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Christian Anarchism

The kingdom of god is spiritual…. We have to be good people…. Both of these have a flaw – the very same flaw infact.

The kingdom of God is the people of God, doing our christian duty. You and me are the kingdom. It’s nothing more then a society in of itself. Not an otherworldly detached metaphor. Our duty is “The Great Commission”.

As scripture tells us also, we of ourselves can only sin continuously, any good work we do comes from the spirit. We in the kingdom of God are his vessels to the world, which is why we don’t really need a government or code of conduct to tell us what to do and how to act. We just allow the spirit to work through us, even against some or many of our own inner desires/instincts 😉

You may have noticed this is evident in the way a statist or legalists only feels comfortable in codes of conducts regulated by something other then themselves…. Like a government or even say a religion. They do not have enough faith in the spirit to work in themselves otherwise to remain even reasonably civilized. Even just the word ‘Anarchy’ scares them, from faith the size of a mustard seed. 

It is because of the model presented by Jesus himself, there can never be such a thing as A manmade “Christian Nation”. It is an oxymoron. You are either a christian, or you are with the world. Jesus alone is our only ruler, we can be servants to none other man made thinking. We needn’t look further then the Bible and the dictionary to discover that the rawest and most radical  expression of Christianity is inherently Anarchist.


ˈanərˌkizəm/noun belief in the abolition of all government and the organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis without recourse to force or compulsion


God’s Judgement on Germany

I just wrote an article on Adolf Hitler views of evolution. To some degree a rant, yet I found myself pondering a whole new thing. God blesses nations and he casts judgement on nations that turn from him.

Fact: Germany has always been a godly nation.

Germany was the place to run to while the rest of European countries held inquisitions. This is why there were so many Jews in Germany during Hitlers time. Germany began the protestant reformation with Martin Luther. Here is the home land of today’s Lutheran Church and Evangelic Church. Virtually all of German historic figures embraced god, from Mozart to Frances Thurber Seal and Albert Einstein. It is even a German custom to say hello to someone by saying “Groß Gott”- which literally translates as “God Greet [you]”. Imagine there really is a country where this is how you say hello to everyone, the most common words you’ll say all day are a little praise to God. Though just a sample of German Christendom, surely there are other great christian countries in Europe. Needless to say traditional German culture places Christianity in very high regards.

Yet we see people like Adolf Hitler.

Hitler certainly was not a model German to be sure, however we can not ignore Germany was a country 900 years before this 20(-/+) year period. I seek to answer How could this happen and why is it important? As you will soon see Hitler was not the evil antichrist that magically appeared in Germany, he was the symptom of a much worse disease.

thOur tale begins in the late 1800s when Germany decides they want to become a democracy. At this same period The Communist Manifesto is circulating through Europe like wildfire. Meanwhile political scientist praised it as a gateway to new utopia, though divided with what was known as “Manchester Socialism”. Germans were also promoted the ideas of atheism and secular humanism almost daily, with the effects of the enlightenment period in full swing. Democracy in Europe came on the grounds that People are in charge not a King and certainly Not God. The very lie from Satan himself “We will govern ourselves, and be our own masters”

With atheism we find the Germans beginning the first world War in 1918. When the leaders of Germany were asked why they even started the war they simply replied “We don’t Know”. Yet prior to the war the same people held meetings pondering “who the superior race was and how could they test if Germans were higher evolved”. In those meetings they believed by putting the German military to the ultimate test of war, they could prove Germans were more evolved then anyone. Applying new Military technology, tactics, intelligence, and sheer will power and the struggle to survive was indeed the ultimate test in accordance to natural selection. Essentially for them, it was a kind of science experiment. sick as it may be- as someone during the enlightenment period once said “The raw face of atheism must be unleashed in Europe”. They may not have confessed it after they lost ww1, yet they were so animated about the idea before the fact. (Imagine that)

Well they lost world war one and were forced to pay reprimands to France and England for the damages. In 1919 Germany was forced to sign 2 treaties that would plummet Germany into poverty. The treaty of Saint Germain and the treaty of Versailles. This period would be known as the Wiemar Republic.

During the 20s Germany, next to Russia, embraced a side more then atheism.  As Hitler himself pointed out the streets of Berlin was encouraged to exploit sex and nudity by institutions like Institut für sexualwissenschaft (“Institute for sexual science”).
In fact Berlin Germany became known as modern Babylon, because what ever your sexual preference (man, woman, child, animal, best friend, S&M, whatever) was considered socially acceptable in plain public view right on the street. Radio, television, public theater, schools, and just about everything promoted a open sex lifestyle.

