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Fish Tank Secrets

I’ve always had a fish tank, I’ve always loved fish. Over the years there are some things I’ve learned that seldom ever get talked about, so I thought I’d share some secretes.

1. Fish can learn

Contrary to popular belief fish are very intelligent, particularly Angel fish and Goldfish. I have trained Goldfish to jump through hoops and I’ve also trained angel fish to kiss me on the lips 😀 surprisingly it only takes a couple days and a little patience but it can be done. It begins by gaining the fishes trust by feeding it with your hand. Once the fish knows your not a treat to it, slowly try petting it.. like you would a cat or dog. Once the fish trusts you, you can teach it to do anything.

2. Fish can be disciplined

In every fish tank there is always 1 fish attacking all the other fish. It is because fish can learn, they can also be disciplined not to attack needlessly. In most cases wait for the fish to attack then tap on the glass. He should stop the attack immediately. However if he ignores the tap don’t be shy to stick your hand in and chase him. After awhile the fish will learn not to keep attacking others. Soon you will have a tank where everyone gets along.

3. Malaysian Trumpet Snails

No one likes snails but everyone hates algae, yet algae is inevitable. There are 2 types of common place snails, mainly there is the rounded shell snail. What you want is the pointed cone shape shell. Malaysian trumpet snails don’t take over the tank, they don’t eat plants, and they tend to stay out of view. Generally these only come out at night, during the daytime they find some place to hide. They make great bottom feeders, especially if you don’t really like most bottom feeders. For a planted tank these snails are particularly ideal. They will not eat plants, they only eat fish poop and algae.

4. Most problems are solved with table salt… No really

Salt is the main ingredient for all aquarium medications for the simple reason salt cures pretty much everything. You can pay $40 for fish medicine at the pet store, or you can pay 75 cents at the grocery store, the choice is yours – the results are the same. Additionally, salt keeps algae in the tank under control because the salt traps oxygen in the water. It doesn’t kill algae, it just keeps it “tamed”. Ideally in a fresh water tank use about 1/4 cup per gallon.

5. Bubbles

Some people don’t like air stones in their tank, to me it’s absolutely strange this is the case. You can run a fish tank entirely without a filter simply by having lots and lots of bubbles… if you have enough substrate. Truthfully the reason you have a filter in the tank is to build up bacteria, it has nothing to do with traping gunk in the filter. The bacteria is what breaks all the junk down. The bacteria that does this lives in the gravel of the tank and in dark places. More gravel = more bacteria. In a bubble run tank you want about 3 to 4 inches of gravel.
Air stones can be hidden behind backgrounds, which is where most of my air stones are in my 75 gallon tank. You don’t have to look at them if your creative enough. All in all a filter isn’t enough by itself, and of a truth it’s fully expendable.

6. Clean water has no life

If you afraid of a little gunk in your fish tank, then a fish tank is not for you. The water should be clear but still your going to have slime here and there. You could clean the slime or just leave it there it makes no real difference. In nature when ever you see perfectly clear water, you will not see any fish in it for the reason the water hasn’t any oxygen or other chemicals that support bacteria. This is true for salt water as well as fresh water. If all it takes is a bit of slime to disgust you from your tank, do yourself a favor and get a cat or maybe a lizard. Just remember, your not drinking the fish tank water, all you want is the water to be clear.

7. DIY background and DIY decorations are awesome


This is my 75 gallon tank, I named it Blueberry Bay. The background  is made entirely from foam board and epoxy. I made this about 5 years ago  and over the years, it’s held up very nicely. It cost about $40 to make, and took about a week to do. Though how to do it really is another article altogether. I highly recommend doing your own background, the possibilities for your tank are virtually endless. Don’t buy fish tank decor, your just throwing your money away. You will love something you made yourself a whole lot better anyway.

8. Keep the temperature in the lower 70s.

The thing about most breads of fish is they are easy to breed. The problem with that is when they do they become aggressive and highly territorial. You may want to breed fish, if so put them in a separate tank. If not then keep the water at a luke warm temperature around 70 degrees.

9. Bigger is better

In small tanks the likely hood of your fish dieing are very high, because there is wild chemical fluctuations. In a bigger tank (40 gallons +) the chemical fluctuations become more balanced. There is alot going on in your tank, mainly it’s a war zone between bacteria. There’s ammonia producing bacteria and nitrogen producing bacteria. These 2 are in constant competition for dominance yet they both kinda work together….
In a smaller tank the ammonia bacteria gain dominance one day, the next it’s the nitrogen bacteria. In a large tank it could take a month for the ammonia bacteria to take dominance, and another month for nitrogen to rebound….  Yes this is a complicated subject matter. The summary of which, is get a bigger tank then 40 gallons for less mysterious fish deaths.

10. Beta fish CAN be put in a fish tank with other fish

I don’t really understand where this fiction beta fish are inheritantly aggressive came from. You simply can’t put 2 betas together, they do fine with other fish. You can expect the beta fish to pretty much keep to himself with tank mates. You might even find he gets scared of the other fish and often hides. This fiction betas are violent simply is not true.

