Dear Future of America

As of the time of this posting, The Republican Party of the United States of America has succumbed to its last breathe and taken over by Liberalism. Ted Cruz, a strong constitutional conservative, gave it all he got to the bitter end to save the party from itself. When he dropped out, the party was over.

We were the party who was founded on the belief and struggle to free the slaves and woman should vote. We carried on the belief in Constitutional principals such as Limited Government, reduce spending, and maintaining a free market.

The party died when disenfranchised Democrats infiltrated it to vote in its primaries, for a man who is the absolute worst of liberals. They flocked to him like sheep because he was rich. They believed his lies and conspiracy theories. They did not know anything or care about anything, they only wanted a spoiled brat who told them “Make America Great Again”. Meanwhile every one of his policies were the makings of destroying the country indefinitely. His only interest was himself, and the media of America was all too glade to stroke his ego.

The Republican party had a clear choice asking who are we. Today the party represents repressing woman, socialism, conspiracies and fear mongering, being the loudest ass hole, and secularism. As of now, I have no idea what the future holds, but for the people reading this, it wasn’t always like that. The 2016 primary election was the turning point, that sent the party and America on a hopeless downward spiral. I just want you to know there were many people who tried, we put everything we had into trying to save it. We tried so hard for so long, but Donald Trump supporters would not listen to anything. facts, reason, morals, nothing BUT Trump. They coronated him like a king in the Republican party from the beginning without vetting him for themselves. I’m so sorry.

So since the party is over:


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