Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. – 2 Corinthians 3: 17

Let me confess something, I Love America!

When I was younger I traveled around Europe. I went there with a naive belief Socialism was a good thing, like many in my generation. Well I saw some things that weren’t in the brochure, or in the liberal rhetoric in the states.

For starters, public bathrooms. No big deal right?
No matter where you go in Europe, even off the tourist trail, you have to pay to use the public bathrooms. Now that’s a small thing, but it illustrates everything else I encountered in Europe… Nothing is free or complimentary there, not even the bathrooms, or the ketchup packets at McDonald’s. My biggest shock was this thing called TV licenses. In the UK, just to own a TV you have to pay a monthly tax of €120 a month (about $200 USD). When I tell Americans about this ‘TV License’ they think I’m talking about ‘cable bill’. No, I’m talking about a tv tax, the cable bill is a separate bill you will also get in the mail, if you choose to get cable. This ‘license’ fee actually does not go to the UK government, it directly goes to a private company we all know called The British Broadcasting Corporation, or BBC. If you do not pay it, the police will be issued a warrant to confiscate your television that you paid for… and they will knock down your door and raid your living room. yes it was a burst to my bubble as I was under the impression socialist were not greedy. As it turned out, they were worse then crony capitalist back home. Companies in Europe can literally force the consumer to pay them, using the government’s police force.

You might be asking, What does this have to do with a theocracy?

Everything actually. Socialism, communism, theocracy… it’s all a sub category of thing called ‘Statism’. In the example of a TV license my culture shock came from the fact in America, if the government ever blatantly imposed taxes on people to pay off a private corporation like this, people would Riot! We would burn down buildings and toss politicians in jail for such. Yet there was even more, some much worse examples that would have many Americans flipping their last lid for another outright revolution. This is everything we in America are against, whether Republican or Democrat… (or so I thought at the time). Yet I was told to believe socialist were against evil greedy corporations.

What I learned from this was 2 fold. a symptom of big government is when corporations and government get ever closer together.
Crony capitalism is when corporations roll in bed with government from time to time. Socialism (and even the former Monarchy of Europe) is when the 2 get married, communism is when the 2 fuse together into the same entity. The second thing I learned was all three come on the premise of “Unity” and “Equality” – for the working man. Starting with a utopian egalitarian society, ending in dictatorship and disaster. Even things like the church become corrupt, because the people become apathetic and will sit there and watch it happen… Looking at it now I think what shocked me more was to see just how much people in the UK are completely OK with paying their tv licenses… On top of their cable bill, and the public bathroom… even ketchup packets at McDonald’s… Yet they tell me capitalist are greedy and let corporations run our lives in America. :-/

That was back then, today I stand before you as a King James only Bible literalist Christian who is very much conservative in America. One might expect I support a church running the government as may be the stereotype, however you’d be wrong. I am also very much a constitutionalist and I fully support the separation of church and state. I am well aware there are many who say they are the above, however they only go along with such things as long as it’s convenient for them. If you believe this is me, then I’m afraid you are speaking to the wrong person. Traveling through Europe really gave me a lot of things to appreciate about America; what we do differently, and why we do them. Yet I look around at some of these same “Constitutional Conservatives” and really I scratch my head as much as I do with progressive Democrats – whom I know would put the constitution in a shredder just because they are bored with it.

Why do we have separation of Church and State?


We have already had a theocratic government. It was founded on the belief “The Christian God should rule over Kings”.

It was called The Vatican, and it sucked. The moment you realize there were people who firmly believed it was safer to travel 6 months packed in a boat that might not even reach its destination – facing starvation, small pox, savages, etc – just so they could read the bible; is the moment you realize just how much their theocratic government sucked. It was so horrible, we remember it today as fairly common knowledge. The Pilgrim struggle was not an easy one, yet they came here to flee from the oppression of the church. Now we want to establish another one here where they fled to?

