Most people do actually want to be lied to

One of the things christ spoke about was telling the simple truth, poetically he even puts it as “think not I have come to bring peace but a sword”. Heres the truth, most people want to be lied to, even if they say they dont – they do. The evidence of this is in their readiness to fight the truth in sometimes very desperate attemps to cling on to their own illusions. Were not just talking about religion mind, were talking about a lot of things.

What happens when you tell the truth?

Immediately there is divisions of people. Some will mock you, others will praise you, some will try to manipulate you, some will try to dismiss you, and a good many will try to shut you up any way they can (not limited to just murder, I mind you). If you really want to rile peoples feathers and create commotion, you dont have to work hard at all…. Just tell the truth and watch people scramble around in all sorts of ways. Jesus’ s very life, is truely a testimate in itself of this fact.

Now this applies to rich and poor, Christians or Buddhist, politics or corporations, your friends family boss and co workers.yes there is all types of illisioned people not limited to being blind to christ and the one true god.

Heres a fine real life story scenario

A nurse gets a job offer from a hospital in Florida,  he lives in Virginia – but the hospital says they heatd great things from him all that way and think his management skills would be vital to their hospital. They tell him they need a shake up in their staffs under performance, some one well organized and from a different “culture” then Florida. Someone who really knows how to fix a broken system. So he accepts the offer and moves to Florida. 2 months pass nurses are complaining they now have to actually pass out medicine, clean up after patients, and you know…. their job. They complain so much his managers call him up every day and tell him hes being too harsh, their worried people will quit. He tells them plainly “you hired me to get these people working and now their working. If they quit its fine by me I will replace them with people who want a job.” Management did not like that answer one bit, yet they couldnt argue with it… lazy nurses always end up as major hospital lawsuits, especially when its the entire staff. Sure enough people left and new people were hired. Over and over again upper management would combat our friend here. You cant do this because it hurts feelings, why are you asking her to do xyz. They even crowded around him in a patients room just to confront him on decisions he made and nurses work schedules… 6 months our friend told them he found another job and he quits because the problem isnt the employees at all. the problem is with upper management. They dont want a shake up, they want someone to push paperwork and make their bad ideas work even though they obviously don’t. At the end of it upper management was very relieved but they made it clear they were extremely offended after an hour of each one screaming at him over the phone.

It didnt take long at all, a year later the very same hospital was shut down over multiple malpractice lawsuits…. due to negligence.

So my point is this, christ isnt just talking religion, I mean he is, but really he is talking about a lot of things. People get ideas or things in their heads that are just plain wrong and they will cling to it even as it fails them right before their eyes. They will combat and argue with anyone who interferes with the figments of their imagination at any cost and it comes in a variety of surprising ways.

You, the Christian, have a job in this world. You are to rile feathers and dispell these illusions people get in their heads, in all ways as they come at you. See this is the major difference between say a Buddhist and a Christian. Buddhist say their is no absolute truth and there are many paths to nirvana.  A Christian says Jesus is the absolute truth and while theres many roads to him, he is the only way into heaven. Buddhist infact encourage dillusions because they bring ‘unity’, Christians on the other seek division seperating the chaff and the wheat, rightly discerning what is and isn’t.

Of a truth there is only one religion in the world that says unity is normally a bad thing… that is Christianity. The reason is because the Buddhist are correct, often when people speak of unity they mean to try to control you later on. You can get along with anyone as long as you dont challenge their thinking and especially their authority. Infact their authority grows nice and steady when people are not challenging them or talking about them among others. “Unity” to wicked people always translates as ” just let me do what I feel like and be quiet while I do it so I can keep doing it”. You can identify a good ruler when they speak of unity as in “lets come together and fight such and such for xyz reason. Im open to suggestions but heres my plan.” Wise men are always open to correction the difference is subtle, fools however just want a quiet baseball game as they smoothly run to home base. Do not actually throw a ball and do not call their players out! Just sit there and watch them give themselves a free pass without even going to bat.

but heres another thing

Its often said because its proven true, There are only 2 paths in life:

1. Go along to get along. Maintain the status quo, dont step outside the bounds and keep your head down and take whats handed to you.

2. Make waves, BIG waves. Maybe make a few mistakes maybe cause a riot, maybe make unwanted changes, maybe get people talking about you.

If you choose number 2 as a christian only obedient to God himself, your bound to find trouble simply by telling the truth. It doesnt take much more then that to be a rebel in a world dominated by satan and his agents. It is like bursting a ballon with a tiny pin.

Once you understand that fact, then you really understand the situation your in that the bible illustrates. True Christians are a minority in the world, it becomes more true each passing day. Whom might I point to as an example?

Martin Luther
George Washington
The 12 Apostles
Margaret Thatcher

This is just a few im litterally pulling from a hat, but notice they were all indeed trouble makers for reasons ive specified. Dont be afraid to join them. They were after all on the right side of things.

Satan is lord of all the rebels

When confronted with what ive said id just like to point out as a footnote. The bible is refering to rebels of god not man in this particular passage. Yes there are plenty of rebels to god in this world, some even call thmselves christians sadly enough. They are pretty easy to spot and avoid (some more cleaver then others) but heres the thing, You are only suppose to follow mans laws only until they conflict with God’s. Take for example Daniels refusal to worship the king of babylons statue. Gods laws are simple enough there should never be a dispute over them – sadly the king of babylon was not the last historical example, theres plenty of Nebacadnezzars in the world even to this day. Again you are called to not be apart of this world, but come out of it in service of God only which is the entire point of the whole Bible.


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