After All primaries are in….

It’s been awhile since I wrote about the elections. The primaries for most parties are over, and I think it’s time to maybe review who I would like to vote for. I took the I Side With test just to help me come to an informed decision as a responsible voter, and here were my results:


It seems I’m best suited for Darrell Castle of the constitution party. 🙂

However, as an informed voter, I would be remissed if I didn’t explain my results for this highly sophisticated test. To do this, I will go through each candidate one by one.


Frankly I’m not sure how I got 81% for Trump, well I do – since all his good ideas came from Ted Cruz. It comes at no surprise he has already backslided on every one of his policies during the primaries. So excuse me for correcting the test and just saying 0%. He doesn’t have any policies other then a magical wall nobody will pay for…. even that isn’t enough to sell my soul for.

I’m not even convinced he’s a Republican, whilst all he ever does is attack other Republicans. He particularly attacks those whom are very respectable leaders whom have consistently fought the establishment…. Then there is his attacks on Ted Cruz, making him that much more evil incarnate. Frankly, he hasn’t taken anytime at all to fight his so called biggest foe Hillary Clinton. Considering his donations to Clinton, I do wear my tin foil hat proudly thinking he is purposely sabotaging the Republican party to get her elected…. Atleast that is what the evidence seems to conclude about him. No thanks, what he’s selling I’m not buying. No worries though, we will get to that evil witch in a minute..


Really I’m quite sold just on the name “Constitution Party”. The rest for the most part, his platform and ideals, really sit well with me. I have heard some controversy as him being a birther and not standing with Israel… upon review of these claims for myself, it’s simply not true… Personally I have always been a Non interventionalist, the critique of that ideology from Neocons and lobbyst has always been “so you don’t believe America should send military aid to Israel”… I’ve heard it plenty before and I can see Castle has heard it too. ‘Non interventionalism’ doesn’t mean we don’t send military aid to our allies, it simply means we don’t involve ourselves with nation building and taking an active role in our allies policies. YES Israel gets all the military aid when needed along with any of America’s allies in this school of thought. What isn’t included is being the world’s police man, or toppling dictators like Sadam hussein or Bashar AL Asad, in order to turn countries like Syria into Switzerland….

Frankly what I disagree with castle on is things like gay marriage – but honestly it was the same thing I sorta disagreed with Ted cruz on. Neither of these 2 seem to have interest in actively perusing the nuanced social issues. I do however agree the constitution should be upheld above all else, and things like gay marriage is no exception to the first amendment. Which leads me to the next guy.


Gary gets a lot of his support from people who did not watch the libertarian debates. He is simply the devil they don’t know… However I did watch those debates, my reasons for saying he is a complete sellout are many.

First he believes the constitution is subjective, religion in his own words is a “Black Hole”. Second, He also believes conservatives are stupid and don’t care at all about social issues like Abortion. Third, he’s not even a libertarian – he’s a complete and total dork to be honest.

How he even won the libertarian party nomination against guys like Austin Petersen or John McAfee is a complete mystery… Really, I’m surprised in just how much I actually really liked John McAfee – Though Petersen was just about perfect for me. McAfee was a bit weird, Petersen a bit condescending – but they actually believed firmly in their own parties principles, unlike this Moderate Republican. Even more elusive is both of them were polling so much higher then Johnson in the libertarian party. The delegates however tossed the people they represent completely under the bridge.

In this election The libertarian party had a real chance to win over and unite Conservatives and Sanders supporters – yet they tossed it away on a guy who might as well be another “Kaisch”…. a big fat RINO. I can’t vote for Jhonson, I think it’s a tragedy the libertarian party went the direction they went.


31% might be very misleading for Jill stein on my test, actually I like her better then Johnson. I do!
As a conservative it might be expected I don’t care about environmentalism, the truth is I do, I just don’t think it’s the government’s place to try to fix it. What I like about Jill stein is she agrees with that position. She is also very grounded in the constitution. She is even a strong libertarian voice greater then that of jhonson.

A good deal of what I disagree with her on… well I could respectfully disagree with her on. I know this is a woman who will not try to spoon feed her beliefs to me by using government force. In that, I translate her as a Conservative Democrat rather some kind of malicious threat. Perhaps in a way she echos to me John F. Kennedy. We would get along great if she won…. Not as good as Darrell Castle, but we could get along fine anyway.


If the witch hat and “Bridge 4 sale” thing doesn’t tell you what I think of Hillary Clinton, I don’t know what else would. She is undeniably the wicked witch of the east – Manhattan.

In the 90s as a kid my grandmother told me once:
‘do not ever trust bill Clinton’s wife, one day she will run for president and she will lie, cheat, steel and kill to get there’
How little then did I know my grandmother was a prophet. I have no idea how she knew, because my grandma has long since gone to heaven.

Literally, me and Hillary can only agree on things like:

“The sky is blue” or “plants need water and sunlight”
If that is all 28% is worth… mmm. I just have nothing else to say.

To Conclude this…

Even among hillary supporters… I mean, it’s not that they seem to really believe in her. Most of them just say “we just don’t trust Trump with the nuclear button”. So for them she is the lesser of 2 evils… which for myself I just don’t buy stock into that kind of thinking… Really I’d rather oppose the white house for the next 4 years knowing I voted 3rd party, rather then feed the machine which is bent on enslaving me. :-/

As per trump supporters telling me “a vote for anyone but trump is a vote for Hillary” – please, let me stop you right there.

Hillary is merely the product of her donor. Again I will vote only my conscience. And NO I didn’t need Ted Cruz’s permission to do so – I would have said so with or without his input… just so you know. I do believe my god will hold me accountable even for my vote. In the immortal words of Martin Luther:

“Unless I am convinced by Scripture and plain reason – I do not accept the authority of the popes and councils, for they have contradicted each other – my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and I will not recant anything. For to go against conscience is neither right nor SAFE!!”

Those words could not seem to be anymore true, then they are now. Atleast other then when Martin Luther was on trial to recant his writings.

No no, 3rd parties are on the ballot. that is a resource that I can, and will, vote for. I actually suspect 2016 will be a great year and bump of support for all 3rd party candidates. Frankly this 2 party monstrosity deserves to be taken down a peg… or 2000.


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