Why I love America

1. The Constitution

Oh sure every country has a constitution these days, But we were the first! In addition what separates ours from the rest of the world is the laws in it come from god, not from the Government. What our founders did, that was so revolutionary even to this day, was took god given rights of every man, and placed those natural laws on the government. “We The People”- Is the beginning and it is we the people who are addressing the government with our constitution – Not “We the Government” who is addressing us. Literally this flips the history of the whole worlds governmental systems upside down. We are not subjects to a king, rather our politicians are servants to us.

2. Our value of giving people opportunities has no bounds.

We were the first to create public school education so that everyone, rich or poor, can read, write and do math – Meanwhile in Europe it was ridiculed by virtually all the nobility. As one queen at the time put it; “Americans will find they could no sooner teach the poor to read then to teach a dog not to eat his own feces”.. Take that Europe! But we didn’t stop there, no no- we had another crazy idea. That is to teach the Deaf and Blind to read, let them go to college or build a business and allow them to actually have careers. What makes this in itself incredible is the history of the whole world has always been to toss deaf and blind people aside, either in a ditch or some asylum – In ancient rome it was customary to take deaf and blind children to the city dump, like garbage. What it says about us is we are a people who want everyone, absolutely everyone, to have a place in society and give them the same opportunity to be able to take care of themselves and be independent. Dare I even say we extended this value even to our own slaves. We even fought and died against our own brothers to help otherwise strangers in the south to be free from bondage, so they too may be able to take care of themselves and climb the ladder. Such things speak to volumes of the character of our nation.

“I am a woman who came from the cotton fields of the South. From there I was promoted to the washtub. From there I was promoted to the cook kitchen and from there I promoted myself into the business of manufacturing hair goods and preparations. . . . I have built my own factory on my own ground.”
– Madam C. J. Walker

3. We are the leaders of the world

Name anything that exist in our modern world, and I ask you- Where did they get the idea from?

Brexit for example. There I sat on youtube watching Nigel Farage not only discuss why Britian should be independent of the EU, but in the process listening to him quote – countless times; Milton Friedman, Thomas Jefferson, Tomas Paine, and Neil Armstrong… What on earth could be more American about Brexit then this whole freaking thing!! Yet I’m sure The British people think  everything he had to say was original 😛

The very internet Im on is American, yet here I find I get so much traffic from Asia, africa, and all over. My cell phone is an american Idea, Public school of which I already mentioned is american, the democratic process the world enjoys is american, The music and movies the whole world watches is American… Do you know whats funny about that, When I was traveling around Europe I couldn’t help at notice, people dont listen too much to their own countries music and watch their own countries tv shows – they pretty much exclusively just watch ours 😛

Clearly, the world would be a very dull and unchanging place with out us no matter how much the socialist across the pond might deny it. They can critisize us all they want, in the end they just sit there and wait for us to come up with all the good ideas.

4. Despite our global Impact we really are a humble people.

Americans hug each other, even strangers – often and randomly… We call the waiter sir or mam just as much as we do the CEO. In America, these things are small gestures so common place, to people from the rest of the world its strange and actually makes them  uncomfortable.

We value small churches and small businesses above corporations even though conglomerates and mega churches certainly do exist here to. We help each other – really this is the only country in the world you can simply ask a stranger on the street for directions and they wont give you funny looks or ignore you as if you were not there. America has been said it is a Gentle Giant in the world, and its because it is a reflection of our culture compared to the rest of the worlds.

5. America is the only country in the world I could ever call home.

Though I was/am an ardent Ted Cruz supporter, when trump took the republican party instead I began looking at real estate abroad. Switzerland, Japan, Britian, South Korea and Australia were among my picks of places to move to. Looking into each of them – Im reminded the president isn’t in charge of everything here. Even though Obama was horrible and tried destroying this country – it is still here fairly well in tact – it probably could survive trump or hillary too…. It survived Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter anyway long enough for Reagan to save it…..

That thought aside these other countries have many admiral qualities, but hmm – There is a very long list of things they live with everyday I don’t understand how the people there could even survive. Australia for example, Ive looked at the Woolworths and Coles Myers supermarket flyers (walmart equivalent) – $10 AUS ($20 usd +/-)  for a 2 pack roll of toilet paper is not a great bargain discount – our 20 pack rolls are about $5 AUS ($10 usd) 😛  Then there’s this instant coffee crap Australians calls “Fresh ground Coffee”…. That is the tipping point enough to make me cause riot at the grocery store!!

Then there’s South Korea, which ok I LOVE samsung, but I wouldn’t want the company in direct control of my government and military – thats just completely wrong in every possible way! If I were in South Korea, I would literally be the one starting a revolution for freedom against the conglomerate oppression – of which they don’t seem to even understand how its oppression a conglomerate corporation is basically the government. Even though I’ve always loved samsung, my principles just conflict with this whole culture.

In Japan, I love sushi and seafood – just not every day. Plus an apartment the size of my bathroom is even less desirable then being surrounded by “hello kitty”. Switzerland gets too cold which I could deal with after living here on the great lakes region, except I also imagine it will be surrounded and outnumbered by muslim countries pretty soon. And while England is gaining independence from the tyranny of the EU – They have their own bureaucrats and things to fix themselves- I will not ever pay for a “TV License” just so I can watch re-runs of ‘ I love Lucy’ or ‘The Golden Girls’… Damn it, I can do that here!!

So America is my home, in every other country I would be a circle trying to fit in a triangle shaped hole. So I will continue to oppose the government/establishment here just as much as I would oppose it anywhere I suppose. I will just have to wait patiently for the next Reagan to show up in the white house.What could be more American then that?

In conclusion…

So yes I love America dearly with all my heart. If anyone tries to take it away from me I will fight them for it with all the furry of my founding fathers. Happy Independence day to one and all of my fellow patriots, I would love to hear your reasons for loving this great nation we call home.



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