The Anti-Pokemon Propaganda

It has been a very long time since I could comfortably say – “I trust the media”…. I would say it ended for me sometime around when Bush wanted to invade Iran and the Tea party movement was born…. After this past election season, My sentiment was pretty much well solidified before they even had a chance to go on their tangent about “Marco Rubio won 3rd place in Iowa” (remember that BS propaganda week?)…. So Basically my whole adult life thus far :-/

Here is what I see in the case of Pokemon Go.

On the streets I see people coming out and socializing. I see huge crowds coming to random places for no particular reason other then to enjoy themselves. I see people getting more excersize in a week then they normally get all year. I also see small businesses taking advantage of the craze to advertise their business and grow the local economy – I might add, on a scale I have never witnessed even during Christmas shopping season…. I also see Park attendances on the rise, Churches being filled, Art and Science museums getting loads of attention. I even see a golden opportunity to put to rest racial tensions between Cops and the Black Lives Matter movement- Meanwhile I turn on the news and…

“Dangers of Pokemon Go”, or “Pokemon Go becomes new isis tool to rape woman”, or “How Pokemon Go causes drug addiction” or “Pokemon Go Kills driver on the highway”. “Pokémon go destroyed my marriage”…. Yeah really this is blatant lies and half truths. Frankly lady, if all it took was a week to destroy your marriage you’ve been doing everything wrong all along. This is everything I’ve learned to expect from the news anymore. If anyone honestly believes this I will sell you the Golden Gate bridge, cheap!

Just about every single headline is out to kill Pokemon Go, and yet I can only ask; Why? The media should be going just as nuts over Pokemon go, as their own community is. Not trying to use scare tactics away from it. They are there to report the news not create the news. Untill they begin to review Journalist ethics class 101 each and everyone of them took in college, I will not be watching Trump embarrass himself on a daily bases, or Hillary’s discussion on how she plans to destroy America. Nor will I concern myelf with ISIS in France or even for the matter “The SPCA Dog of the Week”.

Click. The TV is off.  Pokemon is Go!!

Just what is the establishment afraid of? Maybe the network is trying to scare people into staying home to boost their ratings again. Maybe, this wave of propaganda is funded by Pokemons long time competitors “Digimon”. Maybe they really are just this disconnected from their audience…. I guess we’ll never know.




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