Why I’m adding Recipes to my blog

Some may think of this as a christian blog, and indeed it largely is. However, you may have noticed I branch out into all kinds of things. Why?

2 reasons.

1. It’s easier to just have 1 blog site. Not to mention recipes in particular I don’t ever want to loose come right from my own recipe collection. I like to ensure I will never loose them.

2. Web Traffic. People Google all kinds of things, if I stuck to just Christian material I’m just preaching to the choir. All I say about Christ is lost to the lost, and therefore it’s really no point in writing it to begin with. Often people click around once they find a site they like, and maybe discover something new along the way.
This is called “Diversifying your portfolio”. Not to mention, my recipes are freaking awesome!

I think I’ve made my point perfectly clear on this. In the meantime Angel fish blog remains a site of all my thoughts, not limited to recipes, also I talk about Aquariums, politics, etc etc… My heart and foundation is always in Jesus Christ. My blog is about all that is within my mind heart and soul, not limited to 1 subject appropriately.

I encourage every Christian blogger to do the same.


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