My Journey in Vapeing

To my long time followers, may I make a confession? I am one of those evil smokers… Well I was… Now I’ve converted to Vapeing 🙂

What brought me to this new style of smoking wasn’t entirely so much for health reasons – though that was an incentive. I’m a shameless capitalist, and really it all boiled down to money. Vapeing is vastly cheaper then smoking cigarettes. However, I’ve been vapeing for about about 3 weeks now and along the way I’ve discovered some other advantages.

1. I can smoke just about anywhere and people don’t seem to mind at all. Infact people like the smell of my blueberry pie or sugar cookie smoke. I am now thoroughly a human air freshener.

2. It’s cleaner, alot cleaner… When your a smoker you don’t really realize how filthy cigarettes actually are. The ashes get everywhere, the smell is horrid. Then of course there is your tounge has the white sort of layer on it that never seems to go away. With vapeing I had maybe 1 tiny liquid spill, hardly worth mentioning – and when I did my shirt smelled like a very nice cologne.

3. Breathing and holding my breath has vastly improved. I’ve been at the beach alot in my time of vaping here in florida. Over the weeks I just can’t help at notice how much longer I can hold my breath underwater whilst snorkeling…. About twice as long as when I smoked. As for breathing itself, I take deeper breaths naturally… in turn I have also noticed my concentration has improved, I would contend is due to having more oxygen.

4. Oh yes of course health is an excellent factor perhaps for many people. Myself I’m young so forgive me of I don’t really think about cancer and things that much…. However, I look at my older smokeing and see things like COPD developing, random cancer bumps, extremely high blood pressure, coughing blood, and worst of all – wrinkles from free radicals going nuts loaded up on Carbon Monoxide…. I myself would not look very good with wrinkles, if I may be so vain.

So let me just tell a little bit about my start up set up.

I probably spent more then I could or should have… in part because at first I really had no idea what I was doing. It began at Walgreens, I bought a Haus starter kit pen, with a haus brand coffee flavored liquid… That was where it all began. After about a week I couldn’t help at notice the 10 ml bottle was only half full… Which indicated to me my 7$ would last me about 2 weeks, verses say $5 on a pack of cigarettes every single day… Obviously, it proved cheaper to vape fairly immediately. Though I was getting tired of coffee so I said what the heck, I’ll get 3 other flavors and switch it up. 😛

Then my Haus pen met a sad fate… I was slurping my vape liquid instead of smokeing. Not to mention the battery wasn’t really lasting throughout the day anymore. I had no idea what was wrong, jonesing for a cigarette I bought a pack and contemplated getting a new vape pen at a professional vape shop.

When I went to the Grab Bag in Gainesville, FL I was kindly greated and explained to them, “I would like an inexpensive mod with a long lasting battery”. He showed me 2 both under $25, and both were equally impressive, and actually much better then the haus pen I got at Walgreens for the same price. That was when I upgraded to a Joytech eGO AIO vape pen. 🙂

Then of course there was the vape bar, where I could actually sample any flavor I wanted, all day long. It only took me 20 minutes to find “Tropical Chill” and bought a 30 ml bottle at $15.

After 2 weeks with the joytech I am completely satisfied. Since then I have bought more flavors from a different vape shop in a little town called Green Cove Springs, FL ‘Jonny Copper Vapor Co.’… why a new shop? I just happened to visit Gainesville at first, I was staying in the little town for awhile… anyway. I actually liked Jonny Copper’s flavors much better, they were more flavorful and THOUSANDS of options. I took a few several hours there to sample all I could just so I could, I guess ‘discover my flavor pallet’. I walked out with Frigid, Blueberry Pie, Tropical Gold, and Zoltar. All of which were 30 ml bottles with 12 MG nicotine… (am I being too detailed with all this?)

So here we are 3 weeks later. I discovered all I needed to do with the Haus pen was get a new atomizer for it… meh. It is are good pen and I figure I’ll keep it as are spare or back up. If I had known before I may not have gotten the new one, and sure I’ve invested a lot into this new habit…. but I can’t complain. By my calculations I have about 3 month supply of e fluid for under $50 which is still a fantastic savings compared to smokeing.

I would of course recommend vaping to anyone looking to get into it. However I would be remissed if I didn’t include this little chart:


And what the heck, I’ll toss in this one too:



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