Why I Blog

I just thought I should put this out there, as I am quite guilty of being selfish. A lot of bloggers write to make money, a lot write to build a fan base, and a lot do it to promote their causes of xyz…. I write because I enjoy it. Truth be told I don’t really care if people actually read it. (Of course I do think it’s great when they do).
I get a thought in my head, and just rant. Then I edit my rant a bit for grammar and what not. Over the years of reading other bloggers and blogging myself, I’ve learned that as it turns out – thats what makes the perfect blogger.

I have been tempted to blog for big league blog sites. I’ve looked into writing for Forbes or Red State or say The Resurgent… I don’t think it would be a stretch to actually do for me. Yet somehow, It’s too much commitment. I want to be inspired when I write, if I’m not inspired, I just don’t – nor do I want to be forced to choke up inspiration.

What do I do for money?

I’m a self employed Financial advisor. I buy/sell stocks, and manage people’s retirement plans with different companies employees, as well as my own. I’m certainly not a millionaire, but I do fine enough…. This whole site is free, I haven’t made a cent yet on it, nor do I intend to.

If anyone ever wants to donate to me, please donate whatever you’d be willing to give to me to Answers in Genesis. 🙂 They are a good organization in pursuit of credible creationist science. Certainly there is the poor, and maybe other clichĂ© charities. I just feel Christians tend to ignore Christianity in the field of science, and it ought to be a place we should branch into more in the world.

Click Here for there donate page

But who am I to say, I’m just a little fish.


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