Snow Survival Driving

1. Keep kitty litter in the car
I swear by this it works like magic. When ever you get stuck spinning, spink.e a good amount of kitty litter around the front of the drive wheel. Try to get a little pile right in the crevice of where the wheel meets the ground. Get in your car and drive away. Its that simple.

2. Dont panic on the road, its not that big of a deal.
I dont know why people south of Pennsylvania go crazy over say 2 inches of snow, I live in Buffalo and people here consider 2 feet pretty normal…. even a dinky smart car can handle 2 feet, or say a golf cart – trust me ive tried both. Maybe im jaded, maybe im just not there, but really just the weight of the car gives you more traction then you probably know. There is the risk of black ice and what not, but honestly that just means slow down about 5 mph then the speed limit.

3. White out conditions.
In the south I really dont expect white lut conditions to ever happen, some people act like their in a white out when really its just a flurry. Never the less if for some reason you cant see much further then mid way of the front hood, its a good idea to slow down and put your hazrd lights on. The reason for hazrd lights is its much easier for cars behind you to see a blinking light verses one that doesnt blink. It sounds crazy but just trust me.

4. Dont ever ever stop if you can avoid it.
The second you stop is likely the second you get stuck. Im not saying you shouldnt stop at the stop sign, im just saying every time you do your gonna have to get the kitty litter. Do the California stop at stop signs, slow way down to 2 mph and keep rolling. Only stop if some one is coming. Red lights is really the only time you should make a complete stop.

5. Dont go out.
If you cant handle the heat in the kitchen then get out…. well if you cant handle the fridged cold and snow stay inside. You dont have to go to the grocery store and stockup on canned food and water as if its the apocalypse,  the plows will come and the roads will be clear by morning after a snow storm… trust me, theres nothing out there you really need.

6. Dont get cocky
Specifically im talking to people with all wheel drive cars, 4 wheel drive, and trucks…. First off, all wheel drive is not 4 wheel drive and it literally is worse then 2 wheel drive in snow. Yet these are the cars often found in a ditch or an accident because they spun out. They spun out because they were lulled into a false sense of security and got cocky and started either speeding or just doing the speed limit. When I say 5 miles under the speed limit I really mean it. Not 10 miles, not 14.6… 5 mph is the magic number that will never fail you.


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