A Political Theory

I will not make this post a big published thing,  I’m keeping it just to my subscribers and myself. I encourage any of them not to share this around to far and wide. Though I have reason to believe we’re set up for a major false conspiracy involving Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

According to analysis Donald Trump is well in lead in the polls. However it is believed this is due to the many democrats supporting him. Of a truth they didn’t pull this out of a hat. The fact no one is even watching the Democrat debate suggests all democrats are on the republican side of the political fence… and it’s actually a big deal.

When the nomination votes begin registered democrats are going to be surprised to learn their vote doesn’t count.  That means if Trumps support is primarily democrat, he will not be the winner…

Make sense? Ok.

After looking over Trump supporters they really are the make up of all conspiracy theorists. So let’s say Trump looses, well obviously the conspiracy will be “the elections are rigged”, who ever the winner is will be slandered and ridiculed as “the establishment” – the game will be changed and flipped upside down…

It is because these people don’t even understand how the process works. Most of them arnt even registered republicans, nor do we want them to know that they should register… obviously because we don’t like Trump at all.

Regardless, what ever happens don’t fall for it. Don’t listen to any nonsense, or trump propaganda when it hits. Trump may very well win even still, but if he doesn’t I’m just calling what will happen beforehand so there is no surprises when it happens.

If it happens its going to be big, it’s going to be loid, and you can bet Trump will be the one egging it on.


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