5 things Jesus might say to today’s Gay Community

1. I Love You.

Jesus hung around prostitutes, thieves, and all sorts of social outcasts and sinners – I would imagine hanging around a gay guy wouldn’t be too far fetched for him either. Christ himself, after all was an outcast. However, it’s because he loved these black sheep of society he taught them there’s a better way and “sin no more”. In the case of gay people, yes they are sinners – just like everyone else. In Christ’s circle, he doesn’t expect perfection rather you atleast try to better yourself and be saved by him.

Does that mean one must continue to be gay?

To be honest I can not answer that with certainty… In fact I think it’s a personal thing, for many reasons i don’t entirely think is worth getting into. What I know for a fact is if a gay person truly wishes to walk with christ, he will be lead through the spirit. If that includes not being gay anymore, then let it be so. I also know for certain many people, even Christians undermine that spirit which leads us – Don’t! It’s there for a reason and it very much does work. For some gay Christians I know, whom are very devoted and whom I judge on their fruits, that Spirit takes them many places – yet some have remained gay for well over 40 years +/-, others felt a calling to be straight. At the end of the day Christ would say that he loves you and wants you to be yourself, and lead you to stability in life, and eternal life there after.

2. Thou shalt not commit adultery

Walk into any gay bar or say a site like ‘Adam for Adam’, or even a gay pride parade. Something so obvious and undeniable to anyone with half a brain is sex is EVERYWHERE in the gay community!

Do you really think Jesus would be ‘tolerant’ of this?

More then that the very name of the  website ‘Adam for Adam’ is a mockery to god – it’s meant to reverse ‘Adam and eve’ as direct opposition… Frankly, and simply put. NO. Jesus would call this an abomination, and all participants as children of satan – because it is is quiet literally satanic in its nature. The Gay “community”, is a circus. It is Busses full of a sausage party wrapped in glitter and rainbows, on the fast lane highway to hell under the name “tolerance” or “equality”. If you don’t believe me, just look at the people whom support it and partake in it whilst openly rejecting God in every way, and tell me something as if I were born yesterday….

In addition, let me remind you being gay wasn’t always in fashion. There was a time it was just as much Democrats whom rejected it. The only reason they pounced on it is to satisfy their own hypocrisy and lubricate their lobbyist. It has nothing to do with tolerance or equality. This was the very thing Christ opposed with the Pharisees and Sadducees with animent vigor…. which leads me to my next point.

3. The definition of ‘love’.

There are 2 definitions of love in the world. 1 is a false love, the other is true. When Christ says he “loves” you, he means he doesn’t want you to burn in hell. He doesn’t want you to trap yourself in sordid relationships that only last a year or so – only to go on to the next sordid relationship. He wants to lead you, because your an imperfect person with no direction – and he wants that direction to be towards his father’s kingdom. Like a father to you, sometimes he will spank you, other times he will take you camping. He does these things and says some things that disagree with liberal rhetoric and hurt some people’s feelings because he loves you. Contrarily, When the dark forces of this world say they “love” you  they are often lieing. It’s fairly common place to present a false love for support in whatever someone is doing. A false love leads to misery, control/manipulation. It comes on the grounds of empty promises, candy and rosey colored lenses. It often comes with a “do what you want” attitude, or in some way mockery of the opposite. Do not be so easily deceived between the 2… 

Christ offers meat, where the world will fill you up on junk food.

4. The state doesn’t decide who can/can’t get married.

Many people really don’t understand just how much a libertarian Christ was. Nope he wasn’t liberal, nor was he a republican- yet not exactly something inbetween either- rather something else entirely. While he preached “render unto Ceasar what is Ceasars” in regards to taxes, he also preached “put not your hope in princes and courts”. In addition what many forget, “marriage” in scripture doesn’t even include a pastor… In a word, people just moved in with each other and threw a little party…. Even more shocking to some modern Christians, early protestant reformers like Luther, or Calvin and especially the early Baptist movement  strongly opposed the church requiring marriage licenses…. I could go on and on with this one, but I will skip to the point.

In the eyes of god, a couple who commits to a life together is married – without the government’s approval, or even societies approval. The basic requirement is simply “commitment”.

