When I said #NeverTrump…

…I meant it!

I’m not voting for hillary, and Im sorry Gary Jhonson isnt a consolation prize to anything. Infact I’m undecided whether I should vote at all – I’m just waiting to see what’s on the New York states ballot. This will be the first election I’m ever contemplating skipping out on, because it could not be anymore apparent voting does not matter. Last cycle, well yeah I voted for Romney – he I could atleast stomach, even though I was all in for Ron Paul. I simply can’t stomach Donald Trump, as for the Republican Party itself I’m sorely disappointed in their ability to stand for nothing.

Why am I republican to begin with?

Largely common sense, mostly economics, splash in a minutia concern for foreign policy. Freedom and the constitution above all things.

Trump clearly has no concern for any of this, he is concerned with himself and feeding his own ego. His vision of “Make America Great Again” – is baseless in policy because in his view, it’s only great when the world revolves around him. I’m a republican because I do not BOW before an almighty ruler – who’s megalomania guarantees a  imperialistic government.

I have done my family history, I have 15 great grandfathers who fought the revolutionary war. 3 of them were spies for Washington himself. Yet because I say #NeverTrump I’m an illegal immigrant.. Well sue me and show me your US credentials. My founding fathers opposed imperialism, then there’s trump supporters…

So there is my little rant. Yes I am still #NeverTrump, I will remain so untill November. I am comfortable in the fact knowing the government isn’t in control of everything,  and just about all problems end up solving themselves. So whom ever wins this year, let it be so. All things under heaven are in Gods hands, and the government can’t do a thing about it otherwise. In that knowledge, I am not a Democrat who runs to the government to fix every little thing, because my feelings are hurt.


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