Red Herring Words used only during elections

Electable – This is a red herring used often that supposed to mean “Likeable”, as in everyone likes or can like this person. According to the Media, Jeb Bush was electable, John Kaisich was electable, Marco Rubio was electable…. obviously no one is voting for these people so their definition of “electable” means – the media or RNC/DNC like this person, not necessarily the people – and they are trying to sway people’s votes.

Evangelical Christian – another red herring – there’s Catholic Evangelicals, Buddhist Evangelicals, Baptist Evangelicals… One day the “Evangelical Christians” like this politician the next they all like the other guy… Yet there never seems to be a standardized thing or person any  Christians like. In the imaginary world of the media ‘Evangelical Christian’ gets used a lot and it means ‘Conservative Christians’ – it has nothing to do with the Evangelical denomination itself or for the matter any denomination in particular. People do not even have to really be Christian in order to be called ‘Evangelical Christian’ – Even when they say “Real Evangelical Christian”.

Polls – Here’s where we are dealing with the “facts” haha. Polls are when the media goes to say a Marco Rubio convention and ask people ‘who are you voting for?’. Then they take the numbers to the media and say; “According to the latest poll 90% of Americans like Marco Rubio”… polls mean nothing, votes do. Normally there’s a poll for every politician, the only ones the media mentions is the one supporting their ‘electable’ candidate. 


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