding Recipes to my blog

Some may think of this as a christian blog, and indeed it largely is. However, you may have noticed I branch out into all kinds of things. Why?

2 reasons.

1. It’s easier to just have 1 blog site. Not to mention recipes in particular I don’t ever want to loose come right from my own recipe collection. I like to ensure I will never loose them.

2. Web Traffic. People Google all kinds of things, if I stuck to just Christian material I’m just preaching to the choir. All I say about Christ is lost to the lost, and therefore it’s really no point in writing it to begin with. Often people click around once they find a site they like, and maybe discover something new along the way.
This is called “Diversifying your portfolio”. Not to mention, my recipes are freaking awesome!

I think I’ve made my point perfectly clear on this. In the meantime Angel fish blog remains a site of all my thoughts, not limited to recipes, also I talk about Aquariums, politics, etc etc… My heart and foundation is always in Jesus Christ. My blog is about all that is within my mind heart and soul, not limited to 1 subject appropriately.

I encourage every Christian blogger to do the same.


Blogging is for the long winded

Some people only have thoughts that never exceed 140 characters- and so they go to Twitter. Some People are facebook people, Some people are Google + and some people feel like video editing for Youtube.

Something I noticed about bloggers, myself included is, we are very long winded people with a lot of information in our heads. Sometimes we dont even know what were saying, we just rant. There’s something else I’ve noticed about bloggers were actually friendlier, I think it comes with intelligence. Since I’ve come to wordpress I can honestly say i’ve seen a decline in trolls- people are actually respectful to each other even when they disagree. Who knew there are people on the internet that can respectfully disagree and not take things to heart. 😀

Im looking at my word count its currently 135. This is possibly one of my shortest posts but just wanted to get that out there. God Bless

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Winter is so Depressing

I am tired of winter already, Living in buffalo ny is just awful. We started this winter season with 7 feet of snow, it melted away in just a week, then its been nothing but a crazy up and down temperatures and rain. How crazy you ask? Today its 10 deg (f) yesterday it was 52, tomorrow it will be 30 something. Then there is the night starting at 5 pm which is really annoying. For some reason it’s like the whole world shuts down this time of year. Nothing is going on, no one wants to go anywhere- as if we dont live in the 21st century with indoor heating and have 20,000 square foot indoor activities :-/ Yet, I suppose everyone is broke after christmas so thats that I guess.

Yet theres this other aspect of winter I find very strange. I’m hungry but too lazy to eat- yet there’s another very strange thing I get every year. Have you ever had that weird feeling you cant decide if your thirsty or hungry? As if your throat is dry but not really thirsty, you kinda want a tuna fish sandwich but not really hungry, but yeah really want both– WTF right?

Lately all I want to do is sleep, Yet when I’m wide awake everyone else wants to sleep so I cant really go anywhere or do anything. Then people tell me they think I’m depressed because I’m tired when they want to do something- never mind them also being depressed for vice verse reasons.

Even the news is showing signs of the world quieting down- lately they have been repeating all the articles the world went through over the summer- as if absolutely nothing is happening anywhere in the world right now. Not even ISIS is up to their usual antics lately, the best we have lately is a plane crash in malaysia and I guess kim kardashian did something (I’m still not sure why people care about kim kardashian anyway). Something I found somewhat interesting is crime seems to go down in the winter. Even the criminals are too lazy to go anywhere or do anything. Well why not I suppose were all stuck in the house.

So for the past 2 weeks I’ve been playing Poke’mon on my phones game boy app- I got my kadabra trained up to level 71 and became a pokemon master. I hacked an already hacked version of pokemon called ‘Pokemon Dark Violet’ to try to customize how I want it just because i’m bored. I redecorated my cell phone into a steampunk theme which was kinda cool. Today i was thinking about doing something fun and completely different- Looking at real estate in Florida. But IDK I did that last year it only made me depressed with the realization I have too much family in New York to move 1200 miles away. That in light I decided to blog because I’m bored, but couldnt think of a single thing to blog about- So this little rant is the best I can come up with. My husband is too lazy to even play monopoly with me, my friends are too lazy to come over- too broke to go anywhere, its too cold to ride my bike or walk the dogs- seems like im trapped until march. (that could amount to a lot more blogging, just a warning). I

Welcome to my exciting life in January. A time when no body wants to do anything or go anywhere, but pick our nose at home and stare at the wall.


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