2016 Presidential Election Report

A trump supporter told me not long ago:”You just need to forget about the constitution, that’s been gone a long time ago. It’s time to forget it and try to move on. Vote for trump, he at least cares about Americans, otherwise get out of this country because you don’t belong here”….

In my mind how I translate that:

“We are going to build a brand new house without a foundation. If you don’t want to be apart of it, then get out of our way”.

The thing is, she’s right, the constitution is pretty well eroded to the point any novice lawyer could ice skate all over it. We don’t have it anymore, and it’s a hard long road getting it back – It doesn’t help if no one has an interest either… But to me it’s beginning to look like we Americans are all on board the Titanic. We know the ship is sinking, and the captain who steered it into an iceberg jumped ship. Many of us are standing around arguing who’s going to be the next captain, instead of looking for a life boat. To be honest I’d rather look for a life boat then sit around here watching these people argue over nothing. Sure thing, I’ll take your advice trumpster, you take all the space you need to build your house that will inevitably fall apart. Your absolutely right, this is a whole new country now and you most certainly can have it and the “New American Century”. (you should Google that, btw)

imageI’ve always had an interest in living on a boat. I’ve often considered before selling all my stuff and downsizing to a 32 to 42 ft catamaran sail boat… Maybe It’s not so crazy anymore to actually pursue..

Here’s the seller… politically speaking. International waters are not subject to any law or citizenship status. That means whatever Trump or Hillary does to what’s left for the old America i know and love. I will not have any part of it, while living on my boat fishing. There is no jurisdiction whatsoever just 5 miles off shore other then “Peaceful passage” laws.. This is not limited to the American shoreline, but all over the world. The law amounts to; 1. Don’t be a pirate hijacking ships. 2. Don’t attack the coast guard, 3. Don’t bring a nuclear warhead with you. 4. Don’t be a terrorist or foreign army with intent to land.

I myself am pretty sure I can handle that… Arrggg

Yes the state of the union is that bad. I have heard of people talking about going to canada, aulstralia, and all kinds of places abroad… The thing is, I just can’t deal with people anymore, and all these countries have some pretty bad shortcomings themselves… I would be better off with the devil I know if I were to stay on dry land… IF, mind you… Plus in a boat I can work on my tan.. no bills.. no bs.. less traffic…. Just trade fish for the money I need to fix up my boat, otherwise I’m not coming back to shore…

Well that’s how that idea started years ago. BUT then I found this plan for 2020… A Beautiful Shining City on the Sea:

If/when this is built, I won’t have to come to shore even to trade fish to fix my boat!

The Sea Steading institute is a think tank, founded by Milton Friedman’s grandson, Patri Friedman. Unlike most think tanks, Instead of thinking of ways to lobby the government, their focus is exclusively how to homestead the high sea. Friedman tells us his vision is to come back to the early original american pioneer spirit with unlimited freedom. The city in the video is their model for a freedom loving society… Which perhaps will be the only one in the world that’s left. No taxes, no roads, and if you don’t like your neighbors you can always move and take your house and yard with you 🙂

Now in this city its built via platforms. These platforms are as steady as a table out on water you can build sky scrappers on top of them or small houses with yards. the wave breaker adds extra security… In effect the city is safer in hurricane then a coastal town, believe it or not. The platforms are designed after lighthouses and oil rigs built in the high seas already… So this is all actually an existing and time tested technology.

As for myself I’m pretty solid on getting a catamaran sailboat. The platform idea sounds great, but I just want a lot more mobility to get around. I may not even stay in the city very long at a time… I’m just glad knowing that is a resource available to me if I need it.

So if your tired of the Democrats digging into your wallet and Republicans making sure your complacent with the state. Hillary’s emails and Trump making an ass of himself on a daily bases on national television…. Sea Steading might sound like a viable alternative to you.


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