11. Fish are the best pet you can ever have. 🙂

Some people like cats, others it’s dogs, but fish are Awesome! They have personalities and I myself could sit in front of my tank for hours just watching them or petting them. If I could be anything other then human I would certainly be a mermaid, just so I could live in my fish tank and ever be with my fish.


They call me Black Panda

Black Panda has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? However I am Angel fish, both in blog and in Speedy Ninja- a game on Android. Normally I don’t really like android games but this one is down right fun. Now I wouldn’t categorize this article “Christian” if I were just going to talk about an android game, keep reading- you might like this. What could Martin Luther and Ninjas possibly have in common?

Yesterday they were supposed to announce winners and give out prizes, but they couldn’t because someone. :cough: . broke the leader board by scoring too high 😀

Speedy Ninja is a Android running style game. Daily there is a contest. The score on the leader board is not the total, rather the score just for the players best run. The Longer you run, the more points you earn, until you hit something that kills you. I started playing this game only the other day, while listening to Martin Luther’s writings/books on audio book.

Not only is this game fun, The best part is I broke the speedy Ninja Warrior Novice contest on my first day of Playing 😀

My score that broke the LeaderBoard. 2nd place only had 120,00 I had almost 750,000 for my best run :-D
My score that broke the LeaderBoard. 2nd place only had 120,00 I had almost 750,000 for my best run 😀

They actually sent me an email calling me a Black Panda, telling me my best run scored more then they expected for a Novice. The program got confused and ranked me in 4th place for the next class up (bronze class), even though I was Wayyyy in first place for Novice for my best run. So now the game doesn’t know how to award my rewards, or anyone’s rewards (Hehe, I made a glitch) of course I’m bragging 😛 I earned Bragging Rights!! I am destined for Speedy Ninja Greatness

Now With That Background, Here’s the Point

Now I’m not trying to advertise speedy ninja in fact I have a point. I started playing this game while listening to Martin Luther on audio book. As some of you know I recently developed an interest in Martin Luther, I think hes an incredible man and follower of Christ. His insights in the Bible and Gospel, I have thus far found enlightening and very well thought out – Though I am not Lutheran. However, does anyone remember my post “An Evidence of Faith” ? I only wrote that a week or so ago…

Old Lutheran Facebook Page, The center for Lutheran Pride! (but not too Proud) Click here to go to their page.

I just finished saying in that article what I’m about to tell you now. I wrote about Christians doing identical random things simultaneously, for seemingly no particular reason. I concluded it is an evidence the Holy Spirit moves through us. Just this morning, after Speedy Ninja I checked Facebook and to the left is what I saw!

The first thing I saw on my news feed was this Lutheran facebook page I recently began to follow 3 days or so ago. They are selling these T-shirts, in preparation for Reformation Day. I do not know if reformation day is a special thing to the Lutheran Denomination, but I certainly intend to buy a Ninja Lutheran tee shirt all the same 😀 (what the heck). Admittedly, I’m entirely ignorant about the Lutheran Church, other then its founded by Martin Luther’s teachings. When I learn more about Reformation Day, I may write about it at a later date- if it’s at all relevant.

Old Lutheran is a online store based in Minnesota with a facebook page. They post things about Martin Luther and other reformists. Quotes, Historical events, Bible Memes etc. I only found out their on online store this morning ironically… As of today, they are doing a gimmick for this Reformation Day. It seems they are doing a sort of theme with Ninjas. With all this in mind, I just think it’s a note worthy thing to add to my observation in “An Evidence of Faith“.

Could it be a sign of something? Could it mean anything? I can only say that since I began studying Martin Luther, just a couple weeks ago, I have seen many unique signs like this. The only way to know how to interpret this, that I can see, is to wait and see what happens. All I know is something is moving in the spirit.

We can find the evidence of the living Holy Spirit all around us. Perhaps I’m a simpleton, maybe I’m crazy. It just seems too random a thing to be coincidence. I mean who on Earth would combine Martin Luther with a Ninja like this? Even the long time followers of their facebook page are perplexed :-/ They dont rightly know what this page is talking about.  yet Old Lutheran seem pretty set on running this theme for their Reformation Day. (Well why not, it’s for the kids I’m sure)

Now as a christian I am called to be a witness for Jesus, and since this thing is what it is I am documenting it here on my Blog. Praise Jesus for all his tiny mysteries!! Who’s ways are truly his own.

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-08-14-28-01.pngThough Its not my intention to advertise Speedy Ninja Im just tossing this in as a foot note, in part just to document the full details. Today (day 2 of playing) I’m in Bronze class at 3rd place 😀 They fixed everything and issued my 1st place prize for Novice. 100 rank points- Somehow I think I deserve more for breaking the Leaderboard 😀 If you want to play and friend me you don’t have to add me to Facebook or anything, just type in my ID# under Add Friends in-game. My number is: 1871987062 You too can Master Speedy Ninja Click here to get the game Speedy Ninja.

It Is My 1st Birthday!!!