The dark side was many woman, called Mufti, were so poor and desperate they had no choice but to submit to prostitution. These ‘woman’ ranged as young as 5 years old to 70 years old. The entire country was experiencing rampant inflation with an unemployment rate peaking at 60%. Street Fights were common, sometimes men were just bored- others it was a deadly brawl. Riots, arson, looting, became common place. Conspiracy theories were widely believed and accepted as absolute facts- no matter how fantastic or even proven to be lies. These theories lead to anarchy in both the public and politicians. (Some may find “Die Rothschilds” film particularly interesting) Chaos of all types ran through the streets of every German town.

1928 Graff Zepplin Bankrupted a German town. Believed to attract tourist, only to end up in the dump a few years later. #MoneyDownTheDrain

Science was of course the answer… it was constantly the answer, though it seemed no one really even had the question. People needed television so they could watch sex in their living room, along with communist propaganda. The country needed a 4 million dollar Graf Zeppelin to sail around the world and encourage tourism. Scientist needed funding to better develop evolutionary theory in an old model called “Out of India theory” (This is what Hitler would later be referring to when he talks about the ‘Aryan Race’, it was the framework for today’s “Out of Africa Theory”- though rejected after WW2 because of Nazi influence, not necessarily the evidence that supported it, but anyway). Scientific advancement on loans is how the Wiemar government basically pacified German intellectuals. Virtually none of it was particularly useful. God turned his back on Germany and while the 20s grew worse and worse people became more and more Atheistic. Morality was a subject completely tossed out into both a social and economic free for all, dismissed as ‘Morality is Relative’. It’s also this time period we find a revival in the occult and Neo Paganism (the pivotal turning point of today’s Wiccan and new age movement). Berlin was certainly Babylon in every way within this distinct period.

By the end of the 20s Germany found itself announcing “Democracy was over”. The socialist and communist politicians thrcould no longer print money to pay off France and England. It was so pathetic they asked the workers to go on strike so when the French came to collect, they couldn’t March past the protesters. At this point they couldn’t even afford to pay what was left of the military.

Coincidentally there was an election that year in 1929. 3 candidates stood up. The Communist and Socialist politicians said “give up on Germany”. “Let the government dissolve into nothing and become part of Russia”. The third was Adolf Hitler and his message was “NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER”!!!!

A famous Piece of Nazi Propaganda. translated it means: Death to Lies. On the snake we see. Marxism and High Finance written.
A famous Piece of Nazi Propaganda. translated it means: Death to Lies. On the snake we see. Marxism and High Finance written.

In 1929 Hitler won the election with 40% of the vote. However the president of Germany did not like his plan to fix Germany by making all other political parties illegal, thus creating a totalitarian society. So there was a second election in 1930. Hitler won again, but with 60% of the votes.

The evil Jews who made Germany into Babylon being part of his message. He asserted the Socialist and Communist parties were the reason for all the Wiemar republic. (Which was true btw). By making them illegal the only party in Germany was none other then The National Socialist Party of Germany (NSDAP). A new form of socialism that did not include the League of Nations or even becoming part of Russia. A kind of socialism that could only be called a Totalitarian. All following elections Hitler being the only candidate to vote for, it’s no surprise he always managed to get 100% of the votes every time.


jews6Hitler seemed to be a god send. In 2 years Germany’s unemployment went from 60% to absolute 0%. Everyone had a job. Inflation magically was under control- a loaf of bread went from 500,000 German marks to 2.50 German marks. Anyone who had a savings from Wiemar, became instant millionaires because all of the money was finally worth something. Sex in the streets had completely disappeared, as Hitler “scrubbed” up the nation. Communist books were burned as poisonous ideology. The people of Germany finally had their country back and it was because of Hitler. Every town Hitler went to the people would organize a parade for his arrival. Many believed he was Jesus of the second coming (assuming pre-tribulation theory). Many people returned to going to church because after Wiemar period, they felt they had just witnessed the book of revelation come true. They sang and danced in the streets on their way to work with songs about the great leader who saved Germany. They praised Hitler in church, they praised Hitler in school, they praised Hitler every chance they got.

