The Incredible Conversion of Bob Marley

One of my heroes, a christian brother Bob Marley, the international godhead of getting high… actually became a christian. What is really amazing is the impact this one man had in the modern world. A Reggae artist, a freedom fighter, and evangelist of christ.

Here’s the thing about Rastafarianism – well to start it’s not an “ism”. It’s a religion that’s also not an organized religion rather a philosophy. It’s a blend of Judaism, Ethnocentric black people, tribalism, magic Marijuana, and a dash of communism…. Conformity in Rastafari is fround upon, it often depends on who you talk to as what it’s actually about – the answers to all the big questions is entirely up to the individuals imagination – including even what the big questions actually are. What made Bob Marley so great in Rastafarianism was he gave this ideology a prophet – and so a sense of unity among its followers all over the world.

As communism was spreading through the Caribbean, Africa, and even Polynesia. Bob Marley stood against it with his music.

His music reached far and wide before  communism could completely engulf these nations. The people assembled and stood against the state in Rallies, protests, elections all across the globe. The people whom were first deceived by communism, took back their country. This rendered Bob Marley an enemy of the state in Jamaica, and so he fled to America for a time.

As a fugitive Bob Marley did what he knew best. Produced music. And while he made it big in America, the communist government in Jamaica couldn’t fight the imports of records sold in the country. He became louder and louder – spreading like a wildfire from a spark leaping a camp fire! Meanwhile he remained in constant contact with the capitalist movement in Jamaica as well as other countries. As Time went on, Liberty won and he was able to come home. He thought he would retire, but God had other plans…

He began questioning Rastafari… he did not see the point in a faith that had no consistency. In his questioning on religion It was revealed to him Africa also had a church… See a lot of people who reject the church, often really reject the status quo of conventional knowledge about it… Until they find out there’s nuance and Jesus is actually very liberating compared to the teachings of the world..  Bearing in mind Bob Marley also had a bit of an African Ethnocentricity streak himself, What he learned  was the first church was actually in Ethiopia – not Rome. Immediately he gravitated towards it… And well I’ll let the very Archbishop whom he spoke to take over from here:

Having so much of the peoples hearts, and minds this single conversion spread to millions!! Where once christianity was a very small minority (less than 1-5%), today countries like Jamaica have demographics of 90-99% of the population as christian. Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, the Bahamas.. even as far as the polynesian Solomon Islands! The people of these Countries found Christianity through just 1 man’s influence.

Praise be to Jesus!

As the Archbishop tells us towards the end of his life, Bob Marley earnestly sought the wisdom of scripture and did everything he could to be right with Jesus. He encouraged his fan base to look to scripture instead of himself – as it wasn’t about him it was about God. And so they did…. It was on his deathbed he requested to be Baptized….

Here is what I’d like the reader to take from this man. God uses all kinds of people, even when they themselves don’t really know it. He also uses sex drugs and rock n’ roll believe it or not. Just think, this one man from the little island nation of Jamaica had a political and religious voice loud enough to cross oceans and lands some never heard of.


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