1 year ago today August 29, 2014 I started this blog site!! So TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!fjkgkXoxo I love you all, I met so many of you and learned so much, I hope you have learned so much from me as well 😀

Lets mark this occasion I’ll talk a little about Angel Fish Blog. I started this blog because I have too much in my brain that cant be automatically downloaded into my laptop. 😉 like many of you I found I manually have to type things 🙂 I was going to originally start this blog with Aquariums, But the Holy Spirit had other plans as you see- Christianity pretty much dominates everything I have ever written here. 😀 I wouldn’t change a thing 😀 (I think I only have maybe 2 articles on Aquariums, now that I think about it)

Making a Splash

Where Angel Fish is Swimming Around the World
Where Angel Fish is Swimming Around the World

I am not really sure if I am even really going for “Success”, or what that definition really is with Blogging. Looking over some stats:

My blog consists of total 162 posts (now 163), According to stats I am most popular in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, New Zealand, India, South Africa, and Sweden- In that order. I have spoken to people in India, Japan, Russia and Iraq about Jesus and things on my Blog- Which by itself fills my heart with much joy that someone, who does not know Christ, knows him a little better now 😀 thank you for sending me an email.

I have over 8,727 total hits this 1st year. On average I receive about 30-50 views per day. My only advertisement has just been posting things on my Facebook page, and I barely consider that advertisement- I don’t really care about advertisement (maybe someday I will). Most of my traffic comes from Google search anyway (#2 is Bing, I am glad to see i’m not the only person who uses Bing). I have made in one year $0.00 from my blog, because I do not write for money, contracts or other. Coincidentally I have not had any lawsuits either 😀 (knocking on Wood).

-My most popular article is; Evangelist Anita Fuentas False Teacher 

-My Personal Favorite Article is- “The Story of Vladimir the Great” it was the true account of how a Viking King became christian. I wrote this after reading into some heavy history on the Scythians. One of my first, but not too many read it- though always very well received.

-My First Blog Post was: “My Road To Christ” I started this blog first thing by talking about how I became a christian from a pagan savage. This article was written 1 year ago today in my kitchen with a homemade Blueberry Pie, and 3 pots of coffee. I think it took about 13 hours, it was just about all day. When I was done I had a headache. This like many of my articles that followed was written on my Note 3.

Humble Beginnings

  1. animated-clam-gifI was a fry born in a farm on the other side of the fish tank. This was back when we had to make our own fish flakes. Thats right we had to WORK for our fish flakes! All the angel fish just had a 1 room school house out in the prairie at the church. Pa made us work on the farm plowing the algae fields after school. For fun we used to play “Throw the Rock”, because all we could afford was a rock. We didnt have these fancy video games and that intern- whats it called.. life was simple, and we liked it!

Just kidding 😀

It started as a hobby, and its still a hobby. When I began I had no idea how to start a website. I had some training in web page design in the olden days of the internet when “Geo Cities” was the thing. I was just coming out of Elementary school then. This website was such a mess at first (1 year ago today), it took about a week to figure everything out. followed by at least another 6 months to figure everything else out. Now I’m cleaned up and perfectly satisfied with everything.

I began just writing little things, I did not really know what my ‘Focus’ was going to be. Until I said “I don’t need a ‘Focus'” and got over focus. I added books to this site, I wrote a series, and I made an app for this site. (it was in Android Play Store but no one used it). Through it all, some articles were great, some ok- I have never been told I suck as a writer anyway, so that’s a good enough start 😀

I have seen many fellow bloggers come and go, my feelings are not hurt- though there’s a few I kind of miss. Blogging is not for everyone- but it certainly is for me 😀

Just Keep Swimming
Just Keep Swimming

Thank you WordPress, Thank you other Bloggers, thank you strangers and friends Alike!! Thank you to my loyal fans, yes I have notice Bj of The River Walk, you were my second or fifth follower and haven’t gone anywhere since. 😀 I would like to thank God whom fuels my spirit in writing, of which none of this could be possible. If you have read my articles about Germany I often talk about “Gemütlichkeit” That is what I have found we have here together in the body of christ. God Bless

Update on Truck Driving School

I have made it to the mid point of truck driving school at NTTS, and I absolutely love it. I’d like to recap what we’ve done so far. There is a good deal of book work and math, of which I did not really expect. Mostly on regulations and the rules of the road, weight requirements and mechanical. Needless to say, it’s easier to drive the truck then memorizing DOT regulations :-p Surprisingly it’s even easier to get a job then driving the truck itself.

I can see very plainly God has called me to this job. Every day I say a little prayer thanking him for showing me this unexplored terrain. Let me just spell this out- I’m an investor, I went to boarding school in Vermont, I grew up on caviar and horse back riding and sailboat racing. I traveled Europe for 3 years and picked up 7 different languages! I mean a truck driver is something so very unexpected for me, yet wow here I am. However if there is something you are supposed to do you just feel it. I don’t know why but I just feel right in a truck and I get the sense I was lead to it in a convoluted series of events. I’m also amazed in the amount of support I’ve gotten for doing this from my family and friends – of which I am grateful. I’m even more amazed at how easy to get along with other truck drivers actually are- I seem to fit right in like a glove.

