Cruz the sellout?…

Maybe I missed it. Has Cruz stopped defending the Constitution? Has Cruz stopped writing timely, much needed legislation to defend our rights and liberty? Has Cruz stopped battling Obamacare, abortion, and the liberal agenda fang and claw? Has Cruz stopped leading the charge for a secure border, no amnesty, and brilliantly articulating conservatism?

Trump goes to Cruz, hat in hand, begging for Cruz’s endorsement. Wanting to know what Cruz needed to see in order to vote for him. They meet behind closed doors.

They emerge with six firm, written policy commitments and a exclusive list of 21 SCOTUS nominations with Mike Lee at the top – and people are complaining the CRUZ was the one who caved in?


Sorry – but it was TRUMP who was the servile puppydog begging for Cruz forgiveness.

Once again Cruz defended Supreme Court and our Constitution against a liberal troll and won, and “conservatives” everywhere are crying about how he ‘caved in” – when it was CLEARLY Trump who did all the capitulating and apologizing.

Get a grip.

Meanwhile – For once the conservative and liberal media agree. Trump got his throat slashed in the debate last night.

What a sad day for conservatism. Instead of watching an actual conservative systematically unbolt that lying New York liberal villain – we had to watch the RINO GOP nominee get owned like a failed reality TV show reject.

After Trump’s ham fisted performance last night, Trump supporters are going to have to put in triple over time explaining – “Well, what Trump REALLY meant was…”

At Least a Few Republican Pros Agree: Hillary Clinton Beat Donald Trump

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