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Why I call blog posts ‘Articles’

I just want to put this out there to explain my position for calling everything I blog an ‘Article’. I also have the habit of calling other blog posts article’s to. No one ever complained about it before but I still feel it’s important so just putting it out there.

WordPress calls it a ‘blog post’, but the thing is I’m not doing the same thing I do on facebook. WordPress is perhaps for some a kind of ‘social media’, but it kind of isnt. Imagine if facebook posts were 2000 words long, would you really read every thing everyone had to say on your wall? Of course not, no one has that kind of time with Facebook posts.

Article is a word choice I prefer because it’s just more accurate. I’m writing about something, I’m adding a lot of detail to it, usually it’s more then 800 words long. I present each thing on my website as if it were an article on a news site or perhaps a page out of a encyclopedia or some book. Article doesn’t necessarily have to be a news article, it’s just a piece of writing posted to a source- in this case my blog site. so it just makes sense to me.

Then there’s ‘blog’, well my whole website is a blog, I’m posting something to it. ‘Blog’ doesn’t feel right either. In my mind it’s an Article posted on my Blog. So that’s just not fitting well.

I don’t write much fiction I tend to go along with facts, so I can’t really say it’s a ‘story’. I do have some christian parables I made up, but I doubt anyone ever read them, and I’ve never included them under the category of ‘article’ anyway. Yet I’m not using references or citations for many things, I’m just downloading information from my brain I know is true onto my website- so I can’t really call it an essay or something to be taken as academic fact. As far as I know opinion based on fact is still considered an opinion, so is a educated opinion. I’m not writing to my college professor for a grade or given a writing assignment of some kind. Since there’s a bit of an opinion in my writtings and other considerations,’essay’ doesn’t feel right either.

(I don’t know maybe ‘Essay’ is a better word choice, perhaps I’m being too picky. Am I being too picky? Are you being too picky? I don’t know.)

Then there’s ‘Musings’. Frankly I don’t even know what a musing is, I dont think anyone knows what a musing is. Whats so amusing about a Musing? I think it has to do with art and theater. I think of poetry and screen plays with ‘musings’. I’m not very good at poetry so i don’t write poetry. I have no involvement in theater, no desire to be, so screen plays is out. Musings is just not what angel fish is about.

So what ever you wanna call my writings go ahead I’m sticking with ‘Article’ for most of them. Call it garbage for all I care, I’m not going to nit pick it any further.’Article’ just makes sense to me, and that’s why I call it that. I don’t know if anyone cared before or will care later. If they should, this article is for them.

If you want to ask me anymore questions on the topic, go ask my english college professor. He works at University of Buffalo. He has a PHD in writing, I don’t. Good guy, smart guy, loves to hear himself talk- very knowledgeable on these types of dilemmas. I mean, I never had bad grades in english, but I could be wrong about ‘article’. He’s never been shy to tell me I’m wrong before… Pick up the phone and call his english department, let him answer all your questions for me on this topic.

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