Tides of Deception pt 2


It was about 2 years ago I wrote an article “Tides of Deception“. Where I discussed the state of America and gave a warning from the past.  Imagine a roaring sea waves swaying from extreme left to extreme right. Or extreme liberalism to extreme neocon… I so much regret the essence of that warning is here today, because that’s what we’re seeing with Donald Trump.

In that article I talked about how Hitler got elected and warned about this repeating itself. For 10 years in Germany, people elected far left politicians, and when they were given every reason to be angry with the left, they were ready to go all the way to the Right for Hitler. (Like a sea swaying)… They did so very blindly and without question, and they even praised him while he told them, “I will fix Germany by creating a Dictatorship”. No hitler didnt lie to get elected and Yes, Hitler is a cliché -which is the only reason I won’t bother comparing him to Trump… There’s many differences between the 2, Hitler at least had a more class then Trump for one – but really I won’t put the 2 together. Im just saying the similarity between American 2016 and the 1929 German election have a lot in common. When I wrote that article 2 years ago, I could see it coming and here we are, traped in a chaotic swaying sea.

Today I want to talk about the nation’s anger with Obama. Many of you are solely basing this election on your disgruntlement with democrats. Now I grant you there is not a single democrat in this election I would vote for either. However in your animosity to democrats you fail to see trump is:

A. A Socialist himself.

B. An authoritarian Neo-Con

Can I make a confession?

I don’t know how to speak to uniformed voters, though I’ve tried. I’ve yet to find anyone who can, facts dont work so I wont bother with that anymore. Many of you sit there and automatically assume because I’m dissing Trump I’m liberal or I’m part of the establishment or I’m “sheeple”. This is what I’m told by every Trump supporter.

I’m told I don’t know what I’m talking about when I tell people:
“Trump is a socialist”

I lived in Germany for 2 years well before I met any of you. I also lived on the border of canada for over 5 years now. I know full well what socialism is and what it’s like. Also, I’ve been trading stocks since I was 18 and my job is an investor, I know full well about crony capitalism. Excuse me for saying It’s the Infusion of socialism into capitalism and corporate welfare (it has many disguises – some more obvious then others). I could sit here and walk circles around you on how the economy works, and what’s wrong with it and why trump is dangerous in that regard. I’ve sat here for 7 years opposing everything Obama has been doing in this country, but more importantly I know what was wrong with Obama’s plans and why they dont work. The reason I called this election 2 years ago was because ive also studied a great deal of history well enough to know whats going on here, though I grant you I didnt know it would be trump.

Again, I wasn’t born yesterday when I say Trump is Obama Part 2. I honestly wish I could download everything I know into people’s heads, and maybe even uninformed voters would have a bit more sense. Alas… I am human. 😦 what can I do

The President

You live in a country where we do not appoint a king. This is not a place where people should ever say:

“He’s Donald Trump everyone likes him, so I’m going to vote for him”

That statement is so contrary to everything American. I don’t care if he’s Donald Trump, Billy Graham, Martha Stewart, or even Santa Clause himself. No one is ‘Entitled’ to be president simply because they are a well known person. It is not Trumps birthright to inherit the American thrown. Don’t even give me that. Yet the insinuation that voting for someone is some kind of “test” asking
‘Who is the most popular person’ check a box- is the most absurd part of this mentality I’ve come to expect of sheeple. Just blindly follow the masses and follow the crowd….. which in itself is indeed interesting most of trump supporters call me “sheeple”.

The Problem is Americans haven’t learned anything

I can’t imagine anyone living under a rock for the past 7 years with Obama. Yet here I am watching people saying all the same things they said when they elected Obama. I can’t tell you how much that drives a knife in my heart to know it’s not Obama’s fault for destroying the country, it’s my own friends, family and fellow citizens. Some of you, I dont even know who you are anymore, it’s time to wake up and it’s like your sleep walking… or even forgetting everything you already know to be true. Seriously, some of you use to be intelligent and vigilant people…. what exactly happened, what switched that off? It’s enough to make me cry.
I havnt shed a tear in over 15 years, but now I watch how trump supporters keep these blindfolds to something so obvious. This whole thing is statist mentality at its finest.

In 2 years if/when Trump is president all of the sheeple had better not be complaining about Trump. Your going to hate him, you really are… Whats worse is, your not going to really know why you hate him – though im sure you will think you do. I better not hear any complaints or anyone blaming Trump when that time comes.

Here is that original article:
Tides of Deception

But honestly I’m more sick of this:


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