A vote for Blank is a vote for Blank.

This will be my last ever political post on my views. I’ve said all I’m going to say about this election cycle.

“When God Wants to Judge a Nation He Gives Them Wicked Rulers” – John Calvin



After Being in the Cruz camp for the Republican Primary, all I ever hear after Ted Cruz dropped out… (Come to think of it, even before Cruz dropped out)… All I ever hear from the trumpsters was:

“A vote for anyone besides Trump is a Vote for Hillary.”

I’ve heard this so much so, I swear it’s like going to a freaking parrot store….
The fact is, I will likely be going with the Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle this election. I have yet to hear any substinent answer from any trump supporter as to “why I should vote for Trump”. I have yet to hear anything even at all from Trump himself which says I should…. Ok I have actually sat down with Trump videos and over viewing his policies and xyz TRYING to like the guy or find even some small reason to sway me… the fact is I can’t, and his followers really are a terrible asset to their fearless leaders campaign. All they have are threats… I mean:

“If you vote for Castle Hillary will win”

“Hillary will destroy America”

“You don’t belong in this country, get the f$@ out if you don’t vote for trump”…

Let me just tell all the trumpsters of the world something. First and foremost, I am saved by christ, there is nothing in this world that worries me as I have the gift of eternal life. Frankly I’ve looked around, this world has nothing in comparison to Christ’s promise of eternal life in the new heaven and new earth. What can man… or Hillary… do to me?

Second, I’m not convinced Trump is all that different from hillary… He’s advocated for socialized medicine, he only wants to lessen TPP not get rid of it, His tax plan has already been negotiated to increase – he isn’t even president yet and all I see is this alleged ‘flat tax’ go up and up and up…. Immigration honestly not really a chef concern to me, he can’t even get that policy straightened out, not even to his own satisfaction… and really he tossed his own base support under the bus with it. His integrity is appalling, he treats everyone like shit, his EGO is unbearably unrelenting to the point I can’t see myself having to listen to him for 4 years….

Then there is the Bernie Sanders people

Can I just say, I was very surprised when I looked into the dilemma on the other side of the political spectrum.
They get the same jive too:


Suddenly I have tremendous respect for the far left of this country. We’ve spoken before on several issues, and I’ve often found we completely agree on just about what is all the problems – however both of us have very different solutions…. In that I’ve often found Bernie people to be very easy to get along with as we both can easily see were both trying to the best of our understanding to actually fix this country. We are both frustrated with the same people trying to maintain the status quo and make it sound somehow different. Well its not different, And we’re both ready for an outright revolution.

In regards to Jill Stien herself, I maintain she isn’t my taste for change as I’ve said in another article… However I agree with her 100% on the fact the 2 party system is a disaster that must be taken down. In the Tea Party we have a saying:


I will not choose between red team or blue team anymore…. I can’t in good conscience lie and say “Trump is better then hillary”, as I have seen no evidence to suggest it… I have done it before for Romney and frankly I couldn’t help at chock whilst I did so. If anyone wants my vote from this point on, I had better hear 3 things as central and uncompromising to their platform:

1. Follow The Constitution in the spirit the founders intended it…. A key word here being “Limited Government”

2. Free market capitalism.

3. Noninterventional foreign policy the specifically conflicts with Zionist Christian and/or Neo Conservative ideology.

Am I reaching for the stars? Is that really too much? Is my list of 3 little  things too complicated or hard to understand?

I should hope not, my standards should be the BASIC goal of every liberty loving American…

As for this threat “Hillary will Win”.

As I’ve already said, my soul is prepared for anything this world can throw at me… including Hillary as president. Thank you for your concern, but I would like to point out more important facts:

1. God promises us tribulations… this world, even America, is guaranteed to be a wicked and vile place that only gets worse and worse…. Your not telling me something I don’t already know to expect with Hillary, or for the matter Trump – and surely anyone coming next round after them.

2. Hillary is merely the product of her donor… I would also go as far to say Trump is a plant in the Republican party, he is deliberately sabotaging Hillary’s opposition. If by some miracle trump actually won the white house, he will be a complete puppet to all his corrupt advisors with their own agendas… He is completely Mailable, a piece of clay screaming “Mold me into whatever you want me to be”.  It doesn’t help his first instinct is always often very liberal either :/

3. A Hillary presidency will be a disaster… Infact it will be such a disaster I’m betting if she won, the democratic party will have no future hope of ever winning an election for quite some time. If Trump won, republicans will never be able to recover, and there’s no way we could get someone else in for 2020…. The game here is counting on the other team to loose by winning…

4. Hillary won’t be able to work with Congress or the house, the government will be very stagnant…. I like a stagnant government. I see what they do when their busy and frankly we could use a good long government shut down or 20 in this country. They’ve done enough damage as it is.

5. No longer will our politics be chosen for us. It’s just over the years I’ve seen the primaries, I’ve seen the way the media spins things, tweeks polls, the RNC and DNC change rules, and so much else to pump up their chosen candidate…. Frankly they need to come down off their high horse, and the only way to do that is give atleast the republican party a disastrous loss in what should be an easy Republican Election…. apparently Romney wasn’t enough, they need a second blow to figure out the constitution says it’s about the People not the establishment…. even more pressing is the People need to figure out it’s about them as well.

What is sad is, my 5 things I can say for a hillary win, is 5 things more then I can say I support trump on… literally the man has nothing to offer a Christian or a Conservative. Infact It doesn’t help he himself told us:

“I don’t need the conservative base, if they don’t want to vote for me it’s fine, we don’t need them”

The Republican party has gone in the way of the Whigs tossing their conservative base out with a guy like Filmore… I mean Trump…. sad. Excuse me for saying so but:

Let’s see who do we vote for…. Jeezabel or Ahab? Beelzebub or Lucifer? The beast of the sea or the best of the earth? Allah or Krishna? Which is the lesser of 2 evils I wonder…. Oh look there’s another choice, Darrell Castle 😀


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