The truth is, it’s not just the Vatican. The Vatican simply proved even the the Christian church is corruptible. Every governmnet system prior to America has always been ran by theocracy and priests. Egyptian, Roman, Judea, China, South Africa… the fact is its clear what happens to them, no matter what the religion in question is. The only person I know who does not care what religion you are yet will bring you destruction every time is Satan. Theocracies make it very easy for him to infiltrate and control the masses.

But it’s different, we can establish a protestant church, Based on scripture.

That’s the solution I get when people tell me they want a theocratic government in America. Here is the thing, I’ve spent enough time on the internet to hear and see all of the false prophets and doctrines of the protestant church. Truely truely, I don’t want my scripture legislated to me by the majority via force of the government. You would have to execute me, its not worth living for 1 hour in a world where I am legally forced between fluffy bunnies and wrathful bigotry. I have my belly full of both sides of deception now already. Through it I still prefer the Bible itself over peoples “Interpretation” of it. I assume in this “New Church Government” my biblical interpretation is void against the states. Even though mine is based on scripture, even though I actually do read the Bible over some pastor or theologian. Sorry no thank you, I can just see the margin for error already, I’m sorry if you do not, but neither did England when they adopted Manchester socialism.

What about Jesus being Ruler of all nations?

This is my entire point. If you have to legislate and force people to do what you say, your not really in control of anything are you?

Christ is the son of God, he made no claim he himself was ruler of kings, rather his father. In fact he rejected Satans proposal to be such. God on the other hand is King over all nations, yet you may notice no matter what man signs into law the fact is he remains God.. including baning the Bible, and equally establishing a church over kings.

The reason we have separation of church and state is to protect people like me, from people who manipulate scripture to gain power. The other reason is the way American government is supposed to work altogether, that is upside down.

Our politicians are to be “Public Servants”, following Christ teachings in “Servant Leadership”. What made me fall in love with America was this crazy revolutionary idea that while the history of the whole world has always been the little people work for the king, here we have a king work for the little people, selected by vote from the people. Equally and unlike other modern democracies, we value the individual and small groups. This creates a very dynamic society, as individuals create so much more diversity then a handful of a few. In that, we as a culture find strength in meekness. Whats more it is not done by martyrdom and oppression but willingness to stand for individual beliefs, or to put forth our own unique ideas. When and if you go to Europe, you are sure to see it is as if people come in bulk packages. They lack too much in the way of independent thinking compared to Americans. It’s seldom they have something interesting to say, everything has all been said and repeated like parrots. Almost always they are sure to agree with each other even when they sound like they disagree… almost like programed robots, but don’t tell them I told you so 😉 To me it was like a very controlled illusion of freedom, and all the people were too far gone to explain how screwed up things really are for them – because they don’t know anything else.
What went wrong in America is too many people lost sight of this principal, and now we’ve developed a case of “Statism”, of which I’m convinced is a disease like cancer or communism.

The history of the entire world has always been kings and priests, even in pagan societies. What, I ask you does that say? Now we have something really amazing, distinctly different founded by very Christian men whom literally reversed everything contrary to the whole satanic world. Yet there is people who want to do away with it for what we already know sucks?

It’s like handing pearls before swine, just because they aren’t flawless diamonds. I tell you, We don’t have a diamond necklace laying around!! We only have pearl, is that not also pretty and of high value? Considering the diamonds people seem to want are fake.

American Statism

Statism is the belief the government is here to fix every problem by signing things into law. Today’s Democrat is ready to follow most of Europe’s example of socialism, where as Republicans (trump supporters) are on board with a far right form of socialism. The result here is socialism all the same, yet I’ve spoken to good many Christians whom advocate for a church run government, thinking perhaps we can combat socialism…

If this is you – Dear one, I know your intention but I tell you the truth, Satan has beguiled you. The constitution does not put the government above the church, rather below it as well as yourself and everyone else in America. The Separation of Church and State does not say
“you or politicians running for office can’t be Christian, and the ten commandments can’t be on public parks”. The whole of the constitution is designed to put government at absolute last priority.

Over the past 7 years of the Obama administration we have been bombarded with liberal propaganda, showing us Christianity being crushed in courts. The truth is we have won every single case in the Supreme court on the fact the law is based on Christian beliefs. Christianity itself has actually GROWN exponentially over just the past 5 years in the states, and yes I know the media would have you believe otherwise. I understand your frustration with what we as a nation have endured. And I know you are not the first to say; “By golly there ought to be a law”. However there are many Americans like myself who have come to Christ just over the Internet. What was once a decline has now grown by the millions, thanks to those who evangelized online. Do not let Satan deceive you in this fact, the system does work, and it works very well.

It is due to our government being a construct of the people it serves we see this spiritual war. Allow me to remind you at no point did Jesus say being christian was ‘easy’. Infact he told us “no one is above his master, what the world did to me, they will do to you”… That is in reference to hanging him on the cross. Nonetheless it should be a sign to you it is time to EVANGELIZE, as christ commands. Spread Christianity as much as possible. John F. Kennedy once said;
“We as Americans don’t do these things because it is easy, we do them because they are hard”.

Would you be hard pressed to find this in disagreement with Christ’s message?

Yes America has many challenges today, most is not in the government, it’s on the streets with everyday people. You can not combat moral deprivation with legislation, it just doesn’t work. It’s why Christ died on the cross so we may be saved by grace rather law – should the fact not be obvious after reading the Bible. Wicked people do not care about laws, they will only try to manipulate them…(in example the Pharisees, another theocracy that sucked). Simply put we can pass laws all day but it won’t change anyone’s hearts. What you are given, freely, is the ability to speak your mind and practice your religion, and go full force with spreading the gospel. And sure there are those who also have the right to disagree, I mind you it is their free will to do so.

As Americans we are the nation who has done this like no other in all Christian history. Ours is the nation whom sent missionaries to even the most dangerous parts of the world. Ours has always been the loudest in expressing our joy for our savior. Should someone bring you to court, know your rights plainly on this matter, and you will win the case every time. Truely just be brave as they will try to make you back down and be afraid or make it hard on you – the fact remains you still have the 1st amendment protection, do not undermine how powerful it really is. Yes I know the forces of darkness is strong today in America, yet the constitution is still in effect. Satan will use it, so should you. The Law is on your side regardless of his agents…

Do you not see the amazing balance in the constitution? Some might think separation of church and state is bad, yet they ignore the fact Christ tells them to preach to sinners and the constitution facilitates that as well.

The Bible Should be in Public Schools

I agree on this fact the student should maintain their individual right to carry a Bible anywhere they please. However, I do not agree it should be taught in public schools, the reason being my husband works for public school I know how they are, and I have an idea of how they would manipulate the scriptures. It will be so jammed packed full of candy, magic sprinkles and fluffy bunnies you would not see a truer false Christ if he came from a Disney movie. Frankly, I advocate for home school – public school is very corrupt, private bearing few exceptions. However at least in public the parent has the option of joining the PTA to control what’s taught to kids (even though no one does it).

The premise of a theocracy Is like any dictatorship. It begins by lazy people who do not want to be active in their government or their society. So they begin to think of ways to legislate what they want people to do instead of doing things themselves. As this way of thinking grows so does their government. When it becomes so big the people are too apathetic to do anything but what the state demands. By that point, it is too late. This was the series of events that started the Vatican corruption, stalins communist corruption, UK tv licenses and even emperor Nero. I could sit here and come up with countless examples yet my point is this, the vision of America is to have separation of authority. When authority is separated, not one single person can have absolute control over the people. The constitution has self evidently proven itself to be very hard to establish a dictatorship. In the same time it was signed we have watched over 200 democratic governments easily succumb to an absolute dictatorship. We the people have yet to had 1 period of anything close to totalitarianism, though it’s not from the lack of effort I assure you. It’s time we the people recognize that fact. No it isn’t perfect, but do not so easily trade it away for something completely aweful.

Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage. – Galations 5:1


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