What they did not know

Behind the scenes things like Inflation and Jobs were not so magically fixed. Prostitution did not just magically go away. The evil Jews were not just packing up their bags and moving out to Israel. People with severe disabilities did not just magically go away. The great savior of Germany had many many secretes, yet ironically he never fully lied about them to the public. He used terms like “Preserving the purity of German blood” and ‘Cleansing’. It was as if all the signs were in front of everyone, yet the German people were so infatuated they were blinded by the fact Hitler could possibly be evil.

Less obvious to us even today, what they also did not know was Germanys safety was hanging by a thread. Certainly Hitler paid off the league of Nations. In fact he paid off the reprimands from WW1 very quickly. By 1939 Germany had no debt to England and France and told them very plainly: “our business is done, Germany is no longer a member of the League of Nations”. The treaty of St Germaine and Versailles was at this point void and Churchill did not want that. England and France were going broke, meanwhile Germany was enjoying immense prosperity. If Germany was no longer obligated to pay their debt, or funding the League of Nations- How will England and France survive?

The events that would lead to war with Germany would be centered entirely on the fact of Hitlers refusal to submit to the league of nations. He wanted Germany to maintain absolute sovereignty over itself without international influence. England would make allies with Russia and create the lie Hitler sought global domination- knowing full well that was Joseph Stalins plan exactly. Stalin of course could not have competition. Though things became politically complicated very quickly, WW2 was about money and power (what else). Though we like to think the Allied forces were the ‘good guys’, when one looks into the thing, its difficult to say if their was such a thing in WW2.

However in Germany the people lived wonderful lives, oblivious to the concerns of politics. The propaganda ministry made absolute certain the people needn’t worry about a thing. The church told people Babylon was fallen because of the great messiah, rejoice and praise Hitler… well not all churches, which brings me to my point.

The Prophet

eeeDietrich Bonhoeffer was one of Germany’s prophets during this time.

Imagine you are a Christian under this Nazi environment. All of your friends celebrate both this great leader and evolution. If anyone says a thing against either they are publicly ridiculed and eventually “disappear”.

Dietrich was one who made it a point to resist the Nazi government. He appropriately wrote a book called “The Cost of Discipleship”- about Christians living in a secular world and what it takes to spread the gospel. (He wrote many books, well worth looking up)

He publicly accused Hitler of crimes against humanity: Euthanasia of the disabled, genocide of the Jews. Yet everyday people dismissed him as being a ‘crazy ranting christian‘. People told him: “trust in science, there’s no use for such nonsense in the age of reason”. (yet these same people would go to church every Sunday) The notion after all was downright conspiracy, yet how did he know what no one else could know?

He was later imprisoned by the Nazi government just before the war started – in 1945 – under the charges of allegedly plotting to kill Hitler. He was quickly sent to a concentration camp, and you can guess the rest. There were many others who stood up to Hitler and critics of secularism, of which whom met much the same fate. Just to name a few:

edelweiss piraten, Martin Niemoller, Bob Young, Michael Phayer

Germany was a textbook case of God’s judgement

Truly I tell you what happened in Germany already happened in the bible. In the book of Jeremiah we read a time when Judea experiences moral decay, and idol worship. The Jews (God’s chosen people) turn away from God and establish a King who embraces multiculturalism with pagans, and perversion in the synagogue. It’s easy to imagine in Jeremiahs day the priests themselves would talk a great deal about charity, and “donate” the money to a local prostitute “personally”. :cough: :cough:

Jeremiah stood up to the crowds, and even the king himself shouting “repent repent, come back to god before it’s too late”. Like Dietrich Bonhoeffer he was ridiculed, disowned by his friends and family, put in prison, and left to rot.

Yet Judea’s fate to Babylon was also hanging by thread much like Germany in 1940. The king was always worried Babylon would invade, as slowly his allies turned their back on him. To his credit King Zedekiah brought Jeremiah twice out of prison, to at least hear him out. The first time he tried to tempt him to prophecy good news so the people wouldn’t turn against him. However Jeremiah told him plainly “Babylon will take Jerusalem within 2 years if he does not get rid of the idols and blasphemy against god”. He was sent back into prison. 2 years later Jeremiahs was called again to the king when Babylon was attacking the city wall. He asked him what can he do to stop it. Jeremiah replied “it’s too late now, I told you what to do 2 years ago”.

Jeremiah was put back in prison but the Babylonians released him when all was said and done.
The king however suffered an ironic fate along with the rest of the Israelites, which bares another remarkable similarity to Germany.