I will also like to point out to anyone about to get their CDL learner permit, there is an app that is immensely helpful for test questions at the DMV. I swear at least half the questions on this practice test app was actually on my DMV test (just saying)


Who would have guessed truck drivers used algebra? Seriously not even investors use algebra :-/ In truck school GPS doesn’t exist we have to manually calculate the weight limit on bridges and how to shift weight. We have to calculate how long it takes to get from point A to point B. We have to calculate gear ratios- which is a tedious busy work. It didn’t surprise me too much I’m better at it then most people in my class. Though I’m sure in real life (like in investing) algebra isn’t required.

Trip Planing.
Some in my class are just 21 years old, they never had to use a map before. Im not much older only 27, but yes I remember the days before Google maps and GPS so I think this was easier for me then some in the class. There is a number of 40 year olds in class which surprised me, they were absolutely horrible at using the map… (isn’t that something). Truck driver maps are only slightly different then car maps- in that you have to watch for mountain areas where trucks might not be allowed to go, or bridges with low weight limits, and other various exceptions. Truck drivers have to actually use the index which includes all such unexpected surprises. Mainly the goal is to stay on the highway, and try to only get into major cities at night.

Truck drivers are not under the jurisdiction of local police so much as the federal government. While we still have to follow local laws in each state, the Department of Transportation  (DOT) is ussually the ones who pulls us over- and they have a slightly different rule book. As anyone could imagine federal regulations are extensive and mind numbingly boring. Log Books being a whole different thing sufficed to say we’re only allowed to drive at most 11 hours a day. Log books being convoluted I won’t won’t get into it.


The good news here is no one expects us to be an expert beyond general maintenance and common troubleshooting. That much I can handel for mechanics. Like most car drivers I admit I don’t really know how the thing works I just know how to drive it. I’m glad the school agrees with this logic I admit I have no interestin fixing trucks- in not paid enough for that.

After about 3 weeks of just book work we finally get in the truck. Starting with pretrip inspection and drop and hook. Though the book work doesn’t stop here entirely, we are slowly and gradually weaned out of the classroom completely until the final 3 weeks.

Pretrip inspection.
Going through every nook and cranny of the truck and trailer looking for mechanical damage or a violation of DOT

In real life, the trucks we are learning on would never pass a pretrip inspection. This one was built in 1972 and part of the floor is rusted through.
In real life, the trucks we are learning on would never pass a pre trip inspection. This one was built in 1972 and part of the floor is rusted through.

regulations. The list of things to look for consists of 70+ things and is done under 10 mins, everyday. It gets redundant fairly quick but is meant to quickly identify a problem with the truck so to get it fixed before it becomes a issue… or before a small issue becomes a bigger issue. Some could imagine as a truck driver there will be a new trailer on the truck almost everyday, so trailer inspection is fairly important. I believe Airline Pilots have to do something similar before take off- Easy, yes but redundant.

I will post 2 videos of Pretrip inspection on a playlist, exterior and interior, The guy in the video is one of the instructors of the school. I understand he actually trains the examiners at the DMV who do road tests in order to pass the license exam. ( I have a good feeling about going to the same school that trains these examiners, Though I believe this video was filmed at the instructors old job not the school)

Drop and hook.
In truck school I have thus far dropped and hooked a thousand times already, I suspect I will do so a million and 1 times more.

Set the trailer brakes, block the wheels, Lower the landing gear, uncouple the airlines, un hook the trailer, drive away. Back up, check the trailer is in line with king pin, reconnect airlines, back up into trailer, test trailer brakes by pulling up a bit, recheck everything, raise landing gear and unblock wheels.

In that order, it gets redundant but this was the first time I actually drove a truck. When I first started I was like OMG IM DRIVING!! Now I’m finding new and creative ways to get out of it :-p

Straight line Backing.

Here is when school actually begins to get in session- at least for me. It is another redundant task however here I quickly picked up a new spin with it- shifting gears.

Around week 4 we begin to back up to a dock trying to keep the truck straight. The trailer swings, so the goal is to try backing and keep it straight. Obviously the only thing we can use is the mirrors to see what we’re doing. (Trucks do not have back windows, and the ones that do all you see is the front of the trailer).

For me at first I wanted to get a sense of depth perception with the mirrors, so I know exactly when to stop without being told. (The mirror can be deceptive). I noticed everyone else failed to understand this, as they always waited till someone signaled them or yelled. A classmate was complaining to me that I wouldn’t yell at him to stop when he crashed into the dock, but I told him you need to work on your depth perception in mirrors on your own. He raised a hissy fit, but come test time he got an A only because the instructor did not have to tell him when to stop- he knew when on his own. So yeah, your welcome! This sounds dumb but it proved so much more benificial on later styles of backing.

After doing straight line backing for ever since 4 weeks ago, it has become thoroughly natural and again redundant. What my issue was mostly is shifting gears. So I reinvented straight line backing into gear shifting. This being the only backing maneuver that pulls forward straight and back up, I simply pull forward while shifting to 4th gear. Getting to 4th gear within 25 feet being standard on the road for trucks it’s best I learn this now.

See side backing.

On my very first go with see side backing I did it flawlessly and I swear it was sheer luck. After that I was a bit bumpy for while- but everyone in the school was talking about how I was at this point the best in class at just about everything. Strangers would come up to me asking me questions because they heard through the grape vine I’m the best!!

