10 Things I’ve learned about Pokemon Go

First off, I just have to say, Finally I found an android game I actually LOVE!!! Also Its about freaking time Pokemon Go happened!

1. Abras are runners!

You need a razz berry and a great ball if you want to catch an Abra. You have to get it on the first throw or else he runs away. Its a big deal atleast to me, because I LOVE Kadabra and Alakazam… I’m trying my hardest to evolve my abras, but sometimes even with razzberries and greatballs, some slip through the cracks.

2. Don’t use stardust… at all if possible.

If ever you find yourself powering up your pokemon. DONT!! you want to evolve them instead for XP. The higher your level is, the higher CP pokemon you will catch. As you level up the stardust cost goes up to power up a pokemon. So basically it’s a huge waste, Chances are hghly likely you will catch the same pokemon at a much higher CP when you get to the next level. Only power up your already highest CP pokemon – if you simply must use your stardust…. particularly evolve all those Pidgeys you will be catching so you level up faster.

3. There’s no rhyme or reason Evee evolves.

I’ve heard it all already, some say it depends on your location, others say it depends on the attacks Evee has. In the end it’s proven to be completely randomized if Evee becomes jolteon, vaporean, or flaireon. You get what you get, but dont fret- As you level up You get a TON more evees instead of pidgeys- at some point your bound to get all three types of Evees.

4. Don’t pokemon go while driving.

Admittedly I’m not talking about safety, actually it’s to your pokemon experience advantage not to drive around in a car while playing pokemon. The car moves too fast, the game can’t load pokemon in a given area. While walking is suggested, I’ve found a bike yields the most pokemon. It’s not too slow and not to fast, you can stop at any given time without blocking traffic – the game is perfect on a bike with a never ending pokemon supply. Maybe in the city driving is ok, because you have to stop at every stop sign- in theory, but in practice it just doesn’t yield as much as a bike.

5. Catch every single thing that comes your way!

Again It’s about XP, but hear me now don’t snub your nose at a Pidgey or weedle like your too good for them. As you level up, a good many of those Pidgeys become Evee or pikachus.the faster you level up, the stronger and better your pokemon get. In my neighborhood, for some reason we were loaded with pidgeys. At level 15 I noticed I’m starting to get bell sprouts, ghastlys, drowzees and so on a lot more often. So it pays to level as quick as you can…. I don’t know anyone above level 21 as of yet, but I understand the real fun begins at level 20 😉

6. Give up on tracking pokemon.

After walking around the city aimlessly for a week now, there’s some pokemon I know for a fact spawn in certain places – others still sadly show up grey in my tracker. It won’t always be that way, someday I will find them. Tracking them however has proven to simply not work. I tried spinning around with my finger looking for a pulse, and yet all I see is that pulse on the tracker is completely random. The only thing that tracker seems to be good for is simply letting you know what’s around in the area…. which, don’t get me wrong that’s still kinda useful.

7. Cops don’t really care about people playing Pokemon in the park at 1 am.

So there I was in Deleware park with about 300 other people. The cops showed up, pulled out her phone and started playing with us. She could not be any less enthusiastic about kicking people out of the park when she said; “everyone the park is closed time to leave” Followed by “There’s a Charmander at the waterfountain”!!! …. it was as if she just said it because she felt somewhat obligated to…. she understood the next fact 😉

8. The more people the marrier!!

The more people together at any given location, the better the pokemon are!! I have a group on facebook already we’ve got 1700 people heading to canal side in buffalo this weekend 😉

Always find your town hotspots. In Buffalo that’s Canal side and Albright-Knox. Literally there are HUNDREDS of people there at virtually any given time, and the pokemon just keep coming. I’ve been on a never ending pokè party all week long in my quest to be a pokemon master. I havnt been disappointed yet in my 58 kiliometers of painstaking walking traveling between hot spots.

9. Pokémon people are my kind of people.

Everything from insomniacs to poi dancers, dog walkers and all around friendly. I have never felt safer to walk around the park at 2 am in the middle of the city. There is, in German- Gemütlichkeit – the likes of which I have never seen in Buffalo ny in all my years living here.

10. Team yellow is the best team!!!!

Gold team rules!!

If you are undecided on which team to join – go with the team with a color that matches your heart… Gold. Trust your instincts, Team Yellow!!


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