The king was brought before the Babylonian king and told The king of Babylon was instructed by the God of Judea to take it.
He was met with the fate jermiahs told him, his children executed, his eyes burnt out and sold into slavery. All of Judea would now be captives of the babylonians. Then the bible continues into the book of Daniel and Nehemiah.

Germany after the war

Germany was divided up between allied forces.

East Germany belonging to the rest of Europe, West Germany belonging to Russia. The Russians originally believed they deserved the whole country, however it was decided Germany’s loss of sovereignty over itself would not be permanent. All of the Nazi technical advances, art money and scientists were plundered by the Allied forces, leaving Germany with nothing. Hitler himself was forced into a shameful suicide. The other leaders of Nazi Germany were put before a foreign court where they were not permitted a defense lawyer. This essentially placed the Allied forces as witness, jury, judge, and executioner. (This was the Nuremberg trials).

The league of nations collapsed soon after, but there was a quick establishment of today’s European Union (basically the same thing). Of which, whether Germans liked it or not they were to be apart of. The Communist grip of western Germany worsened all the time. In order to keep people from leaving into east Germany the Berlin Wall was built- Along with strict consequences for even attempting to leave. Christians here would be heavily persecuted by the communist, yet house churches grew everywhere. The communist would pick christian children out of schools or even the street, forcing them to be secrete test subjects on sometimes cruel experimental drugs. People were encouraged to flog Christians and report them to the police. They were put in prison and even executed. Yet the secrete house churches grew. ( the communist called it “re-education”. )

The rest of the world however had their own problems. Russia turned against its American allies, and for 40+ years the cold war was a hot button issue. It was only when Communist Russia could no longer stand, the Berlin Wall came down- and the Germans were given sovereignty over there own country again. (Interestingly it was actually a shock Russia fell, it just happened practically overnight).

berlin-wall-fallToday, just 16 years later, Germany went from a vassal nation of foreign leaders to practically running the European Union. Even as its predicted the European Union will collapse by 2020, no one is worried Germany will go down with it. Angela Merkel, is today’s German Chancellor, sharing the same office Adolf Hitler did. Many do not know this about her, but she grew up in west Berlin in underground churches. Her and her family were always cautious not to expose themselves, more importantly the church. She remarked on her childhood once claiming she felt as if living in 2 lives. A christian playing the part of communist so she would not be targeted by her teachers in school. Today she boldly proclaims her faith in Jesus Christ, and it is he who is the savior of Germany.

The book of Daniel

This is an astonishing parallel of the book of Daniel. Israel was also a under a kind of “probationary” period. There were 3 kings established on the throne of Babylon as the world around Daniel was in a kind of never ending war, one could argue wasn’t really a war parse’- much like the cold war. We see like Germany, Judea’s treasures were plundered by the Babylonians, and the advisers were taken in to council the king.

Nehemiah tells us this “probationary period” side of the story from his point of view in Jerusalem. Like Angela in Berlin, Nehemiah faced persecution on the home front by fellow Jews and foreign Babylonians for spreading the word of God. (Though his wall was part of God’s restoration of Jerusalem).

In the end of God’s judgement, Israel was re-established by the king who conquered Babylon after 70 years.

What we see here

No, the books of Jeremiah, Daniel and Nehemiah are not direct prophecy to 20th mid-century Germany. Rather, they are a framework of how god judges a nation who turn their back on him.

1st. A country firmly believes in god.
2nd. Falls away from God entirely
3rd. Seeks to help themselves without god.
4th. Fails miserably.
5th. People turn to politics instead of God.
6th. God let’s things go nicely for a little while.
7th. God sends messengers, giving a chance to turn back to him.
8th. People ignore messengers.
9th. God hands country over to anyone and everyone. Leaving people to their enemies mercy.
11. There’s a kind of probationary period, loss of self sovereignty.
12. People begin to slowly return to god.
13. God sets convoluted series of events to re-establish country.
14. Prosperity and peace restored.