I’m like shut up I know it :-p

See side backing is backing up from the side… kinda like how a car backs up into a driveway, except try doing it with a trailer. It’s tricky, but the trick is keep backing up straight and make a hard turn just when the trailer is almost about to come to 90 deg angle.  To show you what I mean here’s a video.

This has different names including alley dock backing, but anyway moving on.

Blind side Backing.

This is the same as see side backing except backing up on the passenger side. It’s called blind side backing because you literally can’t see where you going. The mirrors are useless as all they show is the side of the trailer.  Unfortunately you have walk around the whole truck and guess if your doing it right. I notice the school only puts cones up for this one not the trailers,  rightly so. The whole class has ended up way on the other side of the parking lot for this one myself included.
I consider it a personal achievement I managed to not kill any cones trying to do this.  Instead I drive in between them and all around them and just about everywhere else I wasn’t suppose to go.  I will in the future take the instructors advice and NEVER DO THIS UNLESS I ABSOLUTELY HAVE NO CHOICE!!  Though I have gotten better with it and an A on Blind side test, I’m glad that’s over..

Job Hunting.

Here’s what it’s all about. Many companies send a recruiter to the school to give a presentation about their company. They usually give us free pens and things, then talk about the pay and benefits and what all else. All of their applications are at the front desk which I was so nervous about filling out for a while- just because I had 0 truck driving experience other then the school. I’ve been a property manager and a private investor for 6 years so let’s be even clearer- I have absolutely no blue collar experience whatsoever other then a bar tending job I only took because I thought bar tending was fun and easy (it’s not btw). So I went ahead I put my head under the job market guillotine with 7 different companies.

To my surprise I was instantly prehired with 5 companies within a 3 day period, (including a company I applied to in Germany, just to see if I can work in Europe). 1 of which was in my top 3- (I am still waiting on the other 2 in my top 3). All 4 of them told me because of my perfect driving record they can’t wait to have me and NTTS is a very very good school!

What I’ve learned about the truck driving job market is every company only sounds the same but each is completely different. Some use newer trucks, some prefer older because they have to be broken in. Most starting pay is 40 +/- cents a mile. Health benefits vary. Blah blah blah… Companies that have come to the school are:

Werner, Maverick, TMC, Falcon Transportation, YRC, H.O. Wolding, Wadhams, US Xpress, and Rohl Transportation.

My top 3 picks is as follows:

Wadhams Enterprises
H.O. Wolding
Falcon Transportation

thWadhams is the main one I want because they have 4 different divisions 2 of which have caught my eye. Rist transport is over the road and Earl T. Wadhams is milk delivery. Here’s the thing though- I really want the Milk division, but the milk division is 3 hours away in the country. Rist is right here in my city though so for me it’s a foot in the door. I can’t just pick up and move now but I can a year from now- plus I’ve been wanting to move out of the city anyway so Wadhams just fits into my personal life plans.

The pay is average 40-55k a year, and the nice thing is I never really go too far away. They also have the best benifits including vision dental and Blue cross insurance with $ 250 deductible (which has become very rare). As far as I know I’m the only one in my class who even applied to Wadhams which should set me up good with them already.

What I noticed about my class so far is they are looking at dollar signs and who ever pays the best. Not necessarily anything else. Wadhams pays 35 cents a mile while other places pay 40 cents a mile. The difference here is Wadhams gives more miles then those paying 40 cents. I try explaining to them the simple equation.

Cents X Mile= $$

Then try explaining to them they are never going to find a $250 deductible on insurance ever again. Plus vision and dental

Rist Division of Wadhams is Over the Road. My foot in the door. I’m calling this career plan “Operation Milk Man”

both of which have no deductible. Yes Wadhams pays a little less then some but they make up for it in benefits and simply not going into Canada or New York City… being another thing in itself. Plus they pay for dead head miles (driving without a load). So it’s a rare gem I suppose for those who are smart enough to see the advantage. I only just applied yesterday I very much can’t wait to get the call!

Though I mentioned H.O. Wolding and Falcon as my other 2 choices I won’t get in detail with them. They are great companies for different reasons, but that’s a whole other essay.

Driving the Truck.

Aside from jobs this is what it’s really all about. Thus far I’ve been on the road during rush hour 3 times. The trucks at the school used for road rides are not the same trucks used for various ways of backing up in the parking lot. The trucks in the parking lot are pretty beat up and we’re made in the 70s- they still run but all they can really do is back up and pull forward at slow speeds. The road ride trucks you would think are much improved however they have certainly been used themselves quite a bit.

Personally I don’t care I love sitting up so high above the traffic, looking down at all the little 4 wheelers. To me they all look like a swarm of rats buzzing around waiting for someone to step on them!!

I still have to work on shifting gears and double clutching, though I have gotten better at it. Turning isn’t really an issue for me though, I’ve gotten trough some tight ones. Needless to say Trucks need to make WIDE turns and preferably quickly so not to piss all the little 4 wheelers off- (I say screw the 4 wheelers being pissed though, I take my time)

I made it a point to take on the toughest instructor on the yard first thing. I noticed all the lazy people from the previous class complained about this guy and after driving with him I can see why. He’s a typical backseat driver, chatty, distracting and not very forgiving. I learned how to drive a car with this type, honestly no one is worse then my mother, so learning when/how to tune him out was easy for me- AND I have exceeded his expectations!!!

