Screw Society, I’m getting a Boat!

I have always dreamed of living on my own sail boat, I thought I’d write down my vision so I don’t atleast forget what boat brands I like. The thing is, I don’t really consider 60 hour work week just to pay bills a life. I don’t expect just about my entire generation to even retire including myself. When it comes to society in general, I find it highly over rated, and can I just say I hate traffic, the government…. PEOPLE!

My dream began many years ago when I was looking into off 2246956618_408014ced9grid living ideas. Initially, my thought was getting a piece of land and building some kind of cabin with a little farm. Yet, along the way I ran into Liveabording, and found living on a sail boat much more appealing and dare I say pragmatic! Boats are vastly cheaper to maintain then a house and land, Solar panels have really changed the life style of living on a boat, there’s fish to eat everywhere, and the entire world is unlocked to become my oyster!

I have always owned a boat before I moved to Buffalo, ny, but they were always small boats. What I’m Looking at – I think I will need to take a class for, but the basic mechanics of the thing I understand perfectly. Here is a list of Boats I’m looking at getting:

1. Leopard 38′


The leopard is a catamaran, What I love about this boat is it has a fantastic open layout. (which is all to important). I find catamarans very appealing, in that they are stable and can handle rough (very Rough) weather without capsizing. There’s other manufacturers similar to Leopard, however leopard is well within my projected price range wheather it’s the 38 or 48 foot. What I also like is whether I got the 38 foot or 48 foot, the living space is just about the same, only the 38 is significantly cheaper. (about $50k cheaper). Though I really love, and am leaning towards, catamarans in general I don’t really consider it a sacrifice to get a monohull…

2. Hans Christian 33′


The Hans Christian is a very traditional style boat, and for how small they are the use of space is incredible. This brand of boat hasnt been manufactured since the late 80’s, so any  I would get are going to be old…. Yet age to me is peripheral as I’ve also noticed people with Hans Christian’s take very good care of these beauties- and yet they don’t seem to need a lot of maintenance anyway.  Though these are a little on the small side, it does make sailing easier – with such a great use of space for the cabin I don’t think I would feel cramped. I would be curious however if there are larger sizes.

3. Island Packet 44


Truth be told, I love the island packet series from 38 foot to 48. The only thing about this particular boat, is it’s very slow due to the wide hull. Somehow I could see myself looking around that. This manufacturer designed a fantastic layout for a mono hull – In addition the lines for the sails are right at the helm which makes it very easy to sail. Layout is everything as far as I’m concerned, Island packet (as a brand) Is one of the rare mono hulls that consistently delivers.

4. Chris White Designs/Jeff Schionning/Jaguar Catamarans/Charter Cats/Scionning Designs

There is a reason #4 has 6 names. It appears to be a from an independent designer (Jeff Schionning) who sells his design to multiple small manufacturers. Nonetheless it’s absolutely everything I’m looking for in a catamaran, particularly the model’s in the 90’s. The 90’s design puts the kitchen in one of the hulls, which just adds space to the living room. Honestly im rather indifferent where the kitchen goes, as long as there isnt all these bathrooms taking up precious space.  below are photos taken from a listing for a 36’2003 Charter Cat Jaguar. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing about this layout, it’s perfect in every way imaginable though tricky to find. It seems to be more prominent in Maryland then anywhere else.


What I’m looking for in a boat

Bathrooms:  One thing I hate is almost every boat out there has 2 + bedrooms and 2 + baths…. The thing is, Id rather just have 1 big bathroom, and 2 + bedrooms. In a house it makes sense to have multiple bathrooms, on a boat it’s just awkward. I feel like a bathroom for each bedroom is such a waste of space, id rather gut a few out and make them closets.

Speed: I don’t consider speed a factor, which might seem odd. Every sail boat I’ve seen has a max wind speed of about 10 kph. As slow as that is, they atleast come with autopilot and I can drink whilst I drive 😛

Size: is a factor, Its just I don’t think I could handle anything bigger than 50 ft – Ive never tried, nor do I really want to. Yet if its too small, how on earth can I live in it? 40 ft +/- seems reasonable, but its also why use of space is so important…. You can have a small space feel big, and I think the boats I’ve got my eye on really use their space well enough. Being small also has the advantage of it’s easier to find a parking spot at a marina – and its significantly cheaper to go to marinas. Plus the maintenance is cheaper and easier… So smallish is ideal – but I wont ramble…

Condition: I don’t mind doing a little work. but if it’s things that would take longer then a month or more then $20k… NO, and I think that’s very generous to be honest. When I buy a boat I wanna be able to take it out asap.

New or Used and The Bottom Line

The thing about boats is they have an AWFUL resale value. Much like a car, the minute you pull a brand new boat off the lot, you’ve just burned $50,000. So, getting a brand new boat just isn’t going to happen – and yet that’s not a bad thing. Used boats tend to have things added that don’t come standard. Solar panels, water purifiers/desalters, A/c units, etc etc… Getting a used boat is not only significantly cheaper, it honestly just makes sense. The trick I’m thinking is waiting until the boat value drops to its lowest, which is usually about 10-15 years old. Unlike a car, a hull on a fiberglass boat will last just about forever and there isnt too much on it that exceeds $10,000 worth of repairs. Getting an older boat may mean some work, but to me it seems any boat I would get is going to need some work and customizing.

My current plan to make all this happen is wait a bit, fix up my house, sell it, buy a Condotel or 3 to rent out to tourists and buy my boat. This way I will have income and be able to travel the world with out any debt. Really I’m not reaching too high for the stars, getting a $150k boat isn’t unreasonable if all goes according to my plan 😀 There will always be taxes and insurance and other things to think about – but I’m not there yet.

Where do I want to go?

Honestly, I just want to go everywhere!! Tokyo, Caribbean,  Antarctica, The Nile and Amazonian River, around the Mediterranean, Tonga, The Rhine, Haloong Bay…. If it has a beach or marina of somesort, that’s where I wanna go. and I’d like to be able to take my house with me, why not 😀

The Future of Angle Fish Blog!

I’m entering my 3rd year with this blog, I have a great following, and wrote many articles – Needless to say I wont be going anywhere 😉 But someday soon, the day will come this blog will be reinvented to document my travels as a captains log. I just don’t see the need to start a whole new blog site. The only reason I started “Angel Fish photography” was just so I didn’t load up this site with a bunch of pictures. My writings will be with my writings, my photos will be with my photos – I’m just going to keep it plain and simple: maintain my focus of not really having a focus with my writings and writing about whatever inspires me  🙂

*** as a foot note, This Article will be the first I categorize as “Captains Log” even though I havnt even a boat yet. Where else can the log begin without chronicling first the dream to get started?


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