“Evangelical Christians”

Let me just point out the title here is put in quotients for a reason.

The reason is I’m sick to death of hearing the media spit out “Evangelical Christians” so liberally, particularly in regards to politicians running for president. They keep using this word yet I don’t think (infact I Know) they don’t know what it means.

Here’s the thing, the majority of the American church is “Baptist” – actually about 40% of it, yet about 70% of “non-denominational” church’s are actually self identified as “baptist”. So it could be said if you want 60% of American Christian’s vote In a Republican Primary, try to appeal to “Baptist Christians” – yet they choose the 15% which is “Evangelical”… interesting numbers indeed

Maybe it sounds like I’m being fussy to some, yet mind you I consider my self Lutheran- which accounts for about just 10% of the American church. So No, I am not speaking from personal bias, this is just the numbers according to stats based on census reports. The difference of my own views from Baptist are fairly minor other then they are not truly a protestant church… which is a different and long worthless subject altogether, because we don’t very often disagree on much of anything anyway. Infact I always liked baptist, not so much I would fudge numbers for them, but I like them and so do most other Lutherans. It isn’t about a competition nor have i reason to be biased 😛

Yet speaking of divisions, Here’s what also gets me, “Evangelical Catholic”. There is no such Freaking thing!

Yet when ever they talk about the Pope, they always refer to the disenfranchised “Evangelical Catholics” who are upset about such and such he says.

Now I may get some catholics upset by saying so, but someone needs to say it. Evangelicals, like most non Catholics, are either:

A. Completely indifferent to the Pope and the Catholic church altogether.

B. Consider the Pope the equivalent of the king of Babylon. The Whore of Babylon in the book of Revelation, or for the matter Satan himself.

It is because of both of these stances there can be no such thing as an “Evangelical” and a ” Catholic”, you are one or the other, it’s impossible to be both. Though I know catholics want unity with protestants, frankly to them No it isn’t going to happen. Most of us feel better off without that particular church. If you want my own view read the German Reformer, Martin Luthers book: “The Babylonian Captivity of the Church” or say “The 95 Thesis”. Until the mother church changes its ways completely or disappear altogether, the protestants will maintain their protest even after 500 years from now. The fact you can only humbly ask us for unity, is merely a sign to us our protest has already been successful.

So I suppose “Evangelical” to the liberal media means “Conservative”. As in “Conservative Christian” or “Conservative Catholic” or perhaps “Conservative Muslim”… yet it seems they are the only authority to decide who actually is conservative or what conservatives tend to go for or get upset about. “Evangelical” is just a straw man that can mean anything to any random news anchor, whom I’m convinced don’t even go to a church themselves or have read 1 page of the bible.

No there is not one true “Evangelical” Christian I know that’s excited over Trump. Most of the Christians I known for years, who do support Trump, have always striked me as having very little biblical foundations… I didn’t need the media to tell me – I knew it about them for a long time before trump announced he was running for president. If Donald Trumps support comes from “Evangelical Christians” I would sooner side with Catholics against them. Yes that is how far this thing “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” goes! Even for me, the avid protestant reformer supporter, whos opinion makes up 90% of the American church.

Why it irritates me so, is I see it so commonplace – yet most Baptist consider Evangelicals as much scam artist as they do the Pope. So my only unanswered question here is, what is the media trying to play with this word “Evangelical Christian”?

Anyone can simply say “Christian” or “Conservative” without a specific denomination. Why the force fed propaganda message? Why the so much what to do over this particular minority most christians are highly skeptical of themselves? Is this an advertisement for televangelist that no one sane watches or is this something worse?

I would really want to know, until then I’m annoyed and someone else needs to speak up about this besides me….

Maybe I should be running for president just to get this basic record straight! it seems that’s the only way to get attention these days, it doesn’t matter if your a looser. But anyway, I’ve digressed enough.

‘Here I stand, I can do no other. God help me, Amen.’ -Martin Luther


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