So here is my midway report of truck driving school. Already I’m the best in class at just about everything except mechanical, I seem to fit in well with everyone, and I love the BIG RIG!!

perhaps I will start a whole different blog on truck driving. Perhaps I will just keep posting updates here- that remains undecided

Blogging is for the long winded

Some people only have thoughts that never exceed 140 characters- and so they go to Twitter. Some People are facebook people, Some people are Google + and some people feel like video editing for Youtube.

Something I noticed about bloggers, myself included is, we are very long winded people with a lot of information in our heads. Sometimes we dont even know what were saying, we just rant. There’s something else I’ve noticed about bloggers were actually friendlier, I think it comes with intelligence. Since I’ve come to wordpress I can honestly say i’ve seen a decline in trolls- people are actually respectful to each other even when they disagree. Who knew there are people on the internet that can respectfully disagree and not take things to heart. 😀

Im looking at my word count its currently 135. This is possibly one of my shortest posts but just wanted to get that out there. God Bless

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A Tricky Choice in Christian Duty

The tale begins with my best friend since middle school (pushing 15 years). He lost everything he had with no place to go I brought him in to my house to stay for awhile. His own family basically abandoned him, they wouldnt even let him come to visit- for really no reason they were just as well if he went to the homeless shelter. Terrible people I know.

Since he had no money or anything all I asked was he cleaned the house and dont run up any bills. For 4 months the exact opposite of this deal happened. He didn’t lift a finger,  trashed the house, and yeah I was fuming at the electric bill. I would hear him talk about me behind my back to my friends what a jerk I was asking him to cleanup after me. How I let the dishes pile up everywhere and spill stuff and just don’t care expecting him to do everything around here. Ok so you want to be treated like Cinderella now I can do that. As soon as I handed him a broom and a mop and forced him to clean up his mess, a week later he moved out.

Ayear past when once again he was being evicted with no where to go. This time I said “well good luck” but my husband decided he needs to move in with us… “Friends take care of each other” he said. so well I was over ruled, but this time I want a couple dollars a month to cover the extra bills he will run up, enough to just pay the difference of him being here- $200 a month. Second time he moves in he was always late on his rent, I got an electric bill for $400 in the first month, the house was a mess, and always some random people off the internet was coming in and out. One of these stole some of my video games and old electronics- whom of which my friend insisted he was innocent- but anyway. So 6 months of this (3 months back rent) I started not buying groceries and let the house get filthy with all his friends coming over. And this time I made sure each one knew it was his mess not mine so he didnt have me as an excuse for him being a slob. Embarrassment and starvation made him move out and pay the back rent.

Now a couple months after he leaves the second time he goes to jail for an old driving on suspended registration fine that he already paid, but the courts did not file his payment correctly. Someone knocks on my door saying his bail is only $300 and we would get paid back for it. Well my husband again jumped up and said “No Problem”.

He gets bailed out of jail and promises to pay it back when he can. But all summer long he posted on facebook his trip to Cedar point, his $4000 check he got from such and such, having a great time all summer long. Meanwhile he would completely ignore us for weeks only every once in awhile sending texts to my husband “I will pay you back” when my husband would ask. Every week my husband would see him doing something expensive on facebook and just get pisst, then politely ask about it.

So I got tired of the games and put him out there on facebook, sorta.  I did not name any names but I told the story more or less just as I told you, on my facebook page. We already gave up on the money at this point, but him ignoring us completely about everything just made me want a response, any response would do. When he saw it he immediately unfriended me then blocked me. Well I got my response, he had no intention of paying it.

2 weeks later I get a text from his new friend saying; “Because I stole from him he doesnt have to pay back the $300. And because he offered to let me use his furnature while he stayed here I owe him 6 months back rent that he overpaid. Since most places charge extra rent for furniture included, I owed him. He will create an invoice and send it by certified mail.”

I kid you not he didnt even have the audacity to send that text himself instead some unknown person had to do it. (My house was packed full of his stuff, sitting there being stored- I assume he ment that as me using his furniture Lol)

Me and my husband went back and fourth with this new friend all night telling him everything about my friend. I told him the same story i told you and then some! I told him about all our 15 year history, how he uses people, manipulates, and lies. I asked him “I saved this guy from being homeless twice, now I stole from him? seriously?” Of course he didnt believe me but I knew my friend was sitting in the background hearing every thing I had to say. See I wasnt interested in what this person texting me thought, I want to make sure my friend in the backround listen to the texts understood perfectly clear what an asshole he was. Sure he would deny it up and down, but he knew what I was saying was true. (Yeah angel fish know how to make people feel like S@%#)

we stopped talking I told my friend dont ever come back here again, and blocked his number.

A couple days later in mid August I woke up, I didn’t dream anything, but I just woke up with a strong feeling of knowing my friend will be homeless just before thanksgiving. I told my husband about the feeling he kinda brushed it off.

