You keep saying ‘Heretic’ like it’s a bad thing



 NOUN -a person believing in or practicing religious heresy. a person holding an opinion at odds with what is generally accepted.

synonyms: dissenter · nonconformist · freethinker ·

antonyms: conformist

Little do many people realize Jesus was indeed a religious heretic. He stood against the pharisee’s and Sadducee corruption of Judea. Holding and preaching every view completely opposite of this elitist system. He gathered masses of people by the thousands, thus making his heretical views extremely dangerous as it undermined the establishments authority – therefore he must be put to death. As the story goes, it just so happened, Death wasn’t enough…. and let me ask you this – where are the pharisee’s debating the law today 2000 years later and where is the gospel of Christ?

When one looks into church history, it doesn’t take very long at all to find a profound and influential leader whom was labeled a ‘Heretic’. In fact I’m convinced Heretics are among the best Christians more often then not. Martin Luther, Ron Paul, C.S. Lewis, Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Ken Ham, Apostle Paul, etc etc…; Their all a bunch of heretics, I’m proud to say, that have had their hand in shaping a good many of my views.

Though I would be remissed to neglect the other kind of heretic as there are many false prophets out there aswell. Yet for them I feel is fairly self explanatory. The point of this little article is, be mindful how this word ‘Heretic’ is used. It could just as easily be a compliment 😉 If you are a brother/sister in Christ, receiving the spirit and born again- I’m glad to be a heretic along with you.


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