Against Statism – prologue

America has a disease, it’s more contagious then the common cold. It is more hazardous then ebola, and it is much harder to cure then cancer. It’s not a physical sickness, it’s literally a mental disorder. It’s called Statism. We pass it to each other at every presidential rally, and we feed it to our kids daily at home.

When I speak with my fellow citizens there is a common trend among them. On one hand they love the constitution, they will support it loudly day and night. Yet when it becomes inconsistent with their view, they are ready to burn it and call it out of date. Interesting enough, this is noticeable among Democrats as well as Republicans. Both sides argue very different parts of the document, never mind the whole thing. Yet we also see this phenomenon in regards to Christ’s teachings. Clearly it is evident this comes from a great deal of misunderstanding of what either Christ or the constitution says or why it says it, or what it means.

Human nature dictates, many people will interpret something as they want to hear it, not necessarily what is actually there. For this cause the scriptures tell us:

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the Lord, and depart from evil. – Proverbs 3:5-7

Many, I’m sure would scratch their heads on- “lean not on your own understanding”. It is because they are wise in their own eyes, they often think they are smarter then someone else, or even God himself. (Which is usually where the disease of Statism begins). Many people who cite this particular verse assume it is about blind faith, when infact the chapter it is in groups faith with wisdom – making it clear you can not have one without the other. How we acquire both, is by looking outside our own preconceived ideals. It is also how we come to understand God and scripture. In its context, Proverbs 3 provides an interesting paradigm for a good many people, atheist and Christian – yet it is an excellent example of our growing mental disorder.

I maintain the contention, If Jesus were here today, a progressive Democrat would think he was a fear mongering neo con. Yet to the furthest right of Republican, Christ would seem to be a tree hugging hippy. It is not because Jesus is center of these 2 ideals, rather he is something else entirely, we might call him a Libertarian conservative. What amazes many is Christ’s teachings are the direct influence of the constitution itself. While this very same ideal is expressed largely by Republican Christians, they themselves often cherry pick which parts of the document are relevant today. In addition, they are fine to cherry pick the book of Matthew, but only less so then Democrats. Where as the Libertarian would maintain all of it, no matter how inconvenient it might seem to the populace running to the government seeking answers.

In this book, I seek to bring the understanding and reconciliation of our Lord and our country. More often then not, when we Americans denounce the constitution we denounce the very core of Christ’s teachings. We rejoice in while rejecting the fact that what we learn from Christ can be applied to our everyday lives. Such a thing is not only heresy, but it suggests a good many people do not seem to know Christ as much as they may claim. If one should find the Constitution in someways arbitrary or out of date, it is most certainly a symptom of our depart from Christian values.

I titled this book “Against Statism” in the spirit of one of our christian founders Ireneous. Himself he saw a rise of a dangerous poison within the church called Gnosticism. He spoke out then and he reached to his countrymen to stop the spread of this toxicity. Today without his book “Against Heresies” the church we go to would look very different. The statist mindset has become just such a toxin to the American people, and it must be addressed for fear of our future.


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