That brings us to today. His friend texted me and apologized for everything he said to me in August. that they he found out everything I said was true about him. He told me he has a storage unit for his stuff but my friend is on his own. My friend on the other hand texted my husband saying how sorry he was to him and that he hasnt anyplace to go, but hes taking a train to anywhere but here… Without getting a lot of details from either my friend or his Ex boyfriend it sounds like my feeling has come true.

I didnt really want to talk to either of them, I just told them I forgave them both well before they even asked- which is true. But to my friend I told him I just dont trust him or his motives for apologizing. In his mind he seriously thought at first this was just about the $300 it wasn’t, it was about the blatant disrespect well before that, the text message about my “Invoice” of money I owed him just put the iceing on the cake. I also told him as a friend hes been an aweful one with the manipulation and backstabbing, even while I’m struggling to try to help him. I’m just done.

However I am a christian so my puzzle is this. I can see God plainly sent me a message this would come to pass. the trouble with the message it was very neutral, there was no feeling behind it. It felt just like signing a slip for a ups delivery, no anger, sorrow, happiness – nothing. The Bible tells me to feed my enemies if they ask for food and give them water if they are thirsty. It says anyone who reaches out to help them. At the same time the Bible also says he that doesnt work doesnt eat, and it says such a person as my friend should be treated as a stranger (Gentile or Tax collector, which basically means the same thing). It also says a deceitful person such as this brings about their own undoing. I’ve looked through many bible verses for guidance, for fear that my feeling now is to let him go homeless. Though I’m not angry with him, I just feel like this is something that has to happen to him. Yet with so many verses I’m a little conflicted on my christian duty here.

So I’m conflicted. Do I turn my back on him and let him go homeless this time, or do I hunt him down to save him again?

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A Briefing on Angel Fish

Angelfish are a popular choice for many aquarium hobbyists because of their beauty; elegance and they are fairly easy to keep. Zeus scalaris was the first Angelfish described by science. A man named Liechtenstein collected the fish in Brazil in 1823, and it was later sent to the Berlin Museum. In 1840, Heckel found one other Angelfish and named it Pterophyllum scalaris. Angelfish quickly became a favorite in Germany and was kept in tanks in many homes by 1909. In the 1920’s Angelfish made their way into the homes of Americans and very quickly the whole world. Currently they’re many types of angels as a result of mutations made over the past century. These mutations not only give us diversity but they have also allowed the fish to better live in captivity longer, healthier, and easier to breed. What most people do not realize about angels is although they are very pretty they are also fierce predators. They’re shape and color gives them camouflage, and their thin bodies allows for speed and agility. In the wild they eat many smaller fish and are always on the hunt. While they tend to get along with other fish such as mollies, catfish, cichlids, crabs, rams, gars, discus, and some other fish. It is never a good idea to combine an angelfish with any passive or smaller fish such as guppies, goldfish, minnows, tadpoles, or tetras. If you have a pair of angelfish you can expect them to breed, once two angels’ pair up you should separate them from the community tank as they will kill other fish. It’s not that they kill other fish out of spite; they do it because the other fish will eat their fry. They make for very protective parents and they take good care of their young. They’re many methods of breeding angels my personal favorite is to put the pair in at least a ten-gallon tank with a temperature of 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Feed the pair with either frozen brine or freeze dried brine 3 times a day. This ensures the fry will be healthy. Once the angels have laid their eggs it is a good time to baby proof the tank. If there is a way for the fry to die they babies will find it and die in mass, although I’m sure it’s not intentional. Take a sponge and cut it to size then cut a hole in one end large enough to fit your filter in-take in. put the filter in-take in the sponge and plug it in. on the third day you’ll notice the fry will be swimming around the tank and will soon be ready to start eating. Get some brine shrimp eggs and fill a soda bottle with water then put the eggs in that. On day five the brine shrimp should all be hatched and the fry should be ready to eat. For the next month this is the best food for the fry as it is as fresh of food as it food can get and it’s full of nutrients. When the fry are one month old you should separate the parents from the fry, as they will eat the smaller and weaker fry. This is only natural as it is survival of the fittest. You can expect most of your fry to die anyway. Out of the 400 eggs laid only 50 to 200 of them will survive into adult hood. When 2 months have past it is a good time to consider selling your baby angels. You can ask your local pet store if they would want to buy them. I try to give as many baby angels to people I know will take good care of them as over the process of raising the fry I become quite paternal myself. And I wouldn’t want them to get into the hands of some careless ninny.