In the case of homosexuality, I refer your interest to David and Johnathan. While many maintain this was a platonic relationship,  I’m sorry to disagree – my reason for such is, Johnathan did take his clothes off and as scripture says  “their souls were knit together as one”…. This is the Bibles poetic way of saying “sex”. Also, David made a “covenant” with Johnathan in a field in some wilderness while running from Jonathan’s father… in scripture “covenant” always means “marriage”… atleast in the KJV

Though I could as easily say “yes the scriptures/god do approve gay marriage” – really I am highlighting the lack thereof a priest, a ceremony, a big display, and a license. If any government was involved, it was because David was a fugitive running from the king and they were hiding. :-/ However, I guess I’m saying 2 things at once – my main point being, don’t worry about what the government thinks, God is much bigger and much less complicated. Today gay marriage is legal in the US, I doubt it’s going anywhere for awhile, but it wasn’t always so – nor is it legal in most of the world. If anything, a will is sufficient to satisfy most countries in the world laws in regards to property. Other then that the law on marriage is irrelevant, which is why it’s worth mentioning.

If you are unfamiliar with David and Johnathan, check out 1 Samuel 18 – 22. Read the whole story for yourself. Then continue on to when David is much older and finds Jonathan’s dead body after many years he had died, and prepares to bury him.
2 Samuel 1: 25-27

“How the mighty have fallen
in the midst of the battle!
Jonathan lies slain on your high places. I am distressed for you, my brother Jonathan; very pleasant have you been to me; your love to me was extraordinary, surpassing the love of women. “How the mighty have fallen,
and the weapons of war perished!”

Yes David got married to woman after Jonathan- but only as a King is supposed to so to pass on the royal line. All through his life, he remained committed to his first love. Luckily for you that’s not a problem (I suspect the reader isn’t a king).  I dare say, this is the model of marriage Christ would say to gay couples today.

5. Abide in me, not them

If you hadn’t figured it out, the world is a chaotic place full of contradictions. Christ promised us this would always be so, among other things. I realize to some at this point I sound as either a pro gay liberal, to others West Borough Baptist church radical. Well, I’m neither or. I am just a little fish on the internet who has studied sound scripture, loves Christ, and I’m not interested in some particular political agenda. In my own walk in Christ I have maintained the stance of by “scripture alone”, rather  man’s interpretation of scripture – which has often proven to be contradictory… well here’s the thing Christ would tell you.

There are people who will manipulate scripture. There are people who are simply at different levels of understanding it, and then there are those who ignore it entirely… a good many times these 3 types call themselves “pastors”…. yet according to scripture at the end of this world we are told our own pastors will lead us astray to take the mark of the beast – yet still, there’s many more whom still listen to them over reading scripture for themselves – or for the matter ignore the Holy spirit entirely.

Christ would have you abide in him over any one else. Including your pastor, or some other Christian, even myself. There is no other name under heaven in which we are saved… NONE. The world will try to confuse you or distract you on that point. Never forget this fact where ever you go in your walk with Christ.

Just my 2 cents

My first cent is, if someone is interested in sound doctrine on the subject of homosexuality, I highly recommend this book “Gay Christian Survivors” by Rev. James D. Cunningham. Click here to be directed to it. Honesty, it’s the most sound book I’ve ever read on the matter – what’s more its dirt cheap 🙂 as the author doesn’t charge anymore then the publishing cost.

Then there is my 2nd cent. The topic of homosexuality is highly contentious, which admittedly is why I haven’t bothered with it. It doesn’t really matter what you say about it, every one gets pissy… well I finally said “screw it”, gay people need christ too! Frankly I’m not entirely satisfied with the answers the church is giving them. On one hand there is the Liberal church apostasy introducing gay people to Buddhism, on the other hand it’s Republican church apostasy referring them to a law of which they are not bound to and is entirely taken out of context anyway. I would be remiss not to talk about gay marriage on this blog – perhaps I’ll do it more often. Unless someone can convince me by scripture alone, and not theologians or priest or learned scribes that I am wrong, I will not change one sentence of this article. Should one be pissy about it otherwise, go ahead and be pissy.  :-/


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