Pokemon Go in Buffalo ny Map/Guide

**** Update. Since pokemon go changed the map, this map is no longer 100% accurate. It’s about 75% accurate. The map will undergo appropriate changes, in the mean time, i refer your interest to this list for an official list of changes. Click Here.****

This map tracks Pokemon spawning sites around Buffalo for Pokemon Go. It will be an ongoing project, as I ever scout the city. I will not be adding Pidgeys, Weedles, or Rattata’s to this map as they are everywhere, thus not worth my time 😛 Each pokemon added has spawned atleast 3 times in the exact location before added to the map to ensure accuracy and quality.

Below are noteworthy pokemon in the area, afterwhich; notes on the best places to go in Buffalo.

List of Notable Pokemon on map:

Charmander – Water fountain in rose garden, Delaware Park

Bulbasaur – New York Beer Project

Squirtle – UB Art Building (By pond at the park)

Dratini – Hoyt Lake Delaware park (western corner) or more reliably; Niagara Falls State Park (by Maid of the Mist entrance). Also the Marnia, Theres 3 spots along the road to the lighthouse.

Abra – Delaware park, there are 4 spawn sites, Plus 2 more in the Japanese garden. Take the foot bridge and follow path to the Buffalo History Museum parking lot.

Clefairy – Aquarium of Niagara

Meowth – Lexington Co-op, Elmwood Ave. (seems to spawn most often in the morning before 9 am)

Onix- Pine Woods Park, North Tonawonda, And Clinton Park, North Tonawonda

Growlithe- North Tonawanda, Paddock Chevrolet Golf Dome

Vulpix – Mang Park

Hitmonchan- Niagara Falls State Park

Jiggly Puff – Take Tram at Niagara falls park, on route between Discovery Cove and the park, just before the bridge crossing to canada.

Magikarp – The Marina, on the road to the lighthouse from canalside,  there about 3-5 spots he always pops up.

Drowzee & Hypno – Not specifically marked, however he is everywhere on the west side of Buffalo (west of Richmond ave. north of W. Ferry st.) He is also found throughout tourist district of Niagara falls

Best Pokemon Spots:

Niagara Falls State Park: Hitmonchan, Jiggly Puff, Dratini, Oddish, Clefairy, Other assorted water types. Well worth a day trip around the whole park, just sitting in the tram is excellent for the lazy pokemon trainer. (parking is much less packed and free at the Aquarium. From there tram tickets are $3 and can be bought at the discovery cove accross the foot bridge)

Delaware Park; Abra, Charamnder, Dratini, Staru, Psyduck, Polywag, Magikarpp…. Just walk around and dont neglect the Rose Garden or the Japanese garden 😉

Erie Basin Marina; Psyduck, Magikarpp, Staru, Tentecool, Polywag, Golden, Dratini. Best to walk the road all the way to the lighthouse, Water types are ABUNDANT. In a car you will miss out even at 15 mph. At the very end there is a lighthouse with 3 pokestops Ideal for lures, while Dratini’s can be found along the way – there’s 1 in particular that seems to have made his home at the lighthouse itself. Arguably, the Marina is much better then the navel park.

Canal Side/Naval Park; Great place when there’s a bunch of people there dropping lures.. It is rare not to find many people here. Oddish, Dratini, Bellsprout are 3 that stand out. Other then pidgey’s there is an occasional rarity  from the lures.

Albright Knox; It’s okay…. Only when there’s a bunch of people there dropping lures, otherwise it’s basically a dead zone. Best go in the afternoon or night. (If going at night either walk or park car around Elmwood/Forest ave intersection which is fairly close by and safe. police will ticket parked cars at the museum at night. Usually they come by around midnight)

Elmwood Ave; You would think there might be something more noteworthy about Elmwood other then a Meowth across the street of Lexington Co-op. As it is, there are so many pokestops and gyms up and down this road, its perfect for stocking up on Pokeballs and gym training. Certainly noteworthy, though otherwise prepare for lots of Pidgeys, Weedles and Rattatas along the way – maybe an Evee or Caterpie now and then.

Niagara Square/ City hall: For how many pokestops that are around this circle, it surprisingly not that great. Possibly due to this not really being a ‘park’ rather a big busy roundabout. However, there is much potential, particularly during festivals; therefore being noteworthy.


 Absolute Worst Places

Williamsville – Just about the whole town is a dead zone. Stay far far away from Williamsville.

Any Walmart – I know what your thinking, do some shopping and catch a few pokemon along the way… I know because Ive done it, and nope. complete dead zone throughout every Walmart store, you would have better luck in the parking lot. Maybe its the building, maybe pokemon dont shop at walmart- whatever the reason, dont count on it.

Unity Island/Sqaw Island – Just dont waste your time. Theres a gym there, and thats about it.

Richardson Olmstead Complex – I cant help at think this would be the PERFECT place to stick some ghastly’s, maybe some psychic pokemon. Sadly its a complete dead zone…. Not in a good way.


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