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Jellyfish: A sting in Evolution

As an incurable fish tank hobbyist I do my homework on care for exotic fish and corals to keep in a tank. Oh I could walk you around so many things, but one thing that stands out alot is the Jellyfish. There is a reason Jellyfish are not found in any pet store. It’s not because it’s endangered, not because it stings people- Its because they require such delegate care a tank just cant provide. Lets talk some specifics: 1. water temperature has to be precise within 72 to 73 in the summer, 65 in the winter but if it falls below 63 it dies. It has to fluctuate gradually in such a way that rhythms with the ocean, you cant just turn down furnace or well it dies. 2. Nitrogen, ammonia, oxygen levels and so many other chemicals- This gets very advanced very quick, but in summary the levels also have to change in such a rhythm, within very specific parameters, that is impossible (or very hard) to duplicate, or well it dies. 3. food- Jellyfish eat plankton, too much will suffocate it and actually rip the membrane, or too little will starve it- either way it dies without just the right amount. 4, The easiest way to kill your pet jellyfish is the way the water has to flow- You cant just stick it in with a standard filter or it gets sucked up and well dies. There cant be any sharp corners or it gets caught and rips then dies. the current cant be too strong or too light or it dies…. It should be clear to see by now its extremely easy to kill a jellyfish. Aquarium hobbyist all over the world have tried many many things to keep jellyfish, and the biggest success ended up with keeping them for about 6 months untill well they died. This success was due by the hobbyist doing ALOT of research in how jellyfish live in the wild, their life cycles, water changes, seasons, plankton migration, etc… He managed to duplicate all these things in a customized tank and yet the jellyfish in the wild lives about 2-5 years. So what does killing jellyfish have to do with evolution?

Alot, Jellyfish are of the very first forms of life 700 million years ago, according to the scientific model. In all this time Jellyfish have remained the same exactly the same, yet all they do is randomly float around. Also according to the scientific model the earth has undergone extreme changes. It has been burned, Iced over for hundreds of years, Suffered violent volcanic

Darwin said Jellyfish fossils do not exist, or it contradicts his whole theory. Ta Da!!
Darwin said Jellyfish fossils do not exist, or it contradicts his whole theory. Ta Da!!

periods, etc… But here we have our friend the jellyfish, an evolutionary miracle – it would seem its completely exempt from evolutionary theory. Someone once told me even in the ice age there were warm pockets of water that jellyfish could live during the extreme ice ages… But this I learned was a convenient lie, AND if their were such pockets well The jellyfish would not be able to live because of the cold ice water moving into the warm water… (in nature when a cold current comes in swarms of jellyfish die, because they cant tell if its time to mate or time to sleep, this is just how sensitive they really are).

So I have 2 points that makes the jellyfish a testimate to Gods creation.
1. Jellyfish are too sensitive to still be here after 700 million years and so many global changes. They could never survive because they cant even adapt to a fish tank much less the rest of it.
2. Jellyfish have never evolved, which completely contradicts one of the basic ideasof evolution “It either evolves or becomes extinct”.
But there is another point on this that includes the fossil record… One might be tempted to ask, Why are there so many jellyfish fossils? I would think this is obvious. there was this thing on the earth called the great flood. So lets think about the flood a minute.

Have you ever try walking into a pond with out kicking up sand so you can see where you’re stepping… It does’nt happen, the sand and dirt just kicks up no matter how gently you step. Well the bible tells us the Fountains of the earth opened up and swallowed the surface… Imagine how much dirt and sand that kicked up. So our little jellyfish floats over into all this commotion, he gets pulled and dragged by nasty currents, keels over and float down to the bottom. There all the dirt begins to settle on top of the corpse. Then about 5000 years later an atheist comes along with a shovel and says “hey, I found this jellyfish fossil in a rock layer thats 600 million years old!” our friend the atheist does not consider all I’ve told you about jellyfish care, he assumes to himself just as you did jellyfish are pretty insignificant, He assumes the rock layer is whatever age he assumes in his own mind, Hes not really interested in finding the truth as much as assuming a biased opinion on his find. And yet no one can give an exemplary history of how jellyfish are still here. In fact you will find more and more scientific circles completely ignore the jellyfish dilemma within a the accepted scientific model. If you go to learn about jellyfish in evolution the text books suddenly become like coloring books, for the very reason they can not fit into an evolutionary model. All they really say about it is “It lived 700 million years ago, we found it in the rock layer”. But look at other animals, say the insignificant bumble bee- There’s volumes of details how they evolved and survived these changes on earth.

Now in science sure there is things that are reasonably unknown, for the genuine reason its just unknowable. But jellyfish are a very simple creature, while they are so sensitive they don’t have much about them to ponder or debate. we can measure the temp, we can see how nature has its rhythms and how jellyfish react to them, sure they don’t do well in a tank but that is because a tank cant mimic these very specific rhythms. If the scientific model of evolution wants to be correct then it literally has to throw out the books to conform to the jellyfish requirements. If this ever happened, there can be no 200 year periods of ice ages, No millions of years of changing climates, Chemistry has to be thrown out, to a point Physics may even be involved. Things in the ocean have to be fairly consistent for the jellies over long periods of time, which only seems to work in a creationist model.. In my opinion all of creation is a testament to god, and he put a lot of work into jellyfish. Some are very elaborate and gorgeous, some glow in the dark, some can kill things like whales and sharks, some are pretty plain and basic. But all of these require so much love and attention, we as people are just not capable of providing for. As an aquarium hobbyist I can live with not having a jellyfish tank, because they can only live in the natural environment- the environment god made for them 6000 years ago. That very same environment exists today with minimal differences. Should the evolutionary model be correct, then it can only be by the grace of god these things are still with us. And that is why Jellyfish are the biggest wrench in evolution.

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