A Matter of Respect

I have seen before here on wordpress bloggers copying other blogger material. Certainly it’s nothing new on the internet. I myself have done this however there is a difference between me and most. The difference is I always put right at the top of the page a note saying something to the effect: “I did not write this article, so and so did- here is a link to the original.”

The reason is because it’s the truth, and I would not want to create hostility from the writer who wrote it.

The reason I do it to begin with is because something the writer had to say really resonated with myself and I don’t want to loose it, in case I want to re read it years from now. Equally my thinking is if It resonates with me, it will resonate with someone else. All the same credit is always given where credit is always due.

Photos being another thing, I put right on my about section, if an artist wants their photo taken down – feel free to contact me and ask. Otherwise as far as I know it’s in the public domain and the artist is always unknown to begin with.

Why do I do such things?
It’s a matter of respect.

Would I get sued if I didnt?
Probably not, but it doesn’t matter I still do it anyway.


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