Testing the Art of the Deal with #NeverTrump

After spending the night speaking with Ted Cruz supporters after announcing his campaign suspension. It’s abundantly clear Trump has his work cut out for him if he wants to beat Hillary. Here’s the thing, trump needs Cruz supporter votes, he may also need Bernie Sanders supporters votes. Here’s where things get interesting… both of them HATE Trump for some of the same and different reasons. How bad is it?


It’s BAD.

Then there’s Bernie Sanders supporters… which should tell you everything you need to know. 

Here’s what trump is up against. Cruz supporters expect substance not conspiracies. They expect The constitution and nothing but the constitution. They don’t want to hear things like “raise tariffs 45%” or “socialized medicine” nor do they even believe anything Trump says. In fact To Cruz and Bernie supporters, trump is no different then that evil witch Hillary Clinton. He is the 1% self funded lobbyist representing all that is wrong with crony capitalism and the Establishment. Then there is the empty threat “Not voting for trump is a vote for Hillary”…. Hear me now, that doesn’t work either. To gain supporters, Trump is faced with… well a wall. Mexico did not even have to pay for it.

As we speak Cruz supporters are talking about Austin Peterson (Libertarian) as a viable alternative. Some are looking to the constitution party. Some plan on writing in Cruz. Either way, overwhelmingly, there’s a 3rd party growth, and it’s only 11 am the next day!

As we speak Cruz supporters are saying they remain committed to their “Never Trump” commitment, and simply won’t show up in November.

So if Trump plans on winning this election, the name of the game is called “ass kissing”. He might call it “the art of the deal” – either way there’s just too much blood shed to clean up here. Many of us no longer claim the GOP for our party affiliation. The rise of the Tea Party was the first step toward today’s dysfunctional GOP and the acceptance of Trump only solidifies the need to leave.


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