The parallel to this is also found in the Book of Revelation in how god will judge the world in the end times. The 14 steps listed above is gods nearly standardized judgement on nations. We see it in full detail with a country like Germany due to it being a relatively modern and well documented event. The difference in Revelation is God will be judging the whole world, not any one specific country. And I suspect when it’s done there will be no earth left to ‘restore’- at least this world anyway. I tell you the truth if you want a sneak preview of the future of Revelation you needn’t look further then the history of 20th century Germany from 1890-2010. (Yet of course the story of Germany is still developing)

Why this is important

Adolf Hitler did not just get his ideas from insanity, nor did he pull them out of a hat. His ideas of Eugenics and Euthanasia were directly the inspiration of science and evolution. The purity of German blood being essential and necessary to maintain a superior race, who evolved from the Aryan tribe in northern India. His belief the Jews were evil came from the fact they started Communism and organized the Bolshevik revolution in Russia- and when the Communist in Russia started killing them, they moved in in bulk and spread their communist beliefs there. I will grant you wicked, seemingly indifferent to human life over facts. but to believe Hitler was stupid and crazy is an absolute fallacy, he was In fact very well educated for his time. Least we forget every major scientist and psychologist of the 20th century came from Nazi Germany, and justified for themselves some reason to vote for the man. I trust they believed he was well within his faculties. as what else, None of his ideas were “original”, they came from others. Hitler writes an almost auto biography about where he got his ideas from, and how he came to certain conclusions in “Mien Kampf”. The whole thing virtually explains Hitler, I can’t really think of a better source for more information on him then himself in his own words. (For what that’s worth to say about him, if you’d like to look him up. though for a “diary of an antichrist” it’s long and surprisingly boring. Angel Fish blog supports Knowing your Enemy. For such a study however I advise practice extreme discernment)

Knowing god judges nations who turn away from him, what does this say for America today? (Or even so many countries) Here we are constantly reminded a Wiemar Republic is just around the corner for us. The majority of today’s endless conspiracy theories are exactly the same theories believed in 1920’s Germany. We place our faith in junk science on Facebook before the word of God. Christians are told to shut up and trust in the age of reason, when there is little evidence there’s anything reasonable going on.

False religion, and false prophets are found abundantly even within the church. Things like Yoga, Seances, Evolution, reiki, mysticism, eastern philosophy, Prosperity Gospel, Televangelist, and so much else is willingly adopted by Christians.

Buffalo, ny 2015 Nude Bike Protest
2015 Coney Island Mermaid Festival, Clothing Optional

Today more then ever Public Nudity is growing in American festivals and Protests alike. While this use to be limited to gay pride, now we see it in: Nude bike rides, mermaid festivals, Macy’s thanksgiving parade, and so much else. Public sex is coming to America on the same platform it did in Wiemar Berlin, (we call it ‘progressive’ Germany called it ‘moving forward’) This is where we are heading. Some of you may find yourselves getting a job as a Mufti woman as part of your retirement plan.

All of this has consequence, ideas can be like a cancer. We know our nation hangs on an invisible thread. Any day now our economy will collapse, and groups like ISIS are just waiting for the opportunity. Like a wolf stalking a wounded prey, waiting for it to stop flopping around on the ground.

The writing is on the wall all of the signs are here- worse so everyone Knows it. Unemployment grows all the time, inflation grows all the time, the “do what you want” attitude grows all the time. To the letter America follows everything that happened in Germany, and every year it only progresses worse and worse. Increasingly as America turns away from God, we grow ever closer to the same fate as Germany.

I join Jeremiah and Dietrich Bonhoeffer; Repent Repent, Turn back to God before its too late!

To the agnostic and new age , you must be delusional to think you have original ideas about god and religion. Prideing yourselves in something you believe, no one has ever heard of before- like an esoteric secrete waiting to be unlocked. I tell you it’s all been said and done a thousand times before you were even thought of. There is nothing new under the sun, without scrutiny of your ideas, you trap yourself in your own imagination of falsehoods. Yet such a thing has often ended in misery.


I conclude this appropriately with a message from todays Germany. A song Marteria’s “Sekundenschlaf” (Hibernation) brings an excellent point to Christians. You are not getting any younger and the Clock is Ticking!! I tell you Wake Up Wake up Zeit ist Knapp!! (Time is Short) What are you doing with your life to advance gods kingdom while we are on this slippery slope? So many of you are sleeping when it’s time to wake up! And while you nap the Clock keeps ticking.

We must stand up as Every river flows to the sea. (Jeder Fluss fließt ins Meer)

You think you have time while
everything glitters in the bright light.
Consider the wave until the wave breaks.
(alles glitzert im hellen Licht
nimm’ die Welle mit bis die Welle bricht)

(You can view this song with english subtitles by clicking here)