Libertarianism is not Socialism

I was talking to a lady on facebook where she told me a libertarian is a socialist. Ummm no, no it most certainly is not.

Libertarians believe.

1. Small government.
You can not have a small government with a socialist government… it’s impossible, because the state must control everything in order to sustain socialism. Ideologically, libertarianism and socialism are incapable right from the beginning.

2. Free Market Capitalism.
You can not talk to a libertarian even about subsidies, much less support of crony capitalism and especially Socialism. Crony capitalism is when the government rolls around in bed with corporation’s, socialism is when they get married. The major school of thought in economics to libertarianism is people like Milton Friedman…. ok there is no possible way you can say the greatest mind and advocate for capitalism is a socialist. He blatantly opposed socialist government.

3. The Constitution.

Libertarians are the “constitutional conservatives” we keep hearing about lately in politics such as Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul… Libertarians are these men focus audience they are trying to get to vote for them. Again yes libertarians are completely against socialism.

What this boils down to is Libertarians oppose statism, not necessarily encouraging anarchy.

Here’s what I love about this conversation,

Libertarians are liberal and they like Bernie Sanders…

I really don’t know where or how anyone gets this idea. What I love even more is when someone tells me what I believe in or who I will vote for. I am a Tea Party patriot… NO DAMN IT!! I will not vote for Bernie sanders for the same reason I will not vote for Donald Trump – or for the matter some moderate like like Jeb Bush or John Kaisich.

Socialist Libertarianism.

There are 2 types of libertarians, and really they are divided up between America and Europe. Socialist Libertarians are mainly found in Europe. They are socialist but believe in very small government and nationalism… They are the far right movements like PEGIDA or EDL We see today. Where American libertarians differ is European libertarians believe the government should still pay for things and maintain a socialist society, only lessened of the extent Europe currently maintains.

Yes there is such a thing as a socialist libertarian, but like virtually all Americans, we are very far right of the average European political thought. Libertarians tend to be further right of even most Republicans within the states. That doesn’t mean we are war mongering Neo-con bigots, it just means we maintain conservative principals.


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