Todays Ron Paul Revolution

I must say the most influential loosing presidential candidate is Ron Paul. Today in 2016, among my generation, we see plainly the revolution hasnt died – and yet the older generation doesnt really know it, but most of them are in it. Today we see 2 groups of former Ron Paul supporters.

Ron Paul Democrats: These are Bernie Sanders supporters today in 2016. At the time they obviously were not really paying attention to Ron Paul, they were in it just for legalizing weed. And so we dont really care about them, however you will see where they come from later.

Ron Paul Republicans: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul supporters. Likely it is former Ron Paul supporters behind the “Never Trump” or “Dump Trump” movement within the GOP. These are millenial Constitutional Conservatives whom jumped ship from the Occupy Wallstreet movement the minute communist and socialist lobbyst groups took it over. These were the Ron Paul supporters whom considered legalizing weed a good idea but really a side issue, and they were actually paying attention to the message of liberty and focused on much greater things.

Legalizing weed was just one issue Ron Paul put forth, yet to Ron Pauls supporters it was clear that was the only policy the media would ever talk about with him. The media put a great deal of effort in painting Ron Paul as a kind of aging hipster from the 60’s, or an altogether ding bat. To them clearly Mit Romney was the only logical gop candidate, and it was hard to tell if the channel was named “Fox News” or “The 24/7 Mit Romney Channel”. While I’m sure there were Ron Paul supporters who voted for Mit Romney in the General election of 2012 – regardless of how much it made their stomach turn, I would like to point out to the older generation we were ready for a revolution 4 years ago- it seems many of you are just now catching on. In that the revolution continues- and it will always continue.

What Ron Paul did, his entire campaign, was instead of actually focusing on the presedency he was more interested in educating the younger generation. He, more then anyone I myself ever knew, had a way of bringing the constitution and American history alive. He introduced us to great minds like Milton Friedman, Margaret Thatcher, Ayn Rand, and even Ronald Reagan. To me looking back, it was as if an old man said to himself; “someone has to teach the younger generation what public school did not and colleges refuse to do, ill do it by running for president just to get their attention”. What do you know it was just crazy enough to work!

Ron Paul took advantage of the occupy wallstreet movement, online hacktivist group Anonymous, and much of his platform he took to youtube and Facebook – all of which at the time was almost exclusive to the millenial generation. It was plain to see he had no interest in speaking to the older generation, knowing full well the younger generation normally never votes. It was about educating them, and doing something about the rising tides of progressivism among the youth.

Occupy Wallstreet. We are the 99%

The occupy movement could be described in alot of ways the New Tea party movement… Infact that was the original idea. The Tea Party movement had become a dirty word among many Americans, not to mention it was by 2012 loaded with lobbysts whom did not represent the movements interest.  Originally occupy wall street was ment to simply change the name of the Tea Party movement and carry on the idea of uniting conservatives against the establishment. What prompted this movement was Barack Obama’s bail out of the banks, and so ‘Occupy Wallstreet’ brought on the message of “Let them fail”. We were against crony capitalism, we wanted true capitalism where no one is ‘Too big to fail’. It was the perfect platform for Ron Paul to take advantage of, yet he tried to distance himself from it, because there were so many mixed messages within it… In the end Occupy succumbed to the same fate as the tea party movement, worse over – it was dominated by progressive and socialist lobbyst organizations.

I would say you could see it slowly happening throughout the Ron Paul 2012 campaign. Sometime in the middle of it, it became a random mash pit of ideology between conservative ron paul supporters and out right Marxist whom tweeked and blended their own message in almost seamlessly. The conservative voices of the movement progressively became very drowned out, it was about that mid way point, todays Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul millenials jumped ship – where todays Bernie Sanders supporters stayed in and welcomed the lobbyist with open arms. In todays election we still see this shift in the occupy movement, it is exclusively democrat, and it is exclusively progressivism.

The Republicans formerly in this movement are almost ashamed to say they were in it, because it’s often hard to explain what I’ve already told you. The media from the start painted it as bad as they could have and they put every effort into creating a taboo out of it. (Which was part of the appeal to be honest). I will tell you this because their is no doubt in my mind; if not for occupy wallstreet and Ron Paul I would not stand here today in support of Free Market capitalism,  nor would I be a Constitutional Conservative. I look at my peers and see the same fire burning in their eyes, and I guarantee the revolution isnt over yet… infact its only just begun.

The Conservative Movement

With Occupy Wallstreet behind us and largely dead, The Tea Party movement still somewhat here, The new name for this movement has recently been coined “The Conservative Movement”. Conservatives no longer so much unite under labels, rather ideals. Its no surprise they find Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand paul particularly appealing. The Republican party may not like it, but we have successfully infiltrated it with our ideals and principles. Whats more, we are not easily swayed from them… (particularly if you are with Cruz this election). The Republican party would love nothing more then to get rid of us, yet we are the emerging growing majority. We have been growing slowly and steadly since 9/11 at the birth of the Tea party movement, we will not be going anywhere, we have captured the next generation of Republicans – whom the establishment ignored.


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