To: Ted Cruz Supporters

Let me just say I’m so proud of each and every one of you. Particularly those of us who have stuck with Cruz when he was just 3% in the polls. This road has gone through incredible twist and turns. Through this process we have watched candidates vetted and vigorously pounded. They have taken every beating anyone could possibly throw at them the likes of which has never been seen in presidential elections. Through it all our candidate Ted Cruz is the only one with nothing to apologize for… Infact when you ask people the simple question:
“What meaningful wrongdoing has he done?”

they literally get stumped… Theres a reason Cruz wasn’t attacked in last night’s debate, there simply nothing to attack. He genuinely is a honest person who loves his country and the constitution. He can stand on his record and he can stand on his principals because it shows very clearly that it means something to him and he’s carried it through his entire life.

That’s not what I’m proud of however, I’m proud of where we are today. Look at how we started with the odds against us, and the chess board today. Trump officially looks like an evil rich bigot, and utter spoiled brat, who would use eminent domain to build Trump casinos. Rubio, the other fox news pick who can do no wrong (according to them) was gutted like a fish by the much hated Chris Christie….. On top of this, we just won Iowa, AND The war chest is worth TRIPLE that of the entire Republican National Convention from donations.

What is even better those donations came from millions of everyday people, who I’ve found often say they never donated any money to any politician. I’m pretty hard pressed to find lobbyist or special interests involved with Ted campaign…. 

I’m so proud to say very comfortably were perfectly positioned on the chess board!!!

There’s work to do, it’s not over, believe me. However I just want to remind you we stood at 3% for a very very long time, and no one expected us to be where we are right now. At the very beginning of all this Ted Cruz asked us to imagine.

“Imagine. Millions of courageous conservatives, all across America, Rising up together to say in unison…

we demand our liberty”

He did what he said he was going to do even then – but God bless each and everyone of you who made it happen. Of course god bless Ted Cruz.


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