In all things Love…

Getting lost on the internet I joined a christian group on facebook, and to my surprise it was filled with communists. Trust me when I say, every fiber of my being couldn’t be more opposed to communism, in fact I’ve often found I’m more pro free market then most republicans to the point I don’t even think we need the government. I couldn’t be anymore complete opposite to communism even if I tried – and yet here I am in a communist filled christian group….

I believe it was Joseph Stalin who once said “Capitalism is just a means to Communism”. To which this eludes alot people, but I could see why he would say that. We tend to think of the political spectrum as a line, when in fact it’s a wheel. There is a point on the wheel where the far right and far left meet.Where the line is between absolute communism and absolute capitalism on the wheel – puts a staunch capitalist and communist right next to each other. What I found interesting, me and the communist agree on a whole lot of things, in fact we sound exactly alike on just about every political issue. However, listen closely and you’ll see, our solutions are very different and our answers come from very different directions. Our structure of how things should work are also very different. It’s because of these subtleties communism and capitalism can never mix even though we seemingly agree on just about everything. It’s like oil and water – they only mix when heated – which creates a very unstable society I’m afraid.

The subject of Christianity bearing no exception. I have found the communist a worthy advisory in scripture and I can also plainly see they truly carry Christ’s spirit. However, misguided they might be. Let me just show an example the best way I can:

Thou shalt not steal

Communist- No one owns property in communism, therefore no one can steal unless an individual owns property apart from the collective. This verse proves communism is Christ’s model.

Capitalist- in order to steal one must own property for someone to steal from another. Otherwise there would be no need for this commandment. This proves Capitalism is Christ’s model.

From this simple example, I maintain the capitalist contention – and truly it’s the stronger argument. However, the communist is coming from the point of view, Christ inspired communism to create a way for people to be unable to steal. Indeed, We can all share each others stuff – theft becomes impossible unless an individual owns property.

What I think of communism is it has to be learned. Otherwise, by our natural conscience (gods inscribed law) capitalism is about simply common sense. We don’t instinctively read ‘thou shalt not steal’ and automatically come up with the communist answer. It takes a lot of creative scripture twisting to come up with it infact. In all communism is learned where capitalism is man in his natural state.

Though ideologically we are opposed I still love the communists. It’s because I love the communists I welcome them to look at the fruits of communism. Look at how each communist society first used Christians (appealing to their best Intentions) to establish communism, then slaughtered the Christians. Yet they explain to me “christ inspired communism”. I fear for my brothers and sisters that they have a wolf in sheep’s clothing among them.

I realize capitalism isn’t perfect, but it’s much harder to abuse then a collective style system is. Scripture guarantees us NOTHING in this world is perfect. Everything man creates – government structure or otherwise – is corruptible due to our fallen nature. Therefore we must almost always be forced to choose between the lesser of evils until Christ comes. I regret the communist only seem to recognize this statement in regards to the atrocities of Russia and other former communist places.

In love, I see their point of view on many things. In love I completely agree the best of socities exist on a small scale, not a large scale. In love, I agree we must have voluntaryism. In love I can agree to disagree as I can plainly see no one will go for either of our models anyway as they are too extreme. In love I pray for them – And in love I’m willing to stay in the Facebook group and talk about random stuff and things.


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