Butternut Squash Ale Recipe

Yield: 5 gallons of beer with an (approximate) alcohol by volume of 6 to 8% (depending on mash efficiency, use of brown sugar/molasses, amount of pumpkin, etc.).



5-10 pounds of Butternut Squash (you can choose how much squash to put in, anything more then 10 pounds just makes a mess though)

1 pound of Vienna or 2-Row malt, 4L
½ pound crystal malt, 40L
½ pound malted wheat
6 pounds amber malt extract (dry, 7 pounds if liquid)
1 cup brown sugar (optional)
½ cup molasses (optional)

Hops and Spices:

1 ounce Mt. Hood hops (boiling)
½ ounce Hallertauer hops (finishing)
1 Tablespoon vanilla
1 table spoon pumpkin pie spices


Wyeast 1056, American Ale, or 1272, American Ale II


Before starting anything cut up  butternut squash. Bake at 350 until soft (about an hour). Let cool so you can handle it.

When cool enough, dice the squash up and tea bag it.

Bring wort pot to 150°F – 155°F

Add the squash, malt extract , optional brown sugar and molasses, Mt. Hood hops and boil for 1 hour.

After 45 minutes, add the finishing Hallertauer hops.

At the very end of the boil, add the vanilla and pumpkin pie spices—these are volatile and adding them to the boil any sooner will essentially nullify their flavor and aroma contributions.

Fermenting schedule:

Primary fermentation takes 1 week

Secondary Fermentation takes 1 